Day 4

So far I love everyone from my tribe. We all worked hard to not lose the previous challenge. Hopefully we won't lose this one either.


I had no idea there was going to be a double tribal until Chris pointed it out. So I'm tryharding this with minimal effort. I'm just shook I got 26k points from one round of Zuma's Revenge.

To be honest, I thought I'd be put on the Brawns tribe because I enjoy winning challenges. I consider myself a challenge beast and can win most challenges except for music-themed ones.

I hope we can grab this immunity!


Okay This challenge is so hard for me but my tribe is finding it easy somehow? I'm such a victim of circumstance! Hopefully my tribe win this for us!


This challenge is a lot frustrating than the first one. With the first challenge, we least knew how the other tribes are doing.


This challenge I don't see as tricky, hopefully my tribe get a really good score to avoid tribal council again.


Ok so coming into the game i am ecstatic to be placed on the beauty tribe. My goal throughout this game is to be underestimated, I want people to think all i have is my looks and nothing else. but i'm smart, i'm cunning, and they all won't see me coming that's for sure. But at this early stage, under the radar, and forming key social relationships that will help me out later. That's my main priority.


I'd rather spend two weeks in isolation with Donald Trump talking about Barack Obama and his potential connections to ISIL then ever attempt this challenge again.

This challenge is worse than people that bomb abortion clinics.

This challenge is making me realize that my parents were right when they told me "You'll never accomplish anything in life."

I make Sherri from Caramoan look like a comp beast.

I don't remember what happiness feels like.

The light has gone out of my life.



Someone please go check on my dogs when you find this - T.C.

  • bang*
  • thump*


I'm definitely finding that my social skills are proving excellent so far in this game. Immediately, as we arrived into camp, me and Elmo formed an initial connection. I am so aware of how crucial, it is to find that 1 person you can trust in this game, whilst alliances may be ever shifting, that 1 person can really prove valuable. Elmo will be my ride or die in this game, we are both extremely logical and think options through to the nth degree. Whilst others are planning Options A, B or C, me and Elmo are thinking F, G and H.


I'm finding myself to ultimately, be in a swing position in this beauty tribe. Whilst my main alliance remains with Elmo, and I will not turn on him, i've also formed connections with Max & Alexandra, and me and Elmo remain in 3 person alliances with both. This could come tricky, if we are to lose and go to a tribal council.


ok this challenge is so frustrating! I was so close but it just decides to be a little dick and fucks me over. I feel so attacked ;(

– Ellie

So the challenge today was like a little online game, and it was very different from our last one because it's more individual, and we also can't see how the other tribes are doing so that's a little scary. I feel like I did ok, I mean, I'm not exactly an online gamer or anything like that but I did my best and I know I didn't get the lowest score on my tribe so that's always good. We had one extra person so Max sat out. It would be so nice to win again, and personally I'm really hoping the brains lose. They just seem really shady and then we would be ahead in numbers of both tribes. Also, everyone on the beauty tribe is actually awesome and so I don't want to have to vote anyone out. So, I've got my fingers crossed that we win again.

– Julia

Alexandra is an interesting one. The girl is smart, and comes across extremely threatening, but that's ideal for me. We have spoken indepth game, and she views me almost as a 'little sister' on this tribe. We both have agreed to have eachothers back, and for me this is a perfect alliance, as she is someone who comes across much more intuitive and cunning in every way. So i'm pretty sure if the target ever does come towards us girls, she will take the fall before me, and that's ideal. My strategy remains to fly under the radar and continue building these connections. I'm loving how everyone seems to trust me.

– Jenna

I was so relieved to win the first immunity challenge, as crucially this gives me even more time to build the relationships i am forming and establish trust. If we were to lose, Emily & Max are on the outs on the whole. However, Max trusts me and wants to go far, so it's tricky, as whilst Emily is superb in the challenges, For my game personally, Max would be beneficial to keep around as he is a vote in my corner. But this early on, It would be detrimental to stick my neck out too much to protect him, so I will have to tread carefully.

– Jenna

Challenge Entry. I looked at the challenge. I am unable to pull it up on my phone to play.

