Day 23

I can't breathe!

What the fuck are you doing , Brains ? I flipped to help you ! And last tribal , Erin flipped, Mai was out . This tribal , Aro flipped, Pris was out ! I can't understand what you doing! It makes me feel fuck again ! I am so angry now ! Ok . My wife was out 😞 Hey Pris , i said some bad things about you before . But i am wrong . You are strong , cute and sweet girl ! I love you ❤


Ok . Everything will change! 4 vote Pris . It means someone in my alliance flipped. Maybe Aro . I don't understand why Aro suggested Alexa and then he flipped to vote Pris out . I can't understand it I am free now . It maybe dangerous but it maybe good !

I am bottom and now i can see some crack of that big alliance. I think i can do something😎


Ok ! Emile flipped! Not Aromal !

And you know what ,,, that fucking shit voted me ! Emile voted me when I tried to protect him ! Fuck you son of bitch ! You are a machine of flash game ! You are nothing to me 🖕🖕🖕 If you fuck with me , you dead to me !!!!!!


Oh my god I can't believe my plan actually worked. Everyone last night was convinced that Emile should've gone, but I manipulated 5 people that its smarter to target Priscilla. Not only did she threaten everyone with an idol, BUT she had an advantage too. And she didnt play EITHER OF THEM LMAO. I'm just absolutely loving my ability in this game, and I need to start laying a little bit low and start doing my moves passively. People want Emile/Aromal to get split up, which I'm fine with, but Emile is now a close ally of mine after sticking to his word. I wanted Aromal out the first tribal originally, and thats still in my mind. These next couple of days I'm going to very passively get people to start targeting Aromal instead of Emile, because Emile will be that guy to help me get rid of people like Yasmin and Jake. I'm willing and ready to lay very low soon, but that doesn't mean I can't get what i want :)




I'm gonna start my revenge run now.I've basically sold out Emile.Apparently he won another org by winning every post merge immunity challenge. If Emile has an idol, well then bye TSN


I was ONE vote away from being voted out. The minority decided to target me and I believe it’s because they suspected me to be the least likely to have an idol, LMAO bad logic then. I was informed that Abnormal or Arogoat was the one leading the lynch to send me packing, but obviously it didn’t work for him. He is for sure going to regret because I am going to use every once in my being to make sure that he is the person voted out at the next tribal council and is sent packing to jury. Nobody writes my name down and gets away with it. TSN also decided to write my name down but even after I was the only person who would even talk to him. He pinned it on his alliance members and that he was being talked into doing something he didn’t want to do. That’s total bullshit because ultimately you decide what you’re going to go. YOU submit your own vote at the end of the day and if that vote is me it means that you ultimately were at ease with voting me out and that shit doesn’t fly with me. Instead of blowing up and going crazy after the results I decided to stay calm and keep my cool. Let’s just say it took a hell lot of self-control to do that. All I wanted was to cuss out TSN and Aromal but doing that just paints a target on my back for the next vote. Instead I will act as if I forgive them meanwhile I plot their demise, primarily Aromal’s. Before Priscilla’s official elimination I made sure to strengthen my personal and not game relationship (since we both voted each other) so that she will leave this game with a positive image of me thus strengthening my chances of getting her vote at FTC. Alliance wise I honestly hate the majority alliance. They’re so close-minded and it requires a lot of campaigning to get them to do my dirty work. I’ve been building a nearly unbreakable bond with both Jake and Jessy since the beginning of this game so that I can rely on them and use those relationships to my advantage. Jessy is in a dangerous position as I’ve said before and I’m hoping it doesn’t cause her to be blindsided. Jake is a major threat who I will definitely be targeting sooner of later. I’ve built a good relationship with Yasmin but she’s my biggest competition and after this Aromal vote she is most definitely my target, but I need to be able to pull off her blindside while still keeping Vanne aka the biggest question mark ever close. Erin is… Erin and I don’t trust her one bit. She flipped from her alliance to ours and I wouldn’t count her out from doing it in future votes. Emile, I literally had my first conversation with him today. He isolates himself from the tribe and relies 100% on challenges and that’s honestly disgusting. I’m going to make sure he goes soon after Aromal because there’s no way in hell I’m letting that big of a wildcard make it deep into this game. TSN is EXTREMELY untrustworthy and continues to go against me and then beg for my forgiveness. Like goodbye, there’s no way in hell I’m putting any sort of trust in you or anyone for that matter. My plan moving forward is to continue to build my social bonds and to continue calling the shots (background wise) in the votes. I’ve been swaying the votes without people catching on to it because I’m very subtle. However, if I sense any sort of danger my idol will just have to come into play.


