Day 22

Yay we threw immunity and got rid of Riley and John! Man I'm good at this game. But I don't think we have clear sky's ahead of us, something bad is going to happen. But still, the Careers seem to be good. Panda won't last long I think, being the Careers recruit and that he thinks the real alliance is called 'The Oink Alliance' I mean, thats stupid tbh... Besides that, Mike and Sharky both went to the idol cave. I ship it, like so much. But comparing everyone to animals is fun soo Emma is a dodo because she is unique and can't fly. Panda is self explanatory. Connor is a lil goat in the crowd the does nothing. Sharky is a possum. John is a cockroach because he was so sneaky and he thinks that he is god just because he can survive a nuke. Sebastian is a spider hur hur hur. Mike is a hawk because hawks are threatening and he is a threat. Zach is a weasel that betrayed us for the nerds. Tyson is a squirrel because he is so nice and just sits in his tree chewing his nuts. Joan is a duck. Justin is a Alligator and last and maybe lease, Riley is a skunk. Back to the point though.... Riley self voted. And it was the deciding vote... He voted himself out!


After seeing the results of Lagunes Tribal, it wasn't very good.. Riley and John were both in my alliance and now we are merged. I think Rileys an idiot that screwed himself and his alliance over but specially John. John was such a good player very strategic . always coming up with plans, he tried to make moves but it backfired. Now that were merged theres 10 people and two alliances, its 5 against 5. Connor,Zach,Sharky, Michael and I make up the Wild Bunch (Alliance). The opposing alliance is Panda,Sam,Joan,Emma and Justin whos the stupid oink alliance. I know im in a good spot for the first vote which i predict will end with rocks. The rocks will determine whos in power. Joan is like a fiddle hes easy to play, he thinks im his 6th and told everything about his alliance and even who they are voting first. But Joan wants to get rid of Sam second this is the Crack in their alliance that i need to work with. Really no ones safe unless you win that immunity.


Well, this kind of sucks. So I found to idols. the sit out idol and the dismiss vote idol. I gave it to john to ensure he would be safe at the next tribal which was double elimination.

Emma ended up flipping which wasn't a surprise but riley also self voted, which was a shame, becuase that is the reason john went home. If riley voted, sam and justin would be gone.

So here is my new scenario. I don't necessarily have a right hand man anymore. but imin an alliance with: Zach, Connor, Tyson, Sharky. Except, i can tell people feel i am one of the more powerful onces in the alliance which is good for now. Im working on connor though.

so basically, going into next vote, its 5-5 meaning a tie vote or something. But i have a dismiss vote idol which makes it 5-4 in out favour. so thats good XD


So everybody is like, we are happy cause we made it to the merge! Yay we are so cool in this ugly ass tribe! Who the fuck even decided to make the color Ivory? The thing is that people will just start backstabbing each other now and I'll try to help my alliance get over the fucking nerd herd peasants. Let me get to victory baby.


Day 23

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Day 24

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