Hopefully, I can on my lap top. My internet at home is not that great, so I am crossing my fingers that I can. With it being Mother's Day weekend and having family in town, it is a little harder to find time to play it. But, I will do it this evening after everyone leave. I want to do well so that are tribe is safe from TC. I don't want to lose another tribe member.

– Christina

Let me start off by saying that I'm so excited to play this game. Being a brawn means that we're strong, right? WRONG. We have got some weak people plus Christina. She's in a league of her own. Tyler is my ride or die and I'm obsessed! He's honestly so iconic and the type of person that I get along with. It helps that everyone wants to work with the both of us too. Rin is... interesting. He's sweet but annoying. I don't think I'll be able to trust him long term because he would tell everyone everything but for now I'm willing to give it a try. David is such a nice guy and honestly the only other sane one besides me and Tyler. I want to work with him long term even though his timezone sucks. Sian who? Kwl. I don't understand Bradley at all. He says that he broke his finger and was in surgery but he still magically was viewing every single message we sent and refusing to help in the challenge. Great gameplay. Now... it's time to talk about my queen Christina. She's such an icon and I love her so much. I don't want to work with her long term, I just want to watch her and marvel at her gameplay. Honestly, I kind of hate my tribe but I hope that we can pull together to get something going so we all don't die. That's all for now, xoxo Gossip Danielle

– Danielle

This game is getting started after its first elimination. I feel like there is going to be a lot of crazy things as this game goes on, so I better be mentally prepared for this.

– Keaton

Alright so here we go again, a challenge that involves more individual skill than teamwork. Not surprisingly there's a big difference in how people are reacting. Nadine has really impressed me, she's the total package. I'm happily sitting with the second best score. However we do have a few players struggling to stay afloat. If we do wind up losing I don't think we will be willing to hear another one of her excuses.


Ok I wanted to do a video confessional but I'm unbelievably lazy today, maybe next time. I guess I'll just do a rundown of my tribe.

Danielle: Fucking queen, I love her and she's so far the only ally of mine I genuinely like and could see myself actually making decisions with in the game down the road. I've spent a lot of time talking to her, getting to know her, skyping with her, ect. So far we've been on the exact same page about this entire tribe. Definitely someone I'll be praying to get swapped with.

Rin: Rin is fucking insane. Like, real life crazy. The moment I found out Rin was insane was in our very first conversation when he said he was paranoid, and he knows that everyone in this cast secretly knows eachother outside of the game. He jumps back and fourth from sharing his extreme paranoia with me, to then backtracking and saying something like "I annoy you. Lets not talk about game, makes me paranoid, relax" - Only he'd say this in his own "Rin" way of saying things because his English is borderline awful. It's so difficult to communicate with him due to the language barrier and it forces me to have to speak in a very careful and easy to understand way or else he'll misinterpret everything. To be honest I don't think it would be much of a difference if he was a master of the English language because he's still fucking nuts. The constant paranoia, and negativity is a lot to handle. Literally anything slightly doesn't go Rin's way and I get a plethora of crying stickers and really negative sad messages about how bad things are going. His paranoia comes out of literally...LITERALLY nothing. Here are some snippets of Rin Conspiracy Theories™ I've had with rin within these first 3 days:

Day 1: "Everyone in the game secretly knows eachother, they're out to get me!" Day 3: "We need to get rid of Rin, the girls are taking over this season, there's a girls alliance, we're in big trouble!" Day 3:

  • Rin asks me to send a picture of myself and I do it*

Rin: "I hope there isn't a big blindside" Me: "Why would there be a blindside? Everyone's voting Bradley.." Rin: "Because I saw your face" Rin: "If I do get blindsided, at least I got to see your face" That one was just iconic honestly..

The GOOD NEWS is, he loves me. Like, loooves me. But he's so unstable that I have to give him constant attention and affirmation that he's my #1. Thankfully Danielle agrees on how absolutely batshit crazy and unstable he is. In fact, I had literally no say on our alliance being made. As soon as Danielle got online he instantly created a chat without even talking about it first, and if it wasn't for me talking him out of it, he would have added fucking Christina to the alliance without discussing it with EITHER of us. Honestly if I can bypass Rin's crazy by using my methods of giving him endless love and attention then that's great but Jesus Christ, he's one of those people I wish would just mysteriously go missing and never be found, if you know what I mean...