The last elimination came as a huge shock to me. I really didnt think Pris would go. So, its official, im the lone remaining female brain, and it sucks :/

–Erin L.

So Priscilla is gone and my notion about the ladies having an alliance got thrown out unless she was never included in it. I am glad however, she is gone as there was something about her that was shady. If we can get Emile out next that would be splendid, but being that he is a challenge beast, I hardly think he will go that easily! The next immunity is critical for us. One of us in our alliance has to win it. Of course, if Emile wins, there is always Aromal, who lied to us. Bad move Aro! I think we should keep T a bit longer and use him as the goat as he does give me vital information, which I do not necessarily share with everyone. Well, I made it sound like I am saving him in order to extract information out of him. He keeps thanking me and has no clue that I voted for him the last time. Who said I can't lie and deceit in the game? LMAO! My friends keep saying, "Slay Duchess"! But for now, I lie low! Until next time, peace!


I am happy with my alliance. We are a fun group, a smart group, a balanced group. The Zodiac Party vs. The Brainiacs. WWIII is in China.


Day 24 Pre-Immunity Results

I am so happy right now yeahhh 👏👏👏 i won😜 BANG BANG 😎 I choose Jake because i think i need him . I am free now . I don't have any alliance. I need more information. And i can get it from Jake . Emile flipped. Aro is stupid and I don't wanna go with him anymore. When i won , he immediately asked me about clues! You didn't help me anything , Aro ! You talked bad thing about me to Alexa . If i want , i will talk to you . But sorry i don't!

Shut your fucking mouth!


I forgot to tell this in my confession. Alexa asked me why i voted her . And of course, i said it was Aro's plan . Because it is really his plan . Brains were destroyed. I am not brain so i must go

Then , Alexa asked Aro about what i said . And Aro said a lot of bad things about me blah blah .... Ok ! It is good ! We talked bad things about each other ! I am done with you !


This is the moment of truth for my game, this vote. Here is the chance when they'll split votes, here is the chance for me to shift things around in my favor. It's either be the bottom of a 6 person alliance or make something new happen. If I go down, at least I wasn't a sitting duck. Be prepared. The proverbial caca is about to hit the fan.


who has missed an opportunity in this game? Everyone


thinking about it, this would be an ideal situation, assuming these players want to ensure their own safety in case the idol gets played - erin would be in trouble but I don't mind seeing her leave, I can take her role of being the swing between beauties/brawns


This immunity coming up really has me stressing out because theres questions like "who's running the game" or "mistakenly running the game" and idk i feel like my ass is going to come out of this challenge scalped and bald to the bone with all of these exposes. Emile just told me he has an idol and honestly, i think I'm going to keep this to myself for a while. I want to benefit from it, and with this knowledge I'm probably going to use it to get one of the Zodiac Party alliance members out. I'm already informing Emile about all of the stuff that Yasmin/Jake do, so I think when the timing is right and the Zodiac Party wants to go against my wishes, i'll be using Emile's idol and his loyalty to me to my best and flip this game upside down!


I told jessy and erin about my idol, but they don't know that I've told the other. Since merge, I've been trying to figure out who I wanted to build my game around, and I know who, now. Jessy I definitely want to see in this game. Erin, I can deal with her being gone. But her staying works just as well.

I told Erin about my idol because she should have figured it out by process of elimination, so might as well tell her and gain a potential ally out of it.

Jessy also told me a lot about how the past 2 decisions were handled for who got sent home. If Jake and Yasmin are in fact visibly controlling the tribe, I can use that to paint them as necessary targets. Also lol @ me being completely clueless in my answers, no way am I winning immunity.

Now, I need to gauge how likely it is for Alexa to make a move against Yasmin or Jake, because the hardest part is finding enough people that know how to keep their mouth shut


if alexa ever starts getting paranoid of jake, I'd like to take credit for that paranoia


Day 24 Post-Immunity Results

Sorry . Do you think i am gullible?

Fuck you all of you 🖕🖕🖕 You are fucking fake bitch !! Alexa , Jessy and Aromal 🖕🖕🖕 Do you think you control this game ? LoL ! No no no . Maybe i go home soon . However you never win this season !


