Kings of Korea
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Theholyrabbit (1)JakeWhiteKorea150px-5274754mE
Season Korea
Founder Jake/Aston
Members Former:
Ivan (Day 1-33)
Hunter (Day 1-33)
Jake (Day 1-20)
Cassels (Day 1-17)
Amir (Day 1-33)
Aaron (Day 1-33)
Ryan (Day 1-33,34-39)
Aston (Day 1-20,21-33,34-39)
Alejandro (Day 1-20,21-33,34-39)
Miggy (Day 9-20,21-25)
Chal (Day 9-18)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Miggy
Lowest Placing Member Cassels (16/21)
Highest Placing Member Amir (Winner)

Kings of Korea, (also known as the Korea Alliance), was the main cross-tribal alliance in Survivor: Korea. It is an alliance formed to counter Eddie's Day One alliance and to dominate and control all of the tribes. It was later expanded and is currently the second biggest alliance in the ORG history with 9 members (next to The Tea Party alliance). The alliance was in control for a great portion of the season, however it was slowly weakened by The Secret Society and the double agents within it, until it finally crumbled on Day 33.



Silla Faction


Ryan was the only member of the alliance to be on original Silla, and was left in the minority when Daniel was blinsided by the Silla Alliance. However, an early tribe swap soon saved him.


After the trbe swap, Alejandro and Aston were the only alliance members to be on the tribe. However, Alejandro pulled in Miggy (who was aligned with him via The Secret Society) and Ben (who was aligned with Miggy via Silla Alliance) to form the new Four Horsemen Alliance. However, for the entire swap phase of the season, new Silla and the Horsemen never attended a tribal council.

Goguryeo Faction


Original Goguryeo had alliance members Jake, Hunter and Aaron in it, who were looking for a fourth vote to gain majority. they tried to pull in Explosion, who secretly plotted against Jake. The tribe threw the first immunity challenge in order to eliminate Samiah, who was accused of being a sockpuppet, and planned to split the vote between Eddie and Nick at the next tribal. However, their plan was never executed as Nick was disqualified and the tribe was soon swapped.


New Goguryeo had the most alliance members in it post-swap, having Amir, Cassels, Hunter and Aaron. With everyone in the game aware of Monkey's idol, there was not much room to hide and cracks in the alliance were about to be revealed. After a unanimous elimination of Jordan, the alliance had to sacrifice a member believing Monkey will definitely play his idol. In reality, Monkey nearly kept it if it wasn't for Amir lying to him about Hunter's plan. Hunter led a blindside against Cassels, but Monkey ended up playing the idol anyway.

Baekje Faction


Original Baekje had the most alliance members pre-swap, having Amir, Alejandro, Aston, Cassels and Ivan. This has led to a sub-alliance being formed by the first four, known as Baekje Four. However, this tribe was exremely dominant in the first few challenges and never lost any, not attending a single tribal council.


The tribe swap has drastically changed Baekje's fate, turning it from a dominant tribe to the weakest tribe post-swap. After narrowly beating Goguryeo for second place at the first challenge post-swap, the tribe faced a losing streak which eventually made it dissolve. The tribe had alliance members Jake, Ivan and Ryan, who pulling in Chal to gain majority and blindside Crtha. Matt was later disqualified.

Jake's Fall

Following Baekje's dissolve, Jake was moved to Silla while Ivan and Ryan joined Goguryeo. Silla has finally lost a challenge, and the alliance's plan was to split the vote between Eddie and Explosion. However, the Silla alliance of Alejandro, Aston, Miggy and Ben felt that Jake was too big of a threat to keep, and hatched a plan to blindside him. Miggy and Ben voted for Jake, while Aston and Alejandro voted with Jake's plan, thus making Jake go home by plurality vote. With Monkey being voted out of Goguryeo at the same day, the alliance entered the Merge with 7 out of the 9 members still in the game.

Kings Dethroned

After the merge, the 7 remaining members were initially united thanks to Miggy and Ben's failed attempt to create a sub-alliance within the Secret Society. The move actually resulted in the creation of a different sub-alliance within the Korea Alliance called The A-Team. Ben was soon blindsided, and Miggy joined the A-Team to save himself over Explosion. 7 of the final 8 contestants were alliance members, and Miggy was able to win the most important immunity for him. After 33 days of domination over Korea, the alliance finally crumbled with both Hunter and Ivan being blindsided on the same night, and Ryan affiliating himself with Alejandro (who is in the Secret Society and the A-Team).


  • Cassels and Jake were the only members of the alliance to not make the merge.
  • The final 5 contestants of Korea are all from the Korea Alliance
    • Thus it is tied with Skandi's Empire for the second-most successful alliance in the ORG history (in terms of bringing the most members to the end) after The Shepherd's Herd.
  • The alliance's members had 6 of the 8 special artifacts between them.
    • Ironically, the only 2 artifacts they didn't have are two sets of Rings of Duality both belonged to Miggy, the last standing non-alliance member.
  • Other names that were suggested were the Mangnag alliance and the Bby Gurls.