"My Biggest Move or My Dumbest One"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 11/15
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My Biggest Move or My Dumbest One is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Ancient Voices
The castaways are to identify which track is the Ancient Voices for the twenty-seven seasons of Survivor. All twenty-seven have been randomized, so it will not be easy. The person to have the most correct guesses wins.
Reward: To exile one person to Exile Island.
Winner: Andrei


Day 27

Andrei now feared that Jemarc's boot gave Uli momentum, as he saw Uli as a threat. He now believed that he had to win his way to the Final Tribal Council.

Due to visiting Exile Island the most, rumors went around that Mick had the idol. This caused many people to consider voting him off.

Abraham believed that he and Uli were tight and that their alliance would go all the way to the end. However, Uli tried to figure out who voted for him at the previous Tribal Council. Andrei told Uli that Luke was told to vote Billy. Uli mistakenly came to the conclusion that Abraham was the traitor.

Day 28

In the Immunity challenge, Blake and Mick sat out due to technological issues, while Uli refused to do the challenge and Amos did not partake in it. Meaning that only Abraham, Andrei, Billy and Luke did the challenge. Andrei, Billy and Luke tied, so Andrei won Immunity due to submitting his score first.

Once again, Andrei sent Mick to Exile Island. After receiving enough clues, Mick was able to locate the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Day 29

With Andrei winning Immunity, everyone's voting plans had to change. Amos, who had been silent for a long time in the game, had a conversation with Luke. The two both feared for their positions in the game, and decided to make a small alliance with Abby and Billy. Abraham accepted the offer, feeling disgusted by Andrei's pride. They planned to vote out Mick, whom was believed to have the idol.

Billy, however, did not want to go against his original alliance, and went back to voting with Uli. Abraham and Luke both separately went to Uli and told him to vote Mick. Uli, trusting Mick, refused to vote against him. Uli then decided that Abraham needed to go next, and he plotted causing Luke's demise in the future.

Uli then told Mick that Luke told him to vote Mick off. This caused Mick to lose trust in Luke. Abraham also heard that he was being targeted, causing him to become severely angry.

Andrei heard the plan to vote Abraham, and became frightened that he would lose his closest ally.

At Tribal Council, Andrei voted with Abraham and Luke to oust Mick, in an attempt to force a rock-drawing tiebreaker to save Abraham. However, the plan failed when Amos self-voted. Due to this, Abraham was voted off in a 4-3-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Abraham (4 votes)
PhoenixBlake bougerolleBananos456Angrist
Billy, Blake, Mick, & Uli
Mick (3 votes)
Abraham, Andrei, & Luke
Amos avatar
Amos (1 vote)
Amos avatar
Abby BW

Voting Confessionals

Andrei may have immunity, but that don't mean control of the votes. I'm gonna change things up around this tribe and then I will become the Sole Survivor when this is over.


Mick, we had a lot of good times on Abau. You were a great friend of mine, and a really likable person. It just won't be the same without that one guy that always gets sent to Exile Island. See ya, friend.


I'm voting for Abby now.....

You write my name down the last time,,,,, it's payback time,,,haha.......

I hope it's between you and mick that goes home ......

Soaring High,



Sorry bro. I would have taken you and Andrei to Final 3. You two stepped me in the back... Seems like your priorities were different from mine. And if I am not your top priority... I'll send you home...


This game might cause you grief. Hope you have a good time on the outside world. Good bye.


Uh... If it's really between you and Ab', I really cannot betray Ab. #Praying4Rocks


Final Words

Well i'm laughing and crying at the same time. Yes it's only a game but i dun bode well with social wise since i use to have a guilty conscious. Anyway, the time of the trolling autistic bakery sales assistant is over. I'm proud of my standing and that i placed better than Jastine, my fellow countryman. I gave my 2 cents on everything about this game and i hope i pissed off a lot of em 'cause i ain't some hero hahaha. I give my all and I made it to the Jury. I guess i won't wanna play a 2nd time after how much F Bombs i gave to prolly every player and every Mod. I dunno whether to feel sorry or not but, who cares. I made.sure Kim knew how i thought of him and about that Dumb Tea Party alliance. I don't care anymore so hey.

I hope andrei goes to the end. He's a great player and i respect him in a non homosexual way. He's an awesome player and bro figure since day 1. So peace out...although i made myself prolly a few enemies too.


Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Abby BW
Amos avatar
Mark BW
Blake bougerolle
Matt BW
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc bw
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Kim BW
Sean BW


  • With Abby's elimination, Andrei is the last remaining original Daru member.
  • As of this episode, Mendi is the only tribe to consist of more than one member.
  • The episode title was said by Billy after voting Uli at the previous Tribal Council.
  • This is the only time Uli doesn't receive any votes against him in the whole season without being immune


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