Christina & David: I have a pretty similar relationship with both David and Christina so I think I can sort of summarize them together. I don't have anything solidified with either of them as of this moment, but I do talk to them frequently, they come to me to be filled in on information, I come to them to fill them in. I talk to them about keeping "us" safe, though there's no solidified "us". Basically I have a pretty good relationship with both of them and I do believe they both trust me for different reasons. And in the case of a swap, I wouldn't be distraught if I ended up with either of them. Of course I'm not on the same level with them as Danielle, but like I said they trust me and I get a little closer to them with each conversation and that's all I need right now.

Sian: Sian is a fucking idiot. I haven't and refuse to have another conversation with her until she is gone. I was honestly dumbfounded after our first convo, I couldn't believe I was talking to an actual person. But I was! She's real! After our first "conversation" if you even wanna call it that, I've stayed clear of her and according to literally everyone else, we've all had the exact same experience talking to her. It's just "Kwl". Shit, she hasn't even spoken to Rin at all from what he's told me. And David, Christina, and Danielle report the exact same bullshit that I experienced with her. No shade to the hosts, but yall were going on about how great the Bali cast was, and how you got so many amazing Applications. Well, how in the literal fuck did this bitch get in? Not only did she suck ass in the first challenge, self voted, and has refused to socialize with anyone, but she's also not even campaigning for herself right now and I bet she thinks because of Christina's low score that we're all just going to vote her. Honey, you've got a big storm coming. I've already rallied up the troops and everyone agrees that you're good as gone. You're an embarrassment and disgrace of a player and you don't even deserve me speaking to or about you. And it's gonna be so KWL when I never have to again. You are trash. TRASH.

Bradley: I figured I'd talk about the other trashcan even though he's gone because I've never given my full opinion on him. He's an airhead. Absolutely no concept of how the game works and he's a complete and total loser. His idea of campaigning to stay was to go around and ask "who r u voting". That's all you need to know about him.

As a whole: This tribe is garbage. But it isn't my fault, I don't know what it was about my application that led someone to the conclusion that I belong on the Brawn tribe, but I stand by the idea I'd have been better off on Beauty, where I rightfully belong, and I'm sure everyone else would agree!

And that's really all I have to say as of now! I'm at the top of my tribe and I'm doing great! I've never made a confessional like this before so hosts feel free to tell me if I'm doing something wrong or how I can improve. Bye!

– Tyler

Day 5

We won again so it's all one big happy family and we can continue to stay together. My strategy at this point is to continue to form solid bonds by connecting with some of the better players on this tribe. I'm very tight with Nadine, Hannah, TC, and Ting Ting. As we continue to feel each other out it's starting to seem like Keaton may be an odd man out, he's saying a lot of insensitive stuff and his lack of filter might just cost him.


We crushed the challenge! Our lowest score was higher than all but one of all of the other tribes scores! Hopefully the brains lose the next challenge and the beauties can keep the good times rolling.

– Alexandra

Jenna is probably my closest ally in the game at this point. I absolutely adore her, because she's funny and smart and we just clicked on a fundamental level. We've been saying that we will be the next Michele and Julia. At the moment, she's entertaining the tribe with stories about her lying as a kid, which we've all been loving because she's so funny. BUT, a part of me, as her ally wants to warn her that bragging about how good of a liar she is might not be the best thing for her game. At the same time, everyone likes Jenna, and it wouldn't be terrible for me if they liked Jenna just a little less, so that if it comes to it, they would take me farther than they would take her. So while she's telling entertaining stories about how good of a liar she is, I'm telling entertaining stories about how bad of a liar I am. So that, if the time comes where there has to be a choice between the two of us, people will be more inclined to take me than her. Hey, even Michele cut her Julia loose. And Julia still voted for Michele to win the million. But for now, look out for the damage that Jenna and I will cause as a duo.


I would say that Elmo is my second biggest ally in the game, and I want to make sure that he is more loyal to me than to Jenna. I'm older than him by more than I want to mention, and if I remember one thing about being in high school, it's that I always wanted to feel like I was in charge and I wanted a lot of validation. So, I am trying to emulate my queens, Cirie and Sandra. I told him that I'll write down whoever he writes down and I will occasionally softball ideas his way, and I'm trying to do them in ways that make it seem like it's his idea, or, at worst, our idea that we came up with together on the spot. I'm an actor, and right now, I'm playing the part of the innocent first timer. And I feel like me being on the beauty tribe works to my advantage, because people will automatically assume things about me, but mama didn't raise a fool. I want him to feel like he is, in a way, carrying me through this game. I would like to stick with him and Jenna, but just in case, I want to set up the cards so that, if the house falls down, it doesn't fall on me.


