YES! YES! YES! YES! I think the fans are pretty much being called numbskulls because of this switch, but at the same time it is probably the hottest thing so far. I wanted to bring Eddie and Charley over here but NOOOOOO. The favorites threatened us saying "you better take Chandni and Tyler or you will be buttfucked". My fellow fans were being buttfucked a little too hard so we picked Chandni and Tyler.


SO we just sent home the dumbest player ever who was causing drama on his way out...what else is new. He honestly needs to shut up and leave. Gosh I hate him, he is like Orange part 2.


Okay. So I feel like I missed a couple of days, so I guess I'll just cover the bases. So, I was approached last tribal by a couple of people asking me to throw the challenge so that we could save the fans on the other tribe, and then vote out Spencer, as he is considered to be aligned with eddie and taylor on the other tribe. I was fine with that, as long as we were going for spencer and not a favorite. But that plan didn't really fall through, and then the other tribe sent mike packing. I guess that didn't really effect me all that much, but it happened so oh well.

NOW THIS TRIBE SWAP. This really makes me stressed. I feel so paranoid right now. I am praying to the survivor gods that I am not put on the betsiboka tribe by the fans. I cannot be on the tribe, because that tribe is basically a favorites death trap. Like, it's quite obvious that the faves that are sent there are pretty much doomed. So I would like to be on the red tribe for now. Plus, I think that I'd be pretty solid in the red tribe. I'm alligned with all the faves right now, which would obviously change, but I'm close to Jay, Eddie, Taylor, Lincoln, Charley and Tyler, so I think I have the odds in my favor if I'm on that tribe. So, all I can do now is hope any pray not to be picked. Because at this point, I think it's best to stay quiet rather than try to convince them not to pick me, because I'm sure that if I asked them not to pick me, they'd pick me, and vote me out first. And I can NOT get 15th place. Just no. Until next time,



Well looks like we are mixing it up again: back to favs vs fans+2. The fans really want to take Charley and Taylor with them but that doesn't help me at all so I have to see if I have enough power in this game to get what I want: Chandni and Tyler to go with the fans.


This twist is complete and utter bullshit. It's to make the game more exciting but quite honestly all it accomplishes is fucking over two players because some of the viewers were complaining that things were predictable.

This game is bullshit, this twist is bullshit, and it sucks. If I get screwed over, which I've heard it quite a possibility, I'm going to flip. Screw this. Two favourites do not deserve to go home. This is bullshit.


So Mikey boy went home last night. At least his final days were peaceful and fight-free. Lol. Anyway we just got treemail and basically we are being swapped so it is Fans versus Favorites. But wait! Survivor ORG wouldn't be the same without a bullshit twist! The fans get to pick two favorites to be on their team so the numbers are even. That is the *OFFICIAL* description. What this really translates to is "Fans! You suck at Survivor and are already down to six! Now you get to pick the two favorites you like the least and put them on your tribe so you can vote them off!" Gimme a break.


Ugh me and Chandni are not on the same tribe... ugh fans why you do this i already know where i am and i have an alliance its me,myself and I. I feel like that i am on the outs lol and the worst thing is i found out that i am going away on march break which sucks since march break is very close so my days are numbered. I am not going too just stand there like a sitting duck waiting too get shot ill try too make these days the best of it. I may probably get voted off earlier then march break or maybe ill still be in the game when i get back since ill only be gone for three days and ill probably have wifi because ipad :D. but ya... the first thing i want too do is too is too try and get a high score after try and too fit in. This will probably be hard and awkward :P i just really want too focus on this challenge i need that clue lmao and its not like i havent talked too people from the start of the game i have but ya... that winning streak made me feel lazy and do my own thing and i feel bad about that.. I just need too get up on my feet and ill be fine but first challenge....


Just found out the tribe swap and I got exactly what I wanted: Chandni and Tyler are on the other tribe. By merge one, if not both, of them should be out. Not only was I able to get the fans to do what I wanted but i also found the Hidden Immunity Idol for my tribe.

Everyone thinks Eddie is the King that they have to dethrone, little do they know he really only has a Burger King Crown and I am the one really controlling the whole game right now.


