Mendi 4
Amos avatarAngrist
Season Papua New Guinea
Founder Alexjason
Members Remained Loyal:
Uli (Day 1-34)
Alexjason (Day 1-21)
Billy (Day 1-34)
Amos (Day 1-32)
Abraham (Day 20-29)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies The Tea Party
Lowest Placing Member Alexjason (12/20)
Highest Placing Member Billy (Runner-up)

The Mendi 4 was an alliance from Survivor: Papua New Guinea.

Known for being physically stronger than their rival alliance, but being looked down on for their over reliance on leader Uli, yet the majority of them lacking respectable gameplay by fellow contestants.


The Mendi 4 was created by Alexjason early in the game after realizing that the Tea Party alliance was against them. The other three members were Uli, Amos and Billy, with Abby and Andrei as affiliates.

The Mendi 4 dominated almost all the challenges pre-merge. After Uli saw LP as a threat, LP became the target of the Mendi 4. When The Tea Party alliance found this out, the Mendi 4 was targeted. George was eventually absorbed by Mendi when the Wewak tribe was dissolved. Although Alexjason and George had a pre-game alliance, Alexjason stayed loyal to the Mendi 4 seeing George as a threat. Alexjason was glad that George was transferred to Mendi since the alliance was tight. He thought that George was a hostage of Mendi, ready to be kicked out if they lost a single challenge. On Day 17, Mendi had their first immunity challenge lose, Alexjason and Billy had a strong disagreement if they would vote out Uli or George. Billy wanted Uli go since he was deemed as a huge physical threat while Alexjason wanted George out since he's working on both sides. At tribal council, Alexjason finally convinced Billy and Amos and decided to vote George out unanimously.

They all made it to the merge, but the Mendi 4 was quickly targeted by The Tea Party. At the first Tribal Council of the merge, Alexjason was voted out by the Tea Party, weakening the alliance. Later on, Uli used a hidden Immunity Idol at the Final 10, voting out Kim.

Uli left alliance affiliate Andrei on the outs due to seeing him as a challenge threat, and voting out his ally Abby. This caused Andrei to stick with The Tea Party and vote out Amos. Uli subsequently suffered the same fate.

At the final 5, Billy was the sole outsider of The Tea Party, but Tea Party members LP and Mick sided with Billy to vote out Andrei. In the final four, Billy won Immunity and sided with LP to vote out Mick.

At the Final Tribal Council, Billy received much hatred from the Jury for his coattail riding, but managed to gain the Jury votes of his alliance members. This caused him to place second, losing to LP.


  • Mendi 4 is the first and currently only alliance with the same number of members as a tribe in it's season.
  • All Mendi 4 members made it to the merge.
  • Despite being a member of the alliance, Uli has denied any affiliation with it.