Tribe Profile
Season Salvation
Namesake An Icelandic Mountain
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 2
Rival Tribe(s) Askja
Tribe Status Dissolved Day 6
Challenge Wins 1
Lowest Placing Member Ometepe03 (21/25)
Highest Placing Member ForeverTyC (9/25)


Laki Insignia

Laki Buff

Laki is one of the starting tribes of Survivor: Salvation. Their tribe color is grey.


Tyler s21Ian s21
Szymon s21Ometepe s21
  • »ForeverTyC - Also known as "Tyler", from Survivor: Turkey, and finished in 5th place. Remembered for being a favorite to win the game, but ended up getting his chances destroyed when his main allies self-voted in a crucial vote, ending Tyler's chances of staying alive.
  • »Ianthebalance - Also known as "Ian", from Survivor: Turkey, and finished in 13th place. Remembered for playing hard early in the game, creating alliances to better his and his allies' game, but was shockingly idoled out when WoodysRoundup played an idol on Matulys, known as an inactive, and Ian was sent packing home.
  • »Moonsik - Also known as "Szymon", from Survivor: Papua New Guinea, and finished in 19th place. Remembered for being put on the losing Kieta tribe, and when they lost for a second time, volunteered to be voted out, so his allies (LukePrower and Tayylorrrr) could survive.
  • »»Ometepe03 - Also known as "Ometepe", from Survivor: Laos and Survivor: Revival, and finished in 7th and 19th place, respectively. Remembered in Laos for being TheHickman's main ally, but was blindsided by him himself when they were up against two Shúa members. Also remembered in Revival for not being able to communicate with his tribe a lot, and not doing well in challenges, only having one ally Eros123.

Tribe History

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