"I'm just happy that my tribe is safe once more again. On a more worrying news, I didn't think they would reveal everyone's scores, so I'm a bit cautious if that factors into me getting targeted come merge, since I got the highest score.

As for the members of my tribe, game-wise, Taylor is good at information control, he surprised me, especially pertaining to idol guesses. The tribe is now exchanging idol guesses! Something to keep in mind for later on, Taylor is an adept player and knows how to say the things want to hear.

An earlier conversation with Chris goes like this - Chris: My philosophy is lead by example. Easiest way to earn trust and loyalty is to get your hands dirty

For a moment, I thought he was talking about his gameplay for a bit there! Heh. Well, Chris is pleasant to talk with. I'll need to make a F2 deal with someone, maybe Keaton or Hannah."


Also, I want to take a quick second to freak out over how cool all of this is?! I've never been

able to talk about Survivor with so many people from all over, and it's so cool! And also, my tribe has amazing people on it and everyone is awesome and I'm just so excited to play and share my strategy on here! Also, everyone is so young! I feel like a grandma and I'm only 24!


"Another day anothe slay

The beauty tribe killed it at that challenge and I didn't even have to show off. I am really happy that some other people got way better scores cause I didn't want to start this season as the all might leader who like carried his tribe to victory cause that role puts a target on your back mighty fast

Me and Alex seem to be bonding more which is good and Elmo I think will definitely have my back the only problem is a swap and if i get swapped with the wrong people i need to have that idol in my back pocket.

I swear this idol is rigged for me to not find it what kind of clue is "she played in one of the earlier seasons" like ugh

thats so vague but its fine I swear i am going to find this idol though like man yall must be crazy if you think im 

going to let a swap get in the way of me winning this game "


The beauty tribe...we're hanging! We won our second challenge and actually came first place. We talk about our pets, makeup, parties, and make fun of the other tribes a lot. We don't take anything too seriously and we honestly just make each other laugh so much. However, there was a bit of game talk yesterday. Me and Elmo agreed that if either of us find the idol, we'll share it with each other. I don't know if I would actually tell him if I found it, but I want him to tell me, because I think he is by far the most strategic player on our tribe. Also me and Alexandra decided that her, me, Elmo, Jenna, and Junior would be a good group to stick with for as long as we can. I'm worried a swap might be coming, which would kind of suck, but that's the game. You have to be able to adapt.


Voting confessional. So, we are here again. This sucks! I know part of the loss was my fault so I'm grateful that they say they're going to save me? The tribe agrees that it'll be better for the tribe for Sian to go. I agree. I feel very lucky right now.


So we lost the challenge again which comes to no shock honestly. Christina wasn't even playing the correct game. We all averaged pretty low scores so there's not much we can do, flash games just might not be our thing... or nothing might be our thing honestly. On this tribe, we have one more inactive that we can vote out before it's going to start getting tough. We need to win challenges or else I might be on the chopping block. Tyler and I are still tight as fuck, all we do is talk shit about our tribe honestly and that's what is bringing us closer together. He's my ride or die at the moment. We're in an alliance with Rin and let me tell you, it's bad. I'm not always online but Rin messages the chat 50 times if we don't respond. He's a sweet kid that means well but yikes. David and I are still talking casually. I like him a lot but our timezones hinder us from talking a lot, hopefully that changes for us soon. Sian is.. well I have no idea honestly. She's the easy vote out this week even though she didn't do too bad this challenge. Last round, she proved that there wasn't much she could offer to us in terms of semi-live challenges so hopefully we're making the right choice by voting out her over Christina. Lastly, the queen herself. She's honestly so iconic that I want to help her win this game, even if I lose. In summary, we really fucking need to start winning because I cannot handle all of us being picked off.


