Day 14

Quite annoyed that the plan to get TJ to play the idol didn't work but he is out next for sure!


Does the stick of truth from the new South Park game count as a kind of idol?


Just to let you know I was defending myself... It's tough these days.


All I can say is wow. After a crazy elimination, where I was sure that TJ was going to be voted out, Dylan goes instead. Domca then destroys him in the duel. And then, he went Brandon Hantz. It feels like a cloud may be forming on our season, and I don't like it. This is supposed to be fun, people! "Why so serious?"

Not much game talk lately. Winning seems to be breeding complacency. There is a small part in my head that believes if we lose the next challenge, it might not be a bad thing. My alliance is set on sending Nick packing before he has a chance to meet up with any allies he may have on the other tribe, and while he feels in control of the votes. I'm not sure if Ellie has been able to reassure him that she is with him, but I know I've been doing my part on the issue. As long as he thinks the numbers are with him, I don't think he will play the idol that I'm pretty sure he has. Being forced to go to tribal will also give me an opportunity to show Jessy and Ellie that I am serious about a 5 person pact, and have their best interests in mind. It's a good thing that my interest in getting to the final tribal intersects with their desire to win as well. I'm not sure how to lock it up yet, but I'm thinking about it. Apreesh!


So it was revealed that TJ does not in fact have the idol. He wants to work with us desperately, and I'll let him if he helps us take out Ieuan. Ieuan thinks we're going after TJ but Ieuan bragged about being able to get Natalie and Ryan onto our side at the merge and him having any other friends than me is scary. TJ has nobody but me, and I like that.


Day 15

Shit went down last tribal, Dylan got mad and caused a lot of controversy, It'll be interesting how their tribe works as a whole now seeing as one of the people stirring things up is gone. It's Dylan and Domca in the RI duel, my bids on Domca, who knows.. She might Cheat again to win and get away with it.


I hate this challenge, its driving me crazy that I have to come up with something funny and clever for it. This really is not my thing, I don’t even find it fun at all. The examples from the previous time this challenge was done was just a big annoying mess which my ADD made impossible to really go through.

But omg, I am the one person in this game who has been talking about how I enjoy writing and have written for the newspaper etc. I am really not proving this am I, sitting out last time and then struggling so much with it this time. My confessionals probably don’t show any problems with writing either, its just the whole pressure and writing well in English that is a problem, plus my lack of imagination and how bad I am at being intentionally funny.

I don’t have this problem at all when I write in Norwegian.


In the game nothing have really changed for me, the 3 Huancas have talked about us 4 going to the final 4, though we will see about that. Jossue and Nick are both worried since all of the girls apparently have aligned. I don’t have much of an opinion on this since I am no matter what in a position that will let me make it deep into the game. If I don’t then it will be because of a smart big move or myself screwing up badly.


Oh these past couple of days. On both tribes, I am known for being paranoid 24/7. And Nick getting EVERY idol clue scares the sharts out of me. Today, I talked to him because literally we have talked probably 10 words to each other. I was like "hey want to work together", "we can target the old Ocaina", now I'm literally like UGH WTF WERE YOU THINKING. He can EASILY tell them and they will be like "shit we can't work with her anymore she is talking to everyone and she can't keep her mouth shut" So my dumb ass went to talk to Natalie and Ryan and I don't think they know. But if you think about it Nick would be a DUMBASS not to think he has a target on his back the size of Texas. He should be happy he has someone coming to him asking to take out someone that isn't him, even though I really have no intentions of voting either Natalie nor Ryan off. Maybe I'm just being paranoid right now. Who knows? We haven't even lost the challenge yet and I'm already thinking how everyone will vote at the next 3 tribal councils. I need to take a xanax and drink a beer.


This tribe switch has really been a good deal all in all. We bounced Dylan out since he's a complete tool. Now we're down to Ieuan and TJ. Both of them know they are at the mercy of me, Alf, Aaron, and Jody. TJ has sent messages to everyone begging to stay. He's acting like a total bitch which says to me that we can use him easily to our advantage. Ieuan hasn't even tried to make a strategy. Then, he comes to us and says he won't even compete in the roast!!! It takes a few minutes to make a post and he wouldn't even do that because he's "too busy" but he spent plenty of time talking about why he couldn't do it. He should have used that time to participate.

Bye Ieuan!!!! He's done.

Also, I am convinced that Ellie keeps getting dumber by the minute. She has annoyed me to the point that I want to punch her in the neck. She has the memory span of a goldfish. Literally. She will forget what we are talking about in the middle of a conversation. She also seems to really love Nick and I trust him as far as I could throw him. I'm done with the old plan. Nick is just in it for himself but he's talking to to many people and everyone gives him idol clues. He made himself a target and he won't last. Ellie should be wearing a helmet at all times and can't understand reality. Aly, who I originally set up an alliance with doesn't talk to me at all. Then I hear about an all female alliance? Screw that shit. Me, Alf, Jody, Aaron are the ones that will run things from now on. I can't wait to see Ellie and Nick drop like flies. Our only problem is Domca, who apparently knows a thing or two about Photoshop.

Time to get some people out of here. Ieuenenene or whatever the hell he goes by is next. After that, we continue to use Puppet TJ. If we lose, we throw out the puppet. All in all we have this thing locked down to the merge...


