Day 1

I am excited to get things rolling and play Survivor on the Similan Islands. My wife's family is from Thailand and it's so cool that the first wikia ORG I am part of is in Thailand. Hopefully I do well and at least make the merge to represent them well.

I am a little nervous because I heard of a few contestants that were already tight and forming alliances before the ORG even began. It's also unsettling that I am the oldest by 5 years. That might isolate me, but being labeled an "Elder" and in charge of picking the tribes has thrust me into somewhat of a leadership role. Early on, that might help me stay around, but it will certainly put a target on my back.

Being in charge of picking my tribe mates and was able to build a tribe full of some of the older castaways.

I have wasted no time trying to get past my disadvantages and seem to have already developed a layered alliance with Hugo, Miguel and Diego as my final four partners. I was first approached by Diego, but I really connected with Hugo more and chances are he may end up being my final two partner. We are building a 6 man alliance to have majority in our tribe. Rick has accepted and is part of our 6. I reached out to both Red and Erlend, but they have yet to respond. My other allies feel Fiona will be good to take in as she might feel isolated as the only girl.

They say early alliances stay strong. Hopefully that's true and I have developed a concrete base for my game.


So as soon as the tribes were formed Tom's like: we can be four to the end, which is cool to me but then when I told him we needed two more people he just sent messages to a lot of them and see who responded first and that's not what you do on Survivor! You can't just include someone to your alliance simply because they say hi back at you, you need to know them first! And the worst part is that he doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. Once we had the sixth person he planned to tell the rest that the alliance he was telling them about was fake, like, who does that?! I think he's overplaying and I don't see him lasting that long with that strategy


I really like my tribe. I've formed relationships with MGM, Alex, Katie, Ryan, and Matt. I think it's developing into an alliance, but I feel like something is going on behind me that I don't know about. I just gotta stay focused for this challenge and make sure we win.


No one here seems to stand out yet... well, that's kind of only because I've talked to one person. Hugo is a great guy, at least. He's fun to talk to and he seems like a great ally, but unfortunately, we're on opposite tribes. I hope we both last long enough to meet up along the way, or something. The only other contestant I thought about aligning with was Red due to previous ORG affiliation, but that's a no-go now. I really need to just find a place within my tribe and fit in, otherwise, I'm going to be first boot.


Alright, still haven't gotten around to the challenge, but whatever. Hint: This is me TRYING to be strategic! :) Our tribe recently started communicating (finally) and I've met Bryce and Ryan. Both seem like nice people (manipulation time lel) that I can make an alliance with. If this works out, then we'll need like, what, 3 more people and we've got majority? Heh. Let's hope that if we lose, we can target someone who does not submit! But, this game is going to be a curveball and you don't know what's going to get thrown at you. In my case, I hope I get the masses of sheeple, but knowing my luck, everyone here will be playing mind games and trying to dominate subtly and take out the competition? Let the games begin, I suppose. Also, shoutout to no one. This is my spotlight!



OMG Tom are you a RETARD?!? You picked the tribes and somehow managed to pick both the inactive people, one won't create a Facebook and the other is dead for all we know! I mean when you picked them did you not see they weren't even in the Facebook group… It doesn't take much intelligence to see that *shakes head in a derogatory fashion*. So now it's 8 vs 10 so the odds are stacked against us right from the start. Bright side is that our first tribal won't have much tension surrounding it as Nick can go first for being an inactive fuck, then fiona as she's alienated herself by not creating a Facebook (which i thought was a requirement).

Furthermore, Hugo and I are really tight and we're telling each other everything and are also part of a 3, 4, and 6 person alliance assuring us that we'll have the numbers no matter what happens, so lets hope this all works out :D



UGH I hate being the oldest and now I have to pick I hope I don’t screw this up… I decided to pick people that have the closest timezone to me so that we can be online at the same time and chat, I like getting to know fellow survivor lovers.

I’m excited to be in my first org game and also excited to be on a tribe with two of my fellow tumblr survivor members/really close friends Ryan and Matt. First move I’m making strategically is not letting anyone know about that.

I honestly cannot believe I forgot to submit for the first immunity challenge. I might as well back my bags now this is terrible.


Now that the my tribe lost and we have to vote someone out.......The Game Really Has Begun!


I'm happy that i'm on tribe with older players. It's better for my strategy but i hate fact that we have so many inactive members. I talk only with few members and i think i can only trust to Hugo. Tom made 6 members alliance so quick so i think it's little stupid move early in game.


Tom thinks that he is leader of tribe. it's great for me because now i have reason to vote him out soon. I want him out before merge because he will be very dangerous so if i told right things to right people...Tom will be out soon. I like this situation but i can be soon out too. :D


Looks like we got a plan in place. We are going to vote out Meghan. When someone doesn't communicate with the tribe AT ALL, it means it's your time. I guess the old saying is true, last hired, first fired.


I don't really know what's going to happen at tribal. I managed to form an alliance with Bryce and Ryan, but since that, no one else has even contacted me except for Bryce telling the plans. Apparently, it's Meghan going. But even then, I don't know anything about who the team is talking to and such, so maybe I'm a target? Or just maybe Meghan is seen as an easy vote by everyone? I do want to get answers and save myself from this heartbreaking confusion, but that could put a target on my back. And while I love fights and drama and tension, I don't exactly like to be the one causing it. I don't want my reputation to be tarnished. Save that for Payang.


So right now I don't know if I am sitting in a really good spot, or a really terrible spot. Since the game started everyone has been scrambling to form alliances with everyone, and within those alliances , they keep forming sub-allainces. I keep thinking, damn guys, we still haven't even had to go to tribal yet, calm yourself's, but I guess this is survivor. Though, its hard to say wether or not any of these promises are going to last if a tribe switch is in the near future. I just hope that I am not the odd-man out.