Day 1

I'm back and I'm not gonna lie, I'm both excited and nervous to be playing again but I'm just gonna take this opportunity to play the game a lot more relaxed and to show that my exit from Azerbaijan was a total fluke and that I have grown in the last year and a half as both a person and as a player. Also, what am I, the 7th or 8th returnee from Azerbaijan haha that's a really cool stat and I hope that I don't let my Azer family down.




Well! I'm in!

LMAO this seems rlly anticlimatic but.. im here!

i know rhone from another community, brandon is awesome <3 and i love alex, so i feel good already and im getting good vibes from this tribe, and i hope we can keep vibing


Not sure how I feel about being a mentor, I honestly don't know if I can keep a conversation with Ally she kinda seems like the type of girl that only responds in one word answers. However, haven't talked to her yet so that's just me being a dick and judging her but that's what Survivor is about, first impressions go a long way.


Had a talk with Ally, turns out I'm destined to work with girls named Ally in Survivor, but who can complain if she's anything like Ally from Peru, she will be a great ally and so far my first impression was wrong which is great we've already talked about watching each other's backs but, she's played big brother before, that's a dangerous person, I know she can be social and that's scary down the road but for now I want to work with her, just need to pick the right time to cut her.


Wow, Jennifer comes on strong, like 20 minutes into talking some strategy, she's talking about how much she likes talking strategy with me, and gives me a winky face when I agree not to tell anybody about us. Girl is trying to damn hard holy cow. She needs to be the first person off our tribe immediately. Which also works into my plan of wanting all the returnees out because who likes it when returnees take over the game? Not I.


My first entry, they wont all be this boring just wanted to get something down. I'm absolutely positive that I can socially dominate this tribe. I can bro down with the guys, use that Colvin charm on the ladies, and grab this tribe by the nuts. I'm trying to work out this twist. Will returnees be sticking together? Will all the pairs stay close? Who knows yet. All I know is that I want to have some sort of connection with at least one person from each pair, so that they have some incentive to keep me. I feel like the returnees will be gaming much harder so I'm going to probably be more inclined to siding with them. also, LITERALLY 3/4 SURVIVOR GAMES IVE EVER PLAYED THERE HAS BEEN A PAIRS TWIST WTF

anyways, lets break it down low bby

1. Jake: My partner, we get along well, his best bet is to have me around. Easy to appease 2. Joey & Justin: Justin and I seem to hit it off well, same as Joey and I. I feel like initially I can get these 2 on my side, but I don't know enough about them yet to put my trust in them. They won't be gunning for me though. 3.Ally & Aaron: Aaron and I connect really well, and it just so happens than Ally and I are the same age, both in Canada, and work the same jobs. So I feel like i can find some common ground there. 4. Claudia and Alissa: the girls seem to be sweet, but I know for a fact they are going to be killer social players. I'm going to need to lock them up quickly, because these are people I need on my side, not against me. If anyone on this tribe is going to have more sway than me, these 2 might be the ones. 5.Sydney and Jennifer: idk who sydney is she has been inactive af. Jennifer is weird she's kinda quirky tho lol we get along to an extent

damn i just realized that i'm going to be soooooo juicy this game. I honestly think I can win this. put ur sunglasses on muther fuckers my future is looking extra bright today


At this point, I've managed to reach out to the majority of my tribe with the exception of Marie who hasn't been on and Tymeka who I'll talk to eventually. But other than the two of them, I've managed to at least reach out to everyone, which is what I want to do. I want to put a bigger emphasis on my social game which is what is going to propel me to go far here as well as being reliable in the challenges.

I also have a good feeling of my potential standing at first glance of this tribe because I know that Amanda would be an immediate ally just cause she's my Blood Oath partner and she's someone who I'm going to want to protect as much as I can throughout. There's also that benefit from hosting some of these people that might want to make people want to work with me so with that I could have Cat and Rhone who I've hosted in previous games.

Overall, my biggest asset that I want to use is that I am going to try to lay low because I don't think anyone is going to see me as a threat early on because of my previous game and that's something that I am gonna want to use to my advantage. I want people to underestimate me so that when I go for the kill, the kill will just be that sweeter. I just want to prove that I can do well in this game and that Azerbaijan was just a ridiculous outlier/fluke of a game and the way I'm gonna do that is to be more methodical with my approach to the game.


You know, when I look back on my season, I made a lot of mistakes: I created a lot of trouble, that was a mistake; I threw coconuts at Claire's head, that was a mistake; I was too blunt with Christine, I shouldn't have done that. But, having a second chance to come back and patch those little mistakes, it's amazing! This time, I'm gonna have to play less with my emotions, and more with my head. I'm ready to get that million!


So, I've made an alliance with Brandon because I got a good vibe from him, he's just a really cool guy. On my first season, I didn't make any alliances on my first tribe and I was automatically alligned with the Aguateca tribe afterwards, but this time, I want to take the game in my own hands, and it's a half-returnee season so I'm expecting a lot of twists and turns, I can't expect to stay on the same alliance all the way.


I'm BACK! The queen of mean is here to shake things up. Last time I trusted Jenna and it backfired, we're all cool now but she ruined my game and hers. this time im not gonna let anyone get in between me and the win. I'm back for blood and for revenge, I wanna make sure people remember my name and how I played and I think I will accomplish just that. Watch out because I have a feeling I will end up with that crown on my head. With this twist though it'll be a bit more complicated. Hopefully it doesn't end up affecting the dynamic of the tribe all too much.


