These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 6

Now that Kait's gone I'm feeling We should get Zach out next then we may get something.


This is getting ridiculous, Havana has got 9 points already while Cardenas got one, and the worst part is i can't do anything about it.


Day 7

Taking one for the team is the thing that our tribe is lacking... period. We have people (*cough*DB*cough*) who only post when they feel like it. And then we have people like Zachary who are taking on this challenge like a warhorse with 10 times as much effort. I understand people have school but you only sleep for 9 hours, go to school for 7, which leaves 8 spare.


In his challenge I've been lying low trying to help out the least I can without it becoming obvious. I hope we lose and I can finally vote out the poison. There are now 7/10 people who are on board for this as Luke has lied and talked about every single on of them behind their back.


Day 8

I am becoming greatly concerned about my cross-tribal ally, Zac, or should I say... The Master Manipulator (consider this as a pun).

He's been talking to a lot of people and he has lied to me. I sincerely hope he's with me otherwise my doom could be near...