I came into this game wanting to be at least Amanda, but when the switch was announced, I was afraid to finish being Silas. But then I was not chosen to go to the fans' tribe, so I can still be Amanda.

My biggest problem at the moment is Tommy settle to join with Eddie and Taylor and tell that I was willing to separate them (which he said he had already thought, by the way), and then, with Charley and Emma, vote me out. But Tommy also said he was eager to work together with me, so we'll see if that is what he really wants, and then we can get Jay and Trace and make at least a tie.

Speaking of Jay, today we officiate our pact to the F2. I don't know about him, but I always had this intention, and I intend to continue with it unless apperas something more advantageous for me.

In this game, you have to trust someone. Don't trust 100%, but if you don't trust anyone, how will you make your plans? How will you tell anyone about them? I trust Jay, and I hope I'm right about that.


i know this is a bad score oh well i suck and thats okay! Hopefully people will trust me enough lol i doubt it maybe i dont need the idol.. but that clue doesnt seem hard just a fill in the blanks.


Oh the most wonderful thing just happened, you will never guess....


After Mike went, I basically told him to stir things the most he could before leaving, in hopes people would notice Charley Dee is running this beautiful game. She won 2 ORG's, extremely social, strategic and strong, how is she not a threat? Well, I will make sure the empire strikes on her.

My game at the moment is try not to look a threat and have an undetected strategy. Much like how Amir played. I will get to the end with people who will not win and I will likely win. However, these people have to be fans. My best bet of winning is if I go up against fans, cause most of them arent great strategists (Craig and Sam are the only ones I can say are good, Kaeden is medium), so, I plan on taking Sergiu to the end. He has pissed a lot of people already and annoys people, so one good pick. My second pick would be Spencer cause people were mad at him, but it can also be Kaeden or somebody else. I am not sure yet, but we will see how it goes.

Well, and why Chandni and Tyler? Well. They are close to Eddie and do decent in challenges. Plus, Jay, Trace and Lincoln from our old "Mix and Match" alliance need the most allys they can get to survive there. It was a decision based on coming to the merge with numbers.

And to end this lovely confessional, the Idol has got to be the hardest thing ever. I cannot figure out nothing at all so far, and I couldnt even compete in the challenge, so no idol clue for me :(

Guess I will have to rely on my wits for now :P



So we had our swap, and boy oh boy am I happy! Not only did the fans leave Mystery Inc completely intact, BUT they took Tyler, who was becoming suspicious of Taylor and I's bond, and they took Crtha...who all the Favorites want out...well besides Emma, so ya, this has been a very productive swap, and to be honest I will laugh...a lot...if Crtha's tribe loses and she gets 5th out...again.



Sergiu really underestimates the competition in this game. He annoys me.


It is Day 10 on this island, and we are trying to get Pissy little pisspot (Spencer) to stay loyal to the fans, not the Favorites. If we do lose, I highly doubt Chandni had a big enough clue to find the idol, so I want all votes cast her way, but they think she might have it so apparently we have to split the damn votes, hoping that Pissy will vote with us, which I highly doubt he will... But this is Survivor and any $h!t can happen. >:)


Well it's about time that the game is how we want it, Fans VERSUS Favorites. Thank god. The moment that everyone's been waiting for. Now, there should (at least) be no shit slinging in tribe chats and pm, so everyone can pull the bitchy sticks out of their asses and finally have a good time.

I've never felt so happy to be with my alliance as well. The Mystery Inc. is going to run this game when we get the chance to. I feel like I'm the only one thinking to the way end at this point in the game. It might be too early, but I rather have a plan now as opposed to scrambling later. I might suck challenge wise, but socially and strategically, I'd like to consider them as my stronger points in Survivor. I tend to think about the end of the game and I like to visualize myself there at FTC.. They do say visualizing helps to achieve your goals, and I might as well try everything.

I know for a fact I'm going to stick by Eddie through everything. He's my right hand man, and vice versa. I just have to be smart about what I say and do, seeing how that one piece of the tribe chat got posted in the viewing lounge, I can't let anything else get in my way of being sole survivor.. Every ORG I've played in has lead me up to my return here and seeing as I'm finally here, and this is finally happening, it's time for my redemption.


lmao fuck this challenge.


