"Like a Warhorse"
Season Survivor: Cuba
Episode Number 3/15
Episode Chronology
Previous The Black Spot
Next Borrowed Time

Like a Warhorse is the third episode of Survivor: Cuba.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Bird Sanctuary
Both tribes must capture four different types of birds in a particular order; grey parrot, black falcon, purple quail, and white dove. Tribe that manages to catch the most birds by the end of the allotted time wins reward and immunity.
Reward: The winner of this challenge also has the power to give one member from the losing tribe immunity through voting.
Winner: Cardenas


Day 6

After voting out Kaaitlyn at the last tribal council, Cardenas comes back glad that an inactive went, but the tribe (including Alfons) notice that the other inactives are part of Alfons' core alliance (Zachary, Noah, Brian). There is another person on Cardenas not doing a lot in challenges - DB, who is not in the core alliance of Cardenas. 

Meanwhile at Havana, Jessica is experiencing personal events outside the game, as things have worked out between she and her boyfriend. She is starting to be inactive from the game. Luke is starting to reconsider getting Zac out in order to get Jessica out instead, and has Liam's 100% loyalty. However, the majority of the tribe is completely against Luke.

Day 7

At the immunity challenge, Cardenas finally pulls out a win when they win the challenge but this is partially due to some members of Havana throwing the challenge to get Luke out. This finally sends Havana to tribal council, where the majority alliance of seven get their chance. 

Day 8

Not long before tribal council, Luke learns from Max that everyone is voting him out. This enrages Luke and he delivers a massive outburst on his entire tribe. Kesh and Luke begin an argument on show to the whole tribe. At tribal council, Luke and Liam vote for Jessica, while she votes for herself. This creates 3 votes against Jessica, but the alliance of seven (Random, Jeret, Taylor, Kesh, Duy, Zac, Max) vote against Luke, sending him home in a 7-3 vote.

Immediately after his elimination, Jessica is pulled from the game by the moderators because of personal reasons, leaving Liam the outsider of Havana. 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Luke (7 votes)
Jere90Large 796251PepsatarRandom
TaylorMeLarge 796253
Jeret, Kesh, Max, Random, Taylor, Tommy & Zac
Jessica, Survivor Cuba
Jessica (3 votes)
Jessica, Survivor CubaLspie1Liam
Jessica, Luke & Liam
Luke S3 out

Removed from Tribal Council
Jessica out

Voting Confessionals

Luke you have lied to everyone here no one likes you and people have wanted you gone since before the result of the first immunity challenge. Goodbye!


You've been telling lies since day 1, have fun being betrayed by your own alliance.


Luke, thank you for bringing me into the Havana 7. Problem was that thing never existed, it was the biggest joke around and everyone knew it. I wanted you out from day 1 and finally that day has come. My only regret is that you made your double digit day goal but I can compromise. This is the first blindside of Havana and nobody else is more deserving. You shouldn't have tried to make a deal with everyone in our own tribe you definitely shouldn't have talked to Cardenas. It's a pity that you thought I wouldn't talk to anyone else, but making me pick between Taylor and Duy, two of the strongest people in our game probably wasn't the smartest idea. Learn the game a little more and always watch your back for blindsides. Don't make alliances with everyone in your tribe, it puts way too big of a target on your back. And also, learn some proper grammar and spelling honestly, your presence in the group chat was infuriating, and particularly so for the Grammar Nazi that I am. Oh and also, I never needed your protection from the 'Havana 7.' You underestimated me and tried to use my fear of being on the outs as a way of getting my vote. Never underestimate me.


I'm voting for Luke. I know we bonded a little, but you're still a liar. Plus, how would it make me look if I flipped last minute to a minority. Sorry, but this is how it's been planned for a while.


I am praying to god that my alliance votes with me tonight. Otherwise i am screwed. this person has been lying to all of us, manipulating us to his biddings and sneaking behind our back to work with the other tribe. By the end of tonight, i hope your are a goner LUKE!


Final Words

I think the tribe made the wrong decision now they have lost two members off there tribe. I know I went out with a bang maybe to big of a bang but hey I beat two favorites.. I hope Cardenas knows Jeremy has has idol.. Well see you, guys. Have fun.


Am I upset to be leaving? Yeah. Can I deal with it? I guess. Anyway, without me, this tribe will do well, but I don't know how well. Good luck to the people that didn't vote me off.


Still in the Running

Jessica out
Large 796251
Luke S3 out
Taylor-survivor cuba
Large 796253
Large 796247
Large 1088643
Dbwawesomepossum (1)
S03 kait bw
Noah Cuba


  • The challenge was originally won by the Havana tribe, but after a mistake was made by the hosts, their immunity was stripped and the challenge continued.
  • This episode marks the first time that two-time players, Adam and Noah have won a challenge on Survivor.
  • This is the first time in which a contestant has been evacuated from the game.
  • After Liam is eliminated in the next episode, Moderator Ian revealed that none of the original Havana tribe members left in the game voted against Jessica
  • With Jessica's evacuation, there are no more females left in the game.
  • This is the only time Cardenas won a challenge.
  • The episode title was said by Alfons.


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