Day 4

Well we just came back from the immunity and reward challenge. And honestly I'm surprised at who went home from Jivaro. I assumed Liam would've lasted longer. He talked up a big game but I just his strategic game was pathetic. I wonder how he rubbed people the wrong way. I need to be careful not to do that myself.


Well guess what?! I sucked at the challenge! I warned you all in advance didn't I? But yeah, if they don't show the scores and only show the average, I'll blame it on Philip because #1 I want him to go #2 he was HELLA rude when I tried to make conversation with him and #3 I don't want people to suspect it was me, and I'd rather be seen as a bitch than someone who will lose all of the challenges for their tribe.

So alliance wise, I have a final 3 with Aaron and Jody. Me and Aaron are super tight and he is my #1. I got his back. If it gets down to losing circumstances, we will bring in Jesse just as a 4th wheel to get his vote, but after that we will probably just get rid of him. Of course I will still talk to him and make him feel safe, but it will just lead to him going. Kill with kindness right? Yeah.


I tried my best to save Liam, I put the Target on my Back and When it came to Rocks Liam still got Eliminated I'm keeping hope alive and Working my way out of the situation I am in, I have Ellie as a vote And Alf and Jossue willing to work with me I do not want to go to another tribal so I am relying on my cross tribe Allies to throw this one for me or It might just be me next...


Oh god, I am so happy the Liam was the one to leave in the tie, Liam made up the false rumors about Jessy and making her look shady, which makes him seem shady in my eyes.

I can however respect that he made up the lies about Jessy to make me vote with him and Nick, it is a game move and I can respect lies that can help your game. So good for him, but it didn’t work because I didn’t buy it.

Ellie made the wrong decision for her own game, I had offered her a good deal if she changed her vote, she chose not to and therefore she will leave next time, Nick is a threat, but we need to win challenges. Ellie wont be any help in challenges, Nick will because Nick will be fighting for his life.


Day 5

OH YAY WE WON IMMUNITY >_> dammit I was hoping to take the STD infested slut out. Oh well. :( I must say I am happy winning the first 2 immunities but I would be even more happy seeing my tribe in choas.


We won the Challenge, I have made up with the rest of my tribe and we are United as one. I'm trying to gain the trust of the others so it isn't me next, It's time to find the rat who has been actually spreading the lies, and me and the rest of the tribe are leaning towards Alf. Me and Ellie are getting closer to the Idol we can see it in our mits, When we find the idol, Hell is going to break loose.


So at the challenge today, we manage to come in second place, avoiding tribal council yet again. We're looking like a strong tribe at the moment, but we have some things we need to adjust. I'm starting to realize that i have a decent amount of control over this tribe with everyone coming to me when it's time to make decisions. I feel very confident with my position in this tribe, but as we have seen countless times on Survivor, that could all change in a heart beat so i can't get too comfortable. I have a very strong alliance with Natalie and Ryan in place with Leaun and Dylan altering as a fourth. Domca didn't seem like she wants to really play this game so she's unfortunately on the outs. I want to keep this monument going and keep our tribe strong evenly going into the merge.


At this point, despite Dylan doing the best in the challenge, I'm 100% sure that he is just too much of a wildcard to keep around. He's playing a very reckless game and it's rubbing our tribe the wrong way. I've talked to my, i guess, Older Persons Alliance of Natalie and Ryan, and we've been seeing different things with Dylan. Ryan and I agree it's best to just get rid of him, while Natalie wants to keep him around to take the heat off us. I see where Natalie is coming from but he's such a wildcard that I'm almost sure he'll flip on us first chance he has. It's something the Older Persons need to discuss further.


I've talked to Aly and Ellie about an all girls alliance and they seem to be wanting to be a part of it. A thought of an all girls alliance is crazy because people think girls can't get along because they'll be catty but We'll Prove 'Em Wrong and Give 'Em Hell.


Ugh, Ellie isn't making this whole Black Widow Brigade thing easy. She wants me to vote out one of my biggest allies, Alf. She can easily make herself safe but she's making it so hard. Like literally say nothing and you're safe.


Things are going decent in Huanca. Aly and I have agreed to stay loyal to each other and we're formulating our overall game plan. I wasn't too thrilled about voting for Philip after seeing the results of immunity. Anthony got the 10 minute penalty for not participating in the challenge which really pissed me off, especially since he was the ONLY person to do that. Aly and I are set to vote for him if we see tribal again and I'm going to make sure we get someone else on board to make it happen. I'll keep him close, make him feel secure, but he's a big reason we went to tribal the first time and Aly and I won't forget it...

Hoping to see Ocaina go to tribal to even up numbers. For now it's time to just get a feel for people. I trust Aly even though my gut tells me to be careful. She's pretty cool, we talk a bit, and she has sworn loyalty. Gotta be vigilant in this game...things can change fast...


Ellie is freaking out, being on the bottom is scaring her big time, she is all «omg I dont know what to do!!!» so I talked to her, tried to calm her down and make her feel better, I don’t think she is much of a gameplayer and a liar, so when she seemed thankful, I believe it. I also think I put a lot of distrust towards Nick in her head.

Nick on the other hand is smart, he is dealing with this by telling me that he still wants to work with me, he said “Liam was pulling this tribe apart, I know now I shouldn’t have trusted him.. and you are my best friend on the tribe” and that is a great way to play it, but I know he is just playing, he is doing what he can to try and keep himself safe and possibly get me on his side because its his best chance. I cant trust him, sadly. I really like him as a person.