I brought the Alaorta curse with me. I think that makes it more of a... Craig Curse then an Alaorta curse, right? I curse the curse. It sucks. Let me win a challenge!!!!


Otay so, I jumped on a little late, but from what I gathered the plan is to vote out Tyler because of his TERRIBAD score. I'm game for it, I mean, I'm not opposed or anything. Apparently other people are, but like c'mon, it's an easy vote. Then, Eddie comes to me to tell me that Chandni is playing the idol tonight. Which scares me a bit, but I'm also concerned that Eddie is just spewing lines. I like him, but his reputation does precede him after all. So I'm just going to 'try' to tell him that I'll change it, but what happens happens. Really, I won't mind either way.

Despite me still losing, I've gained more confidence with this new tribe. I feel more comfortable. Kudos to everyone over here for doing that to my psyche. It could not be true, but I have more trust with these people. I feel that I'll outlast Spencer, Chandni, Tyler, and Sergui without taking an idol into consideration.

I feel like the tribe doesn't trust me entirely, mostly because I was with Eddie on Alaorta for a good deal of this game, but they'll have to live with it. I survived, but I wasn't comfortable, and I'll tell anyone who asks.

So yeah, the plan is for a favorite to leave, because it's high time for a favorite to leave. Then, we'll see. I'm still unsure about what'll happen.


Hey hey hey! It has been pretty crazy around camp with all the dram-...oh, wait, HA we had this swap, now camp life is BEAUTIFUL! No drama, no bitches, no punks, none of that horse shit that was going on on the old tribe, now with my fellow favorites we can now dominate! So idol clues came out (fuck my life) and Lincoln I'm pretty sure found his cuz he told Crtha his was already found when she found hers and asked him, so eyes need to be watching Lincoln all the time. Another fun thing that happened is ANOTHER FAVORITES MAJORITY ALLIANCE! WOOO! So I have wanted this for quite some time now, and I made it happen, the Mystery Inc is still intact, but we added a new member and now have a second majority, the Satanic Six, its Me Taylor Charley Trace Jay and Tommy, I plan on going to the end with Tommy, so this is really good that we are keeping him around, I'm very excited to work long term with Tommy and I do feel like the rest of Mystery Inc is also. Oh, and I may have given Crtha a plan for tribal that will get her booted, we shall see.


So I killed myself to get a good score in the reward challenge and win the clue for the hidden immunity idol to, after I finished solving the code, discover that someone had already taken it.

I think we has someone really smart in this tribe, because he/she solved the code with only 5 random letters (A, P, C, D, M). But we won the immunity challenge, so I'm still good, but just hope I don't end idoled.

One interesting thing is: Chandni won the clue to the idol of Betsiboka. And then when they lost the immunity challenge, she asked for our help with this, to try to protect her and Tyler there, but when I solved their code and gave to her the answer, their idol had already been claimed by someone. /o/

So we had two genius in this game, the clues were useless and they are screwed. \o\


So we are at pre-tribal at the moment, and it is very crazy. First of all, I was very lucky to have found the idol. KALOO KALEYY! The bad news? I can't tell my alliance.

I only told Sam about the idol cause I really trust Sam and she is very nice and easy to talk to. She may be manipulating me, but I think she is not, so that is good :). I won't tell Kaeden or Sergiu thow, they are very paranoid and would tell everyone I have it :P

Now for the mess part: Chandni and Tyler are trying to stir things up. They already had Spencer from the start, and we know he sucks at this, so we never trusted him anyway. Chandni is telling everyone she is playing the idol on Tyler, and tried to get me to flip, etcetera etcetera... It is a good time to have an idol, isn't it ^_^? Now, me and Sam had to use our social game powers to convince Jay and the others Chandni is bluffing about having the idol and such, and despite being very hard, everyone is on board.

The main concern I have with all this would be if somebody that is not in my alliance in Alaotra found the idol and gave it to Chandni, but I am nearly sure Lincoln has it. Maybe he just doesn't want people to know :P

I know I may go home tonight, but if I do, I had fun and I wish Sam makes it far. I do wish the rest of the fans (except Craig) lose terribly and are humiliated. It's because of them the word NEWBIE sucks. "Never underestimate Newbies"? Nope. They aren't good and will never be. KTHXBAY <3