"Make It Count"
Season Survivor: Azerbaijan
Episode Number 2/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Expect the Unexpected
Next Cause Some Chaos

Make It Count is the second episode of Survivor: Azerbaijan.

Previously On Survivor

Twenty players, sixteen newbies and four returning players, began a 39 day adventure in Azerbaijan. The game started quickly as alliances formed on every tribe. Austin, Clifford, and Minke created 'The Atari 3', leaving Alex and Nick on the outs. Bryce and Felix were in the position of power on Baku, Hunter became the main target on Sheki, and Ella searched for the Khizi idol. At the immunity challenge, Astara lost and was sent to Tribal. Knowing his neck was on the chopping block, Nick found the idol and played it at Tribal, causing a tie between Alex and Austin. In the end, Alex was the first person voted out. 19 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Casanova
The players will play as a giraffe with the goal of kissing female giraffes.
Reward: An advantage in the next immunity challenge.
Winners: Baku.

Immunity Challenge: Flash Cat
The players will play as a cat and go through multiple levels and will collect tokens to get a higher score.
Winners: Baku, Sheki, and Astara.


Day 4

At Astara, the tribe was reeling from the crazy Tribal the night before. Austin hoped to try and gain Nick's trust back in case they ended up on the same tribe together after a swap. Nick, happy to have survive, hoped to find a new ally in Clifford.

At Khizi, Ella was focused on winning the upcoming reward challenge in order to get another clue to the idol. Jared began to think Ella was a compulsive liar due to her outlandish stories. Ella began to worry about Jared, thinking that he was extremely close with Hannah, who Ella wanted out. Joseph and Hannah aligned with each other to try and get Jessica out. Then, Joseph accidentally sent a confessional to Ella, which fueled Ella's fire to try and get Hannah out. Hannah attempted to sway Ella to her and Joseph's alliance, which Ella didn't want to do. In an attempt to try and make a move in the future, Ella created a fake idol.

At Sheki, Nifty wanted to get Nick out soon due to his idol play. Jake N. began to put pressure on Nifty, telling him he can make the decision between Hunter and Rob on who they should vote first, which Nifty didn't like. Tom began to irritate Rob, as Rob viewed Tom as controlling and arrogant. Jake N. also wanted Tom out, but felt like it could only be done with an idol, which worried Rob. Because of this, Rob planned to flip on Sheki at a swap, due to them turning their back on him. Tom attempted to talk to Rob, but Rob didn't believe Tom when he said there were no alliances. Rob's suspicions were confirmed when Tom said he would vote Hunter if they lose a challenge.

At the reward challenge, Baku won the idol clue and an advantage in the next challenge.

Day 5

At Astara, Austin and Clifford talked about possibly voting out Minke over Nick if they go to Tribal again, citing her weakness in challenges and the fact she nearly got Austin voted out at the previous Tribal. However, Nick was worried that Astara would throw the challenge in order to get him out. Soon, Clifford went out to search for the idol and found it.

At Baku, despite the tribe getting along well, Bryce began to get annoyed at Jaylen's perceived bossiness.

At Khizi, Ella received the next clue to the idol and spent the day looking for it, but came up short. Joseph's paranoia got the better of him, as he thought the tribe would throw the challenge to get rid of him. Ella decided to side with Jared and Jessica to vote out Hannah.

At Sheki, Tom began to get annoyed at Jake N. playing hard, seeing him as crazy. Tom and Nifty talked about possibly aligning with Rob and blindsiding Jake N. if they felt they couldn't work with him. The two added Rob to an alliance chat and while thrilled he was in the majority, he still wanted Jake N. in the game. Jake N. went to Hunter and the two agreed to vote Tom out at their first Tribal.

At the immunity challenge, Baku, Sheki, and Astara won, sending Khizi to Tribal Council.

Day 6

At Astara, Nick was thrilled they won and planned on flipping on Astara when he gets the chance.

At Baku, Bryce felt like the other three returnees weren't making their second chance count but was thrilled to have won the challenge.

At Khizi, Joseph began to get annoyed with Ella, viewing her as 'stupid', but felt confident there were enough votes to get Jessica out. Despite Ella thinking she was the swing vote, Jared was the swing and weighed his options and thought about voting Hannah, due to Joseph's constant scrambling.

At Sheki, Nifty informed Jake N. he was the target if they lost the challenge, worrying Jake that his second chance may end after only a few days. Nifty, switching alliances once again, decided to target Rob, with Jake N. joining him in order to stay in the majority.

At Tribal, Hannah was voted out in a close 3-2 vote, receiving the votes of Ella, Jared, and Jessica.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Hannah (3 votes)
Ella, Jared, & Jessica
Jessica (2 vote)
Hannah & Joseph

Voting Confessionals

Hannah, ur playing too hard already in this game. Not only me but Jared and Jessica thinks the same. I'd honestly love to work with u but when u told me about ur connections with people on other tribes I had to take u out of the game. Ur still great, girl.


*Dr dracken voice* you think you're all that..... But you're not!


It’s a bonfire, turn the lights out; I’m burnin’ everything you muthafuckas talk about


Final Words

Thanks for having me. It was fun while it lasted. Just glad I wasn't the first person voted out & lines are now drawn


Still in the Running

Astara Baku
Jake R.
Khizi Sheki
Jake N.


  • This episode title came from Bryce's confessional.

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