Knights Who Say Ni
Kevin PolyJay poly
Season Survivor: Polynesia
Members Remained Loyal:
Carby (Day 4-15)
Jay (Day 4-38)
Kevin (Day 4-33)
Phil (Day 4-29)
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Val
Rapa Nui Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Carby (13/18)
Highest Placing Member Jay (4/18)

The Knights Who Say Ni were an alliance from Survivor: Polynesia. This alliance was the counter-alliance to the majority alliance on original Rapa Nui.



After voting off Stephane, the foursome decided to counter Mitchell and Kacey's Original Rapa Nui alliance, due to not trusting Kacey. After Dan's abduction, Rapa Nui had to visit Tribal Council for the second time, so the Knights Who Say Ni alliance decided to split the vote between Kacey and Dan. Some members of the alliance wanted Kacey eliminated completely, however Jay stopped them from doing so, and split the vote 3-1 on Kacey and Dan respectively. In the end Dan was voted out 5-4.

The alliance came to an end after being separated 2-2 after a Tribe Switch. When they entered the merge, Carby had been voted out and only three of the four alliance members were left. Out of necessity they worked with the only other faithful Rapa Nui member, Eden, however it was a Rapa Nui alliance, and not focused as much on being the Knights.