We believe Ieuan might have the idol, Alf guessed the correct order and he got a message saying someone already has it. So it might be Ieuan, if we go to tribal the votes should be 4-2 Ieuan going home and TJ with 2 votes just in case Ieuan has the idol. Who knows Alf might have the idol and he's lying to me, haha who knows.


Ellie was all annoyed and bitter again today, so I asked her why and she was like «you know what you did!» and I’m like… “what!? Me?” and apparently she is mad because she was going to leave next on old Jivaro. Which wasn’t necessarily the case, Nick could easily have left. But she showed me a screenshot of Jossue telling her she is next, stupid Jossue. That was never decided.

But Ellie still holds that against me, Jossue, Jessy and even Nick to some degree? Like what? Its ages ago and it was a numbers thing, it was never personal. And most likely, Nick would have been voted out before her. Her immaturity is really showing, she needs to relax, wait a few years and then try again. She isn’t winning this game, no way.

Jody, Jesse and Aaron keep me in their alliance group chat since I’m their loyal 4th man. I love getting information from all sides, since the only people I’m not really in with is the old Ocainas.. except for working on TJ, I want him on my side at the merge since I don’t think I want to go to the end with the old Huancas unless I have to.

The old Huancas is the freaking most likeable group in this game, so no thanks, I don’t want to go to the end with them if I cant beat them.

Either way, the beginning of the merge will start with all of the girls getting voted out, since all of the guys know of the girls alliance and will take it down. Then I will gather the group I want to go to the end with. Possibly Jossue and TJ, possibly Nick, possibly the old Huancas. I love having options. Is there anyone else in this game in a better position than me if I can make the merge? We keep losing challenges and that is my only worry when it comes to merging.

I am slightly disappointed at the roasting challenge. I was hoping for a good roasting, instead Jessy just gave me a lazy attempt that was not even remotely funny when she mentioned me “oh elf you look like one” like what? Was that supposed to be a roast? Elves are cute and beautiful, so um thanks?

Btw, why is Domca not disqualified yet? She is getting impossible scores in those games and there is no way that’s happening unless she is cheating. The whole integrity of the game is put in jeopardy if nothing is done about her cheating.


Today has been great but this new challenge brings up thoughts of frustration, one wrong move and I'll be next and one right move and I'll be at FTC.. It's me and Ryan, Yin and Yang. We have big plans for when we merge, I mean it says it in our alliance name. I have put myself behind my tribe mates hoping that this will benefit me and help me get the trust of my fellow tribe mates, it's worth a try I mean it's all positive from here on in..Not.


Me and Alf had a long discussion today about what's happening if me him and Jossue make the merge, An alliance called the Apex formed and I think I may have Alf on my side when it comes to the merge.


I'm making Ellie do Jessy because I have a feeling they have a stronger bond then me with Jessy, Hopefully this works out and Jessy comes back to me with his so called "Reverse Psychology".


Aly approached me wanting to work together, I kindly accepted. I don't know whether to trust her or not, she could be lying or could be being 100% honest. She told me I'm being targeted, so I'll do what I can to get that target off my back.


Ok, I later found out that Aly has been lying to almost all of my allies, Natalie came to me and told me about the fake alliances she made and that is what kind of brought her me and Ryan together. Because she wanted to target Ocaina, Now she has an alliance against her, Liars never win.


Alot is going down before one of our tribes go to tribal, Ocaina are splitting the votes and this is Alfs opportunity to get the upper hand. If he doesn't the Huancas are going to take advantage of this game.


Day 16

Well, we lost immunity again. Shocking. I think we're just destined to keep losing. We're a cursed tribe.


Ok, so Alf is no longer going down with the plan he thinks it's best if he stick with Aaron and Jesse, I respect his decision but I feel this might be the opportunity he will get, I am pretty sure it is Ieuan going home tonight but you can never be 100% sure.


Ok, Ieuan is gone in the revote, lucky Alf stuck with his gut or he'd be gone next I'm glad TJ is still around because me Alf Jossue and Ryan need him around when we hit the merge.


What is going on? It's getting cray cray up in here! Another wacky tribal that is going to have another of the original Ocaina shipped off to RI. I'm holding out hope all the work TJ has been doing to stay in the game will pay off yet again. Although, if he does make it through to the merge, I know I'm going to have to decide whether or not to give him the idol back. Not a decision that I am anticipating to be something I will enjoy doing. As it stands now, I'm not sure that I would give it him. And I wouldn't be able to pull the fake idol with him, as he's seen the real one, and like everyone else, has assumed that Nick has found the Jivaro idol. We will see what happens if that scenario happens.

Aly started to worry me the other day about how solid she is with me and Nat. She's been sharing some information with Nick, that made him question his trust in me. I had to throw Aly under the bus a little, telling him that she is probably playing both sides in order to get to the merge and hook back up with the old Huanca tribe. By Aly's own admission, she can be paranoid, and I think she is trying to ensure her safety with the person she believes has the idol in Nick. The problem with winning so much is that we do not have the opportunity to test wills and convictions. The opportunity to do so is dwindling, and I would like to know if forging a final 3 agreement with Aly was a good decision. I want to believe it is.

With the merge coming soon, and the girls alliance in effect (not to mention the possibility of Domca returning and joining with them) staying with Nick might be the best option right now. Make no mistake, we are still in the "tribal" stage of the game, but there is only one winner. Eventually I have to look out for myself and make the moves that will benefit me in the endgame. I have to stay one step ahead of everyone else, and hope that they don't realize they are all playing for second place.


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