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Day 37

No one said it was going to be easy... Since I lost my biggest partner in crime and org best friend Tyler (BTW Tyler if you see this some day thank you for making this an amazing experience I would never vote for you man I´m glad I sticked to my word and never had to betray you cause you are awesome!) I knew that I had to win all my way to the F2 or otherwise I would be sent home.

And here I am.. just one challenge away from the F2!! It´s amazing. Now those bitches have to turn against each other. In a dream world.... Bartley would be eliminated. He is my biggest threat for the Final Immunity Challenge. I´m not even thinking who I want to sit next to at f2 I just want to be there. I was thinking on telling Topher I was voting Bartley so he could do the same since bartley and thang are probably voting for him for being a jury threat.

BUT if Bartley and Topher both vote Thang out he will be out since Thang is voting Topher for sure. Even if that´s the case It could work for me cause the last sheep would be gone and proably Bartley would take me to f2 instead of Topher.. who knows...

I would like to chill out, relax and watch them backstabb each other. But I just can´t. I have to make sure this last votes go as I plan.


I am so torn on this vote, we obviously know it can go 3 possible ways. If I vote for Thang, and he goes home then I gotta fight my butt off to win the next immunity challenge. I have 2/3 chance of making final 2.

If I vote Bartley, and he goes home, I have no allies left in the game and have a 1/3 chance of making final 2.

If I get blindsided, then i have zero chance of making final 2....

The question is take out the biggest player in the game who might take me out next or stick with my alliance till the end.


So my plan going on at this tribal was to make a tie between Topher and Thang cause I knew that Bartley and Topher would vote together. So my only choice was to put up someone that Thang actually has a chance to beat at a tiebreaker challenge. I knew there´s no way he would beat Bartley but Topher doesn´t have a good record winning stuff. Since the merge he hasn´t won ANYTHING. Not even when we were splitted up at the reward challenges. HE JUST HAD WON 3 challenges in this whole season. And Jessie was the one responsible for both of them (flag and trololol) so come on. Topher is not that great! He is the Stephanie Lagrossa from survivor org. Never win anything but always seen as a hero.

I honestly wanted Bartley gone this round but topher was the smartest choice. So since I knew he was going to be at f3 I started spiling his rice all over the place. I´ve told everyone that Bartley is not trustable and I told everyone that he made a pact with me and Tyler to go to the end together.

You know? People shouldnt be playing at two seasons at the same time cause it DOES interfere with the game. Bartley lied to me at the second HvsV tribal. Well actually he didnt lied to me.. he just didnt told me he was flipping. So since that moment I had a personal vendetta towards him cause he could potentially had ruined my game with that move. So now I´m going for the kill.

I will try to throw shit out of Bartley the most I can so I could make sure I got a spot at F2 so I told Thang all that Bartley had told us. The deal he made with Tyler and me since the swap, how we were supposed to be topher bartley tyler and myself at f4. The Jessie vote and all of his lies so Thang could loose his loyalty towards him cause apparently Bartley promised Thang the F2 and of course I told him that Bartley told that to everyone since the merge (which is probably not true.. im not sure) I told Thang he promissed me a f2. (which is not so true). And somehow Thang bought all that crap and actually Thang told me that he and Bartley were tight since the Ian boot. Bartley had lied a lot in this game and I´m not scared to take the mask out of him so everyone could see the true villain he is.

Apparently the word spread really fast cause Tyler out of nowhere told me that I was "FOREVER shading the fuck outta Bartley". which I literally laugh about it for 5 minutes. But let´s be honest Ive been shading Bartley since day 1. And also I know he just sticked with Topher and tried to vote out thang cause maybe topher could beat me at the FIC. Also because maybe Bartley wants to redeem his name so he could be seen as loyal... but well... he´s 38 days too late.

So for now I just pray for thang to pull out some of his inner strengths and beat Topher at the tiebreaker challenge. If that´s not the case.. well I better do my best at the Final immunity Challenge....


Day 38

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Day 39

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