"Memory Span of a Goldfish"
Season Survivor: Peru
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
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Next The Girls Alliance Is Nothing Anymore

Memory Span of a Goldfish is the sixth episode of Survivor: Peru.


Redemption Duel: Sydney Shark
The contestants must place a game named "Sydney Shark". Their objective is to destroy boats, people, aircrafts, etc. on the Sydney coast. The contestant with the highest score wins.
Winner: Domca (Domca gave Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Nick.)

Redemption Island
Duel 4
Dominica Peru
Dylan Peru
Duel: Sydney Shark
1st 2nd
Dominica Peru
Dylan Peru
Dylan Peru

Immunity Challenge: Peruvian Roast
Both tribes will make a thread about the other tribe and make fun at each other. Each member will choose a different castaway on the opposing team to roast. (So each person on the tribe will have to roast a different castaway on the other tribe.) Who roasts who will be up to the contestants. Their "roasts" will be scored by each of the four hosts and a very special guest based on hilarity (5 points) and creativity (5 points). The tribe that gets the higher score wins immunity.
Winner: Jivaro

Immunity Challenge: Peruvian Roast
Placement Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
First Jivaro Ellie PeruJessyJossue PeruNatalie PeruNickA PeruRyan Peru
Ellie, Jessy, Jossue, Natalie, Nick, & Ryan
Alexandra Peru
Second Ocaína Aaron PeruAlf Joar PeruJesse PeruJody PeruIeuan PeruTJ Peru
Aaron, Alf, Jesse, Jody, Ieuan, & TJ


Day 14

<p class="MsoNormal">On redemption island, Domca beat Dylan in the duel, sending him home. Domca gave the hidden immunity idol clue to Nick. <p class="MsoNormal">  <p class="MsoNormal">On the Jivaro tribe, Ryan and the girls were set on getting Nick out of the game if they lost the next challenge. <p class="MsoNormal">  <p class="MsoNormal">On Ocaina, Aaron, Jody, Jesse and Alf figured that TJ probably didn't have the hidden immunity idol since he didn't play it last time as he thought he was leaving. <p class="MsoNormal">

Day 15

<p class="MsoNormal">The all-girls alliance of Aly, Jessy, Ellie and Natalie had become public knowledge on both tribes, though it didn't really worry the Ocaina tribe members since if all of the girls made the merge, they would be at a 4-6 or 4-7 disadvantage.

<p class="MsoNormal"> 

<p class="MsoNormal">On the Ocaina tribe, Alf figured out the idol clue, but the idol was already found, they did however not know that the idol was with Ryan on the other tribe since TJ gave it to him before the tribe switch. Just to be safe in case Ieuan or maybe TJ had it, Aaron, Alf, Jody and Jesse agreed to split the votes and cause a tie so that either TJ or Ieuan could be sent home if an idol got used if they lost the challenge.

<p class="MsoNormal"> 

<p class="MsoNormal">Alf was working on getting some sort of deal with TJ so that they could work together at the merge, he didn't have any intentions of sticking with Aaron, Jody and Jesse to the end as he felt they wouldn't let him make it to the final and would probably cut him off earlier.

<p class="MsoNormal">

Day 16

<p class="MsoNormal">The Ocaina tribe lost immunity and in order to avoid a potential idol, Aaron, Jody, Jesse and Alf split the votes between TJ and Ieuan, who were told about what was happening, so to keep themselves safe, they voted against eachother.

<p class="MsoNormal"> 

<p class="MsoNormal">Jesse, Jody and TJ voted for Ieuan, Aaron, Alf and Ieuan voted for TJ. In the re-vote, Aaron, Alf, Jesse and Jody all voted for Ieuan, sending him to Redemption Island.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
First Vote Revote
Voter Voted
Ieuan Peru
Ieuan (3 votes)
Jesse PeruJody PeruTJ Peru
Jesse, Jody, & TJ
Ieuan Peru
Ieuan (4 votes)
Aaron PeruAlf Joar PeruJesse PeruJody Peru
Aaron, Alf, Jesse, & Jody
TJ Peru
TJ (3 votes)
Aaron PeruAlf Joar PeruIeuan Peru
Aaron, Alf, & Ieuan
TJ Peru
TJ (0 votes)
Ieuan Peru
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

First Vote

You were too busy to participate in the roast which would only take a few minutes but had enough time to tell us how busy you were for 10 minutes? I wouldn't want all of your work to be interrupted so we're going to go ahead and end the game for you now. Bailing out of the challenge will be your final mistake.
<p style="font-size:smaller; text-align:right;">–Jesse

TJ :)


Tick tock, time is running out for you, bro. I told you I'm going to get you whether it's now or later, I'm going to screw you worse than you screwed me. Your time is up.


Ieuan, I can't spell you're name and there's no way to make it shorter. Please take me out of my misery and get your torch snuffed ASAP! Thanks! xx


Tonight I'm voting for TJ, we're splitting the votes just in case Ieuan has the idol. No hard feelings.


This is only to make a tie in case of an idol. TJ is not going home if things go acording to plan. The only thing that can make TJ go home is if he is dumb enough to vote for someone other than Ieuan, if he does that, it will be 3-2-1 and he goes.



Bye!! xx


Well Ieuan, you sure loved to brag that you had friends on the other tribe. To bad you'll never see them again.


He seem like a nice guy, but for the game he is the right choice to vote out. Good luck in life Ieuan, got nothing bad to say about you, though I dont really know you either.


Still Ieuan for the same reasons as before.


Final Words

Thank you so much for the amazing chance to play!!! I'm sorry it collided with my personal life. I wish Domca, TJ, Natalie, and Ryan all the best!!! Make the original Ocaína proud! I wish I get another chance to play again, see you all when I get back from Belgium after the most stressful period of my life!


Still in the Running

Huanca Jivaro Ocaína
Aaron Peru
Alexandra Peru
Anthony Peru
Alf Joar Peru
Ellie Peru
Dominica Peru
Dylan Peru
Ieuan Peru
Jesse Peru
Jody Peru
Philip Peru
Jossue Peru
Liam Peru
NickA Peru
Natalie Peru
Ryan Peru
TJ Peru


  • The title of this episode was said by Jesse.