Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Rolih
Tribe Status Merged with Zuma on Day 26
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member BeeteeD3 (21/24)
Highest Placing Member SoleSurvivor (10/24)



Mpilo Buff

Mpilo is one of the four starting tribes of Survivor: All-Stars. Their tribe color is blue.



Alejandro ASMarkJhet AS
Johan Amir ASSharkySole AS
  • »Alejandro Reyes - Also known as "Alejandro", from Survivor: Korea, and finished in 5th place. Alejandro is remembered for his villainous game play during Korea and his elimination at the most controversial tribal council where he was the only one eligible to receive votes.
  • »BeeteeD3 - Also known as "Mark", Runner-Up from Survivor: Switzerland. He is best remembered for being involved in the ORG's second Jury tie, and lost when Second Runner-Up, Lincoln, voted for Lucy.
  • »BlueJhet - Also known as "Jhet", from Survivor: Nepal, and finished in 4th place. He is best remembered for being the last Chitwan remaining, becoming the underdog favorite, and then losing in a tiebreaker challenge.
  • »JohnBigOz - Also known as "Johan-Amir", from Survivor: Egypt, and finished in 9th place. He is remembered for being in charge of the Isis 4 before being the first to mutiny to avoid potential elimination, and helping the Isis 4 become the dominant alliance post-merge before the Pancake Crew flipped on them.
  • »Sharky 3000 - Also known as "Sharky", Runner-Up from Survivor: Côte d'Ivoire. He is best remembered for winning six of the nine post-merge challenges in his initial season.
  • »»SoleSurvivor - Also known as "Sole", initially from Survivor: Hawaii, finishing 4th, and later returned in Survivor: Cuba where he finished 20th. He is best remembered for his immunity streak in Hawaii, forcing the Popoki Alliance to turn on itself; his rivalry against Alex; and becoming the first contestant to be voted out first in one season and last in another.

Post First Switch

Alejandro ASBen ASJhet AS
Henzzy ASLloyd ASHunter
Taylor -all stars-3Jhet ASSharky
Lloyd ASZac ASGerda AS

Post Second Switch

Tribe History

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  • The tribe's insignia is a Hippo.
  • This is the second tribe that Sole is the highest ranking member of, the first being Manu.
  • This was the first tribe to have all it's members be eliminated.
  • In the first tribe switch, Mpilo had all three of the returning contestants from Korea.