Day 35

Well it's always nice to be in the final five, and with Uli getting voted off at the previous Tribal Council. I was able to put the blame on Mick for flipping, though. So my alliance still trusts me. I know that I'm going next. They don't hide it very well. Most of the time, Mick's terrible ability to lie angers me to the point of no return. The guy can't lie for the life of him!

First of all, you don't go completely silent in a conversation about strategy! What are you, an idiot?! Next, you don't say "I voted" when you decide who to vote for. You have to be specific! I could go down the rest of the list, but I don't feel like it.


Well... I wanted Andrei gone, but since almost everybody voted for Uli

before me - I had no choice.

The plan for now is to try to get the best score possible and ask Andrei what score he got and beat that score. Whatever score he get's - we need to tell him that that score is great and no one can beat it and blablabla. So I hope that Andrei will lose.


This challenge is definitely more accessible in terms of difficulty, but that slightly worries me because it means anyone can do well. It's important that JR doesn't win this immunity because he's the only one I can easily justify voting off... and he doesn't have the Idol.


Day 36

With Mick winning Immunity, Andrei is vulnerable once again. The vote is now between three people: Andrei, JR and myself. Andrei and Blake are going to vote JR, while Mick claims to be voting for Andrei. However, Mick is against me. If he wanted to, he could tell JR to vote me and I'd be out. Or in a tie. Both of these things are a problem. I don't know if I should vote Andrei or JR. I don't think JR is nearly as big of a Jury threat, though. This decision will be difficult. No possible ways for a blindside tonight.


Well... I'm doing something that will kill my chances of winning this

game. LP and I and also JR are voting Andrei, which counts as a blindside. I should tell Andrei that I'm voting for him, but instead I'm pretending that I think that JR is a threat


Last round was scary, but at least I managed to survive. I am somewhat concerned that Mick might be tempted to take JR to the end as a goat, but at the same time I'm not sure JR can be considered like one. He had good relationships with a few people and to his own admission, he's been playing for Jury votes.

Mick still has the Idol and if he gets greedy he might give it to JR, but... That'd be a better move for JR than for himself.


"Andrei or me?????"

And so final 5.....

A first at Survivor Org's History and I could proudly say that I did that......

This is my biggest move because I voted for my last tribe member,,,,,,

and leaving me on my own,,,,

I hope the jury will see that one...

So I hope its Andrei and not me,,,,,,,,,

I have sought for the idol very hard but I did not found it...

Well,,,,for my final guess,,,there is still a possibility haha...

Soaring High,