I can see everywhere in this challenge !!!

Almost guesses are TSN Snake- TSN Rat - TSN Gullible- TSN Annoying- TSN Bad social- TSN Blah blah - TSN Brshhhh !!!! Lol !! What 😳😳😳😳 how can i be both rat and snake?? This challenge 's name is TALKING ABOUT THIS BITCH 😎


I just won immunity and that is PERFECT for me. I was told that I'm running the game and all of this stuff putting a target on my back, but also credited my gameplay which I also love at the same time. Now that I'm safe, I can finally run my mouth and make the move that I want to do. I want to get rid of one of my alliance members from The Zodiac Party, excluding Alexa. Now originally, people were going to vote Emile, and I was going to tell Emile to play his idol and vote out Jake/Yasmin. BUT, Alexa told me that Jake wants to vote out Erin or Vanne, so now I'm talking him up telling him it would be smart to vote out Yasmin. I also have Emile and TSN's votes in my back pocket, so this is honestly going to be a really good tribal for me. I got voted as "Running the game" which is true, but I didnt really consider myself such a dangerous player. I dont know I guess they're right, I never really thought I was but now I'm going to live up to my expectation, and be as dangerous and risk-taking as a possibly can


Haha i know it . Now we have 3 brain , 3 brawn , 3 beauty . Beauty never want to go with Brawn anymore.

I know i am in bottom . I can go home this tribal . But maybe I won't Now is the time to make a big move . And they need me to do big move . If they not , i will lead them to make a big move . And i can be saved. I don't have anything to lose so i will do everything that i can . Hope it can save myself and change this game again !


Jake won advantage. And i am the person bring him to FL . Good new . It is extra vote

Erin back and she wanna go with TSN + brain alliance Jessy came to me and she said that she wanna work with me Amazing! I am in bottom and BANG , i have a lot of choices!! I love this moment 😎


Yasmin told me that i must choose her to FL next time if i win reward

Lol ? Don't say what i need to do . Thanks if you save me . But i will do what i want ! But waitttt ,,, what she said ?? ,,,, next time ? ,,, it means she won't vote me in this tribal?? ,,, i 'm not sure but it is amazing, fantastic ❤ And Jessy ,Alexa and Vanne , all of them want to be a queen , a boss , a leader of this tribe . So ok , you can , let fight each other , i will watch it 😎👏 they can't go together in this game ! My chance comingggg holaaaaa 😘


I'm literally at the center of everything right now. TSN, Aromal, and Emile who are on the outs are all listening to what I have to say, which is to vote Yasmin. Jake, Erin, and Alexa, who kinda want to "overthrow" the so-called "leaders" of the Zodiac Party are all listening to what I have to say, which is to vote Yasmin. Yasmin has tried to foil my plans EVERY tribal since we merged, and after tonight it's over with. I feel like everyone is listening to me, doing what I say, and it's like I dont even have to put effort into it anymore. If I was doing this without an immunity necklace, then I would be shitting my pants right now, but the fact that its flowing so smoothly is making me feel super confident right now. I've also solidified an alliance with Erin and Alexa, Alexa already being my F2, and made a F3 deal with them. Going to the F3 with Erin and Alexa is honestly going to be my best chances at winning this game. Erin's best move was flipping sides but thats kinda it, and Alexa hasn't had a very solid game, so I feel this F3 moving forward is good for me to work with. Hopefully everything goes to my plan and Yasmin goes, after I convinced others that Vanne is useless and Aromal/Emile going is useless, and with that, another tribal under my wishes!


me to jessy - yo honestly if jake goes through with it, I'm sorry but I'll have to laugh at him because he's getting rid of someone he needs in this game

Context? The blindside on yasmin


phew,what a whirlwind 2 hours. Apparently getting shat on by the majority of the tribe has been a blessing in disguise. Erin,Jessy and Jake has reached out to me to get rid of Yasmin.Im actually looking forward to tribal today,get ready for a major power shift guys.

The only thing that would ruin this is if Tsn flips back to the Brawns. Fingers crossed


I am so confused because this game change so quickly. You never know who go home . When i think maybe i go home . The chances came to me . I really hope this plan will work . I feel too nervous now . Until now , i know that Yasmin voted Emile and beauty wanna blindside Yasmin . And we had enough votes . I am not sure about it . Hopefully it is true !!!

If i can save again , i think my social game is stunning! If not , ok , fine , my social game is a mess !


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