Day 30

Shoot. Abraham's out. But as I've said before, as long as I'm still here that's all that matters. I've always had the ability to work with what I've got. Mendi now has three members left, and one person from every other tribe remains. I will try my anus off to win that next Immunity, because that is currently the only way to be completely secure at this point. I know that Amos isn't loyal to Mendi, so we can probably vote off Andrei next and get the final six majority. It's also a good thing that Amos self-voted last Tribal. Otherwise, there would have been a tie.


Amos forgot to vote... This is brilliant. Abby will think that that was the final vote that was missing for him to stay alongside me & JR, while Andrei and LP betrayed him... Shortly after tribal results were read I asked him if he knows about any survivor player so far that was able to stabb everyone in the back while still getting the votes... He answered: "Yeah sure... Todd Herzog..." Well dude... Read my profile who I am like... Jemarc was No.1... You are No.2 and Andrei, JR and Amos will make the Quintett complete... And you all think I would take you far... You guys lost that trust when you made me pull the idol... Adios Amigos!


Day 31

Trivia... That's my favourite challenge type... I won several international trivia events with my team here in Copenhagen... This shall be the challenge in which Andrei will go down... Only 4 more people to vote off. Just need to take care that I dont get too arrogant... And that's quite hard if I look at this mediocre gameplay by some of the others...


"Wow,,,,,that sucks,,,,,!!!"

I thought I'd had that,,,,,,,

Baammmm,,, I got the lowest score,,,,,,AWWWW!!!

Well,, I will vote for Andrei,,,,,,that's my only chance of surviving another tribal....

3 immunities left,,, I need to win all of it,,,,..





Day 32

Last round was pretty painful. Losing Abby without being able to force a tie was frustrating, especially because Uli voted with the Tea Party.

This morning, he got cocky with me and pretty much told me he had everyone wrapped around his finger... Which I sort of believe. I tried to talk to JR to see if he was down for an alternative plan and he immediately told Uli... Who made the mistake of telling me.

Now, I think Luke and I managed to rally the 3 non-Mendi people to vote out Amos... But they might be lying to try and blindside me. I'm not really confident about this vote, but I guess there is a tiny bit of hope. I'm not getting my hopes up.


Well... This seasons post-merge is basicly flip and flip and flip and

flip all over again. :P I'm thinking if to vote Andrei or Amos. If I would vote Andrei that would be obvious that I did it and I wouldn't get any votes in the end. :P But if I vote Amos that would result in Pagonging the Mendi's which I think I would probably do. I don't thrust LP though. I'm pretty sure he voted against me last time, so it will be hard to thrust him again. But if I vote Amos out that will result in keeping Andrei in who will probably win all up to the final 3. :/

I'm pretty sure that I will do the wrong move. lol

Oh... And the only person that knows about my idol (and probably now 3 do) is Uli which I have no idea why I told that.


"The thing that happened last night could work for me or against me..."

And so Andrei told me about his final plea of not voting for him but Mick instead....

Showing me a screenshot of his conversation with Uli,,,,,

that Uli is running this Bro. System,,, that everyone will report to him whatever they hear...

And so,,true to that,, I told Uli what Andrei has told me,,,hahaha...

Then,,,Uli messaged Andrei that he knows his plan,,,and then Andrei immediately message me,,,haha,,,

Saying he can't believe I just did that,,

Well,,, then at least you have proven that your assumption is right,,,but not that right because,,,I'm not telling Uli everything I know...

It's really your time to go Andrei,,,,

And with that move,,, I have plotted against LP,,,which will be our next target....

After that,,,,I will do everything I can to get rid of no other than ULI......


Soaring High,