Day 4

Crap. I am in serious trouble. Telling Crtha I have the idol backfired. She told Daniel and they are now planning to split the vote. I have to check to see if my alliance is still solid. One World became my #1 Nightmare.


Well I am here another day. Samiah is gone. Poor girl, she wasn't even a sockpuppet. We voted out an innocent girl. So sad. Sad day. Let me get out my violin.

No. I could care less. She didn't talk to anyone aside from that super blowout against Eddie. She didn't contribute to discussion. I don't know if she submitted a score, but if she did, it must have been pretty damn bad because it blended it pretty well with the rest of our scores. Did I mention we threw the freaking challenge? I don't know who the next target is. I feel like I am riding Jake's coattails at the moment. That's not going to last for long though. It's almost time for the bunny to wake up and unleash the Monty Python Killer Rabbit from within. Right now we need to win challenges though. I want to watch the other tribes kill each other before we have to head to Tribal again.


The challenge for today was a challenge of patience for me actually. The hard part was not finding the items but listing all of the items. It really took me long to finish my challenge, but I was determined to have a high score because I don't want to go to the TC. I think I am not a target, but the more we vote out people in our tribe, the closer it gets for me to reveal my HII. I don't want Goguryeo to be the Matsing tribe version of Survivor Korea. We lost the first challenge, and I hope it's the last.


The challenge wasn't hard, it was just very time consuming. Judging from the people that have been talking, I have the highest score right now. I don't know if that is good or bad. I just hope I am not docked for the quality of the circles. My picture looks like a cross of a really bad murder that took place in that room and Michael J. Fox trying to draw bubbles. Here's to hoping for no TC.


We're still in Day 4 right? because I start losing the feel of time after being on this island for so long. Like in every season of Survivor, just as you think everything is settled and you're somewhat safe, have some trust in your tribemates and feel like the game is under your control, you realize you've got some serious work to do. In my case, it's damage control.

Crtha has been very bored lately. As she's separated from Eddie and has no one to talk to, and since she went on a trip and is unable to do the challenge, she found a new hobby called Let's Tell People Amir has the Idol for Whatever Reason. Why Crtha? I was doing my best to convince the tribe not to vote you and that's how you thank me? Well, you've just lost the only person in your tribe who had an interest in keeping you around. The weird thing is she didn't even approach my tribemates but rather Monkey, and he was stupid enough to reveal that in the Secret Society chatbox which, coincidentally, I'm a part of. He was trying to inquire me about the idol but I stuck to my version, and it didn't seem like people take him seriously. I mean the guy obviously has a short temper and some other issues, haven't said a single coherent sentence since the beginning and thinks everybody hates him. take your medicine and leave me alone! Another bored folk these days is Max, who is literally obsessed with the idols and questioned us about them so much that we started a new Secret Society chatbox without him. I can only guess he has it.

I knew this idol was a ticking time bomb. I can only hope that with the currect pace of this game, about the next tribal council people will already forget that idol clues were ever given.


YAY WE WON! I'm so glad we won, if we hadn't won...I might not be here, I mean last tribal I got a vote, and I dont know who gave it to me, it could have been Samiah or it could have been someone else, all I know is Nick self voted and I voted Samiah and Jake did too, now maybe she was active and did cast a vote against me but who knows, I just dont want to go back to tribal...especially with the idols floating around....ya im not risking my life in the game while i remain of the white tribe. Even thought Jake wants to get the Explosion out...I'm not throwing again to get him out, he could have the idol, for my tribe, I think either The Explosion, Jake, or Hunter has the idol, I see Hunter as a HUGE threat, I mean he has the white pearl AND possibly the immunity ya I don't want to go to the merge with that sorry, I already have my shield, and that is Jake..


Oh yeah! We won the challenge. The Pegasus tribe dominated the challenge. Muhahaha. In this challenge, 2 things were made very clear:

1. Goguryeo is the boss. 2. Hunter is a huge threat. Hunter proved to be a challenge dominator every single challenges ever since the game has started. I'm happy that we have him, but I need to keep watch on him. He already holds the Light Pearl, and if he will have the Mask of Restrict, he will definitely have an advantage in the game.


I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets medevaced in the next 24 hours. That game nearly gave me a seizure. I would feel really bad for the tribe with the epileptic guy. Anyways, once I was done the room got all trippy after staring at the screen with a game like that. I'm just going to call it quits with the points I have. Unless....


Jake got the Mask of Restrict. I didn't. Which means someone else has it. Not only does this put Jake in a power position in the game, but it also shows something. He either didn't vote for me when we voted OR people like him more. Now if it is the latter, I feel like I am in trouble. I underestimated Jake. I need to be with him though to get farther in the game. At least, I do if I want to make the merge. When that time comes though, I think I need to blindside him.


This is PATHETIC. This is just another Boston Rob game. "Listen to Jake :) He is in charge!" "Oh Jake knows what to do." "You better follow what Jake says, he started the alliance!" BULL. *BLEEP*. I am in charge of my own game. I run what is going on with how I vote, with what I choose to do. This is MY game. I'm not letting another Boston Rob get to the end and win because of all these zombies he has in his alliance. He wants to vote Max? I am voting Nick. And sticking with it. I will NOT let someone choose how I vote unless it is a strategically smart decision, voting out Max not even coming close. Its time to assemble a resistance to the resistance. One where I am in charge. Because I am in charge.


