Day 38

Final immunity challenge. These trials will test us. If I loose 38 days of hard working and strategizing will be cut loose, I need this if I want to stay in the game.


The tribal was crazy. I didn't know that Amir has the Baekje idol, and the Taegeuk idol, not because I am thinking that he is not capable of finding idols, but because when he said he doesn't have it, I believed. That's how I trust Amir. But it's ok, I also kept my idol a secret. For me, it's the best thing to do when you have the idol.

So Amir voted out Alejandro because he said that he is the biggest threat. I thought we are the final 3, I am aware that Amir and Alejandro are threats, but I gave my word to them. Now, it feels like I'm in the beginning of the game again, where I have no words to fulfill, and no alliance to protect and strategize with.

Right after I talked to Amir after I saw the results, the first thing that came to my mind is to get Ryan on my side. I'm not sure with Aston, and because of Amir's move, I became unsure of him. I asked Ryan if he wants to go to the final 3 with me and he said yes. So I still need to make things in favor of me. Amir may actually win the game because of that big move. Voting him out is in my mind right now. But let's see what's gonna happen.


Man, I think might time is up, I performed really bad in the challenges, and it was a pitty I was on my bad computer, because not only did I not get to fully do the cool challenges like crossword and Papa Louie, but Aaron defeated me, and I had told Amir to vote him, I am extremely nervous, I think after 38 days, my time will come to an end, unless I can convince Amir to vote Ryan.


Only hours from voting, I think I may just have a spot in the Final 3. I can't be overconfident, but it looks like the vote's between Aston and Amir tonight, and it could go either way. Aston's been a strong, notable player since the beginning. Meanwhile, Amir under-the-radar status was removed with his defining moment at the last Tribal, which really got the jury to open their eyes and recgonize him. Both of them will beat tought to beat, but I'm praying (literally) that I will make it through this vote, and somehow convince a posse of 9 bitterly blinsided people to vote for me at that final tribal council.


This could be it. After 38 days, I may be leaving this game just on the brink of the final day, which wold be devastating knowing that I was so close. I'm glad Aaron stuck by me in the vote, at least giving me a final chance in the tiebreaker. If I'm going down tonight, I'm going down fighting. I'm putting all my effort into this challenge, balls to the wall. It's a very even match, considering Amir and I have both won an immunity, and If I do lose, I'm glad he's making it to the Final 3. See, I don't think either of us want a very dramatic fall-out, which leads into an extremely bitter jury experience. We're friends, and although are competitors, aren't looking for drama. Whatever happens, happens, but I just really hope this game can finally come through for me.


Well, I made the final three but I still feel like making a confessional about what happened since it was important.

So Aaron won the final immunity challenge like I expected, and I realized my only chance at surviving this TC is if Aston will tie the vote with me against Ryan. I never expected him to actually do that, even though that was the point of my move at the final 5 to save him. He never saw Ryan as a threat, but eventually the biggest coattail rider this season ever knew failed in his last attempt to stay alive, and had to face me in a tie-breaker challenge. I'm sorry for the headache I probably caused you, but I really thought this is going to be a close match. Eventually I overkilled him by using a secret technique I learned from Skandi - it's called kick the f****er's ass.

I kinda feel bad for Aston right now. He probably believed Ryan is gonna beat me and my jury vote will go to him, as I would've most likely voted for him to win in that case. He tried to come out as a hero but now he's stuck with me on the final three, and I feel like I can beat him. Aaron is not even part of the eqaution. I can't see anyone voting for him except for Hunter, and maybe Eddie since I saved Aston. He doesn't have anything worthy to say, and his failed attempt to vote me off is not gonna get him any votes other than Ryan's.

With that being said, let the Hunger Games begin!