I think that we need to have the strongest competitors that we can have on our tribe. Another thing that we may need to improve on is our communication. We all didn't know good scores in the game and there weren't a lot of people talking about their scores. Maybe if we did that, we could have bumped up some scores. Of course, that's only one situational specific reason though.


After winning the first two immunity challenges, things couldn't be going any better for me right now, I still have my Ménage a Trois alliance with Jenna and Elmo, plus I have a really good connection with Emily that I'm building, Jenna and Elmo are currently trying to build relationships with Emily so that we can add her to our alliance as our fourth person, she's really good at challenges therefore I believe that she'd be targeted first over the rest of us, so in turn myself, Jenna and Elmo can hopefully use her as a meat shield for further down the road.


"Beauty destroys the challenge again! Honestly I think it's mostly because we all communicate with our scores and people are really motivated to try. Jenna and I hatched a plan so we could get idol for us easier. She is going to get Alexandra's guesses and I will get Julia's and Max's. I know it's a little evil trick right now but the only person I trust 100% is Jenna. I really like Max and Julia so I actually feel a little bad but after all it's a game! Alexandra's game is highkey scaring me, she's connected to everyone sans Emily socially. She had been gunning for Max but I learned that she actually made a deal with him so I'm like???? If I'm completely honest I don't know what would happen if beauty tribe goes to tribal council. I really like everyone on the tribe so voting out someone would be a pity but I guess I would gun for Emily.

I FOUND THE IDOL! I only told and will tell Jenna about it and I'm honestly super super super pumped about getting it because right now I don't feel so cornered. I feel like I can use the idol in case I feel insecure and it would probably shook the whole game.

I still think I'm on a decent position. I talk to everyone (but Emily) daily and I actually talk to them a lot! I hope that everyone likes me so they will keep me here longer!!

Swap is probably coming at 18 incase brawns are flopping the challenge next round too. I'm so not ready. Anyways, I'm really happy about recent events so yay!"


I'm bored. I don't want my tribe to keep winning. I don't trust Keaton whatsoever, I need him gone ASAP. Maybe even over Ellie. Ellie's nice, but she's fucking never on, so has no bonds with anyone, and on top of that, her internet is laggy as shit, so she's useless in comps. First time we go to tribal, I guarantee she's gone. After that, the next up seems to be Hannah. Which is fine, she's a nice kid, I don't have any huge attachment to her. But at that point, I need to take Keaton out. He's got too much intimate knowledge about ORGs and is way too close with Nadine. I'm working on building rapport with Nadine as much as possible so when the time comes, she's not pissed at me for taking out her ally. I'm confident in myself/Nadine/Chris/Ting Ting. I think the three of us could go far. I just need to make sure they stay as my loyal little soldiers and don't get too attached to Keaton.


"During the challenge, i can see that we can get over 100k, so i asked my tribe what is the highest score, and i told them that i got 112k, but no one reply me :). Fine. After that, i have tried to have 146k and go to sleep. When i wake up, OMG i'm so shock that they didnt het over 100k -_- We are the brawns? Really? Idk why they dont care to win the challenge, i think they just played it 1 only 1 time then submit it. Honestly, i'm so angry but idk how to talk with them :(( i have to keep quiet and take care of them like a baby.

Beside that, no one come to me a talk, they just reply me when i send them a messege first. "


"Well, the brawn lost challenge again :). Everyone told me that it's Sian tonight. Ok. I feel good. i think they wont blindside me now because they will need me to win the challenge. But idk why i'm still nervous because anything can happen. I had a strong aliance with Danielle and Tyler but i dont really trust them because they have more than 1 option. They can go with me, David or Christina. When i asked Christina who she trust, she answer that "Tyler and Danielle", so i can see how they control the tribe.

To make sure they wont blindside me , i have came to talk with Sian. I told her that they all voted her to see what she feel. But... OMG, she seem dont care, she said that she didnt decide yet. She said that no one tell anything with her, i feel it's not true. it's very close to the deadline so how she can be very comfortable? It made me paranoid. If she give up , it's ok. but it's so weird. Why she cast to be here?"


i'm still looking for an idol . But i have no clue, just a random guess . :(( i think it's a 2 time player because we have so many 1 time players, and we have a few 3,4 time players. 2 time player is suitable most. :))) Gods, pls give me an idol before the swap.