Well, I guess my perspective of our tribe is incorrect. There were five people who voted for Daniel, and I was the only one not in the block who is still here. I'm on the outside looking in, so winning these next challenges are crucial. I've tried reaching out to people like Chal and Jordan, but they have been consistently ignoring me. It looks like Monkey is running this tribe, so I've got some sucking up to do.


So Samiah was voted out :( . . . Just kidding, I couldn't give a rats ass about her! Haha, she seemed like she sucked at Survivor so I'm happy she's gone and even better that my tribe didnt lose the challenge, but this next immunity challenge is soo hard :/ I hate it.


So, one advantage I really have is so amazing. I just realized, these people have Chat Survivors, where they do everything on chat. And while I've done that, I only did that on Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki. And along with Dr Pandas ORG, everyone has played with each other but me. This is perfect! I love my position!


So, Eddie and Nick think they're with me. However, I believe Eddie has the idol. Me, Aaron and Hunter want to flush that out. So, we're voting Max off next. Then, it's me, Eddie, Nick, Aaron and Hunter. Nick is an obvious coattail. I'll tell him that we're going to blindside Eddie. He'll obviously tell Eddie, and Eddie plays his idol. Meanwhile, me Aaron and Hunter vote for Nick. We're basically the three amigos.


Yeah, we won the challenge! I knew we could do it. It just takes time. I think the other two tribes just gave up and thought that 50-150 was enough. Guess not. My advice is to try harder next time. I love how Silla was the only one to have all six participate but yet they are the ones who lost. Oh well. I hope Ryan can manage to get an alliance there until a tribe swap/dissolve. Whatever. Sure, he is an ally. He's one of the few I wouldn't mind bringing to Final Tribal. But, it's better he goes than me.


So I just found out that Monkey had the idol and didn't tell me... He PM-ed the secret society and told us that he was in trouble. Since he's part of our alliance, I ran over to him and asked what was wrong so that I'd be able to help. It turns out that everyone knew that Monkey had that idol. So this made him paranoid and he played the idol on himself even though he had Miggy, Ben and Ivan on his side. He could have sooooo targeted Ryan with that idol! Damn! >.<

Well now we're thinking about changing our game plan. Do we target Jake pre-merge? or do we stick to our old plan about booting Eddie first?

Other things on my mind are the mask of restrict.

Basically it'll be: Amir and Crtha Matt Ivan Cassels Aston

This is by pure strategy. I know Cassels has #1 votes from Aston and Amir but also a last ranking slot from Crtha, I know Aston has #1 votes from Crtha and Amir. As of now. I have 3 #1 votes, so I probably get the mask. So if I put Aston as my last and Cassels as my 2nd to the last. It might manipulate the votes well enough to give Amir and I the mask.

Crtha isn't getting the mask. Aston, Amir and Cassels put her last. So I don't think there's any coming back from that :))


Day 5

So we won a challenge. This is pretty great. I like the feeling of not being the second person voted out of this game. I'm one step closer to winning it all. The reward was The Mask of Restrict which stops one person from voting at TC. Aaron, Jake, and I have established a plan to where we all vote for each other to get the mask. Hopefully, Eddie, Max, and Nick who I believe may have died, will vote me too. I know Max probably will. The Mask will really put me into a power position not just in my tribe, but in the game in the future. This game is just starting and I can already feel the intensity from what's to come.


So it turns out Monkey DOES have the hidden immunity idol. The good news is that Daniel or Ryan don't have it, the bad news is that Monkey initially lied to me about not having it. Even worse is that he told Crtha about having the idol before me who isn't even on our team. She then told Daniel. So now everyone on Silla knows Monkey has the idol and potentially EVERYONE could know about it, depending on who Crtha told. We've effectively lost any surprise the idol could have given us at the merge.

Losing the second immunity challenge is frustrating, especially given how low three of the scores were. At least the vote will be easy. We have our four (Monkey, Miggy, Jordan and me) voting for Daniel and apparently Chal is also voting for Daniel. No problems! I'm still iffy on Chal. I haven't had any communication with him at all and it slightly worries me that he's talking to others and not me. I'd have liked to vote Chal out tonight but Jordan and Monkey have already voted for Daniel so I can't change it now.


I have just received the Mask of Restrict, I feel very secure on Baekje, I am amazed by the scores on the Reward Challenge, people were playing for hours and got around 50 thousand, On my second turn I got 193 thousand. Oh well, I am not sure who has the idol though, I was convinced it was Crtha but now I am leaning over to Ivan. We shall just have to wait and see.


As of now, I think I am in a good spot. I don't think my tribe wants to vote me out even though everyone knows I have the idol. But I still am scared. This damn idol has given me so much trouble. And on the other side of things, Eddie says he wants to work with me but he doesn't wanna make big moves. Ugh. Honestly, I think he should make a big move and blindside Jake. But no. I am still a bit worried since he tells me people want to vote me out cause I am annoying, but if that is the reason. They are stupid, stupid, people. I would be the perfect person to take to the end. Just wish I could be liked for once.


As of now. I think I should play the idol. But I wont. I have to trust my alliance. And I am so scared. I think this will decide my faith in the game. I just hope I didn't make the wrong move.