Contestant Profile

Survivor: Korea

Tribe(s) Baekje
Placement 15/21
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 17
Matthewmcg333 aka Matthew is a contestant on Survivor: Korea


Username: matthewmcg333
Age: 14
Country: New Zealand
Hobbies: sports, reality shows
Pet peeves: interrupting cows
Occupation: high school student
Biggest achievement so far: winning a trip to America
3 words that describe you: hard to beat
Inspiration in life: Boston Rob, sneaky and deceptive jk
Are you active in any other wikis besides this one? no
How long do you usually use the internet per day? A couple of hours
How did you find out about this wiki? A friend who was on one of the seasons told me
Have you seen Survivor in real life? If so, what is your favorite Survivor season: redemption island
Survivor contestant you resemble the most: Boston Rob
What kind of a contestant do you think you will be? Ozzy
Favorite Survivor: Wikia season and contestant: Ometepe03 redemption island
Why do you want to be on Survivor: Wikia? Fun and competition
Have you ever participated in an ORG before? no
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor? I will seem shy but will really be a fiery character who will stop at nothing to win
What are the 3 things you would take with yourself to a deserted island and why? Raft food and water to get off the island and survive

Survivor: Korea

Voting History

Matt's Voting History
Episode Matt's
Voted Against
1 Baekje Tribe Immune
2 Baekje Tribe Immune
3 Baekje Tribe Immune
4 Baekje Tribe Immune
5 Matt Matt, Dark Pearl,
6 No Vote
Disqualified, Day 17


  • Matthew is the seventh contestant to be disqualified from the game.
    • He is the fourth contestant to be disqualified for self-voting twice.
      • Matthew also got disqualified in Ometepe & Henry's Survivor Sweden because of self-votes.