This twist has thrown a wrench in my game plan. I'm already at a disadvantage because with a FvF/BvW fusion, I have to be aware of the fact that some of these returning players will have pre-existing relationships, and maybe even some alliances that can be made with ease. Add in the fact that these players also have experience by playing once before, something I don't have, and this twist may have dug me in a hole I can't get out of before I've even started the game. My social and strategic game is going to need to be in check.


Having Catherine as my mentor will mean one of two things - either she becomes my 'superior' that I will play second fiddle to; or I will have to cut her loose if she becomes too much of a liability for my game, or our games are incompatible and don't intend to go in the same direction. Needless to say, she has no choice but to have my back and vouch for me until a certain point in the game so if she trusts and stays loyal to me, I will reciprocate that. I'm just praying that we will get along otherwise things will be more difficult than they have to be.


First Impressions:

Joey - I loved this guy so much, I hosted him prevouisly in Total Drama and we click so much. Because of this blood-oaths twist I see us working together for a majority of the game.

Alissa - Love her two, she’s iconic af and we’re already friends before and are ready to cause some damage. I stayed up Night 1 to talk to her and it was so worth it, we made a Final 2 and promised to by loyal to each other so ya.

Claudia - I haven’t talked to her much, but she seems nice and friendly, she’s Alissa partner so I need to strength my bond with her.

Jake - Watched him Sichuan and it was so fun and lovable, and im so excited to play with him. He’s messy and so am I, it’s going be good time.

Mackie - My bro literally, he seems like “bro type” and he’s easy to get along with. I can see us working well together.

Jennifer - WHO?

Ally/Sydney - They both seem friendly but they to be online more.

Aaron - So we didn’t talk the first night which I would’ve been fine with but I talked to him next day and he’s just seems sketchy af


Day 2

I think I've got myself set up nicely for this phase of the game, talked to Mackie, Joey, Jake, and Ally about having an alliance of 6 made up of 3 pairs, myself and Ally, Jake and Mackie, and Joey and Justin, everything looks good so far. I kind of want to lose this first immunity challenge. I'm getting really uncomfortable with Jennifer calling me love and trying WAY to hard to flirt with me, and its obvious, I don't want her around anymore.


I'm considering throwing this challenge. I really wanna see the Dynamics of this tribe, and more importantly to see if I have the control that I think I do. If things go my way Jennifer will probably be out first, but that's if they aren't able to tell that I threw the damn thing, if they can tell imma bust my ass to win and then we can see the Dynamics of the other tribe so it's really a win win scenario for me.


The problem is with this tribe is nobody really seems to be talking to much game, I've got a few things lined up already but I personally don't wanna make the alliance chat I want someone else to do it so it doesn't look like it's just me, man I'm getting antsy. The only people that I've really made some sort of alliance with are guys that are so gung-ho about winning immunity so it's obvious where there heads are at.


The social portion of this game is starting to stress me a little. I always have trouble breaking the ice when it comes to meeting new people, and I feel like the conversations that I've had with some people haven't really gone anywhere, but I hope they've laid enough of a foundation to foster some sort of relationship in the future.


You don't know how relieved I was to see Catherine finally show up after being invisible for two days! It now means I will have a few more options to play with and that should we lose the first challenge, I won't have my back up against the wall in voting out my mentor because she is nowhere to be seen. It sounds ridiculous but I now have some newfound confidence.



i'm drunk

what a day. i started today off with a simple goal. Further develop social bonds, and forge new ones. At one point or another, i've gotten my foot in the door with everyone at some point. not only does this give me a leg up, but it gives me easy access to anyone i need in the game. If i decide i need to pull in Claudia, although our chats have been brief, I have something to work with moving forward. Or on the flip side, if I wanted to cut someone, say Sydney, I could get a little closer to them in order to see what makes them tick. Find out who they like, oppose, and work from there. of course these are hypotheticals, but you get my point.

drunk advice #1 the less sugar you drink with alcohol the less hungover u get homie trust survivor tip #1 nobody is loyal everyone is in it to win it, you have to be like an arts and crafts teacher, and just imagine you have 19 little toys dangling from the ceiling by a thread. ready to cut any of them with a big pair of industrial scissors u holding , nah scratch that you got some edward scissor hands shit goin on. but fuck em all. i dont play often, but i dont fuc around when i o

im going to play 400 times as hard as everyone that is on this cast with me. if it means spending hours every day talking to 19 other people ,easy. if it means backstabbing my closest allies with Cutco knives, sign me up for a pyramid scheme. if it means selling my soul to the devil, i take cash, credit, or money order. no wire

lets talk allies. actually wait this game has been so weird so far, it's almost like the first boot of GameChangers was like. Nobody is gaming except 1 person, who is named A A Ron. this mutha fuck been tryna wheel and deal, the whole 9 yards, maybe even 10. but i dont blame him, sometimes thats what you gotta do. in my first ever org in the first 3 hours there was at least 7 alliances on my tribe it was nuts. but this is much slower, everyone is playing it very cool for now. I've been testing the waters a bit, trying to see how things might shake out. im going to dump some info that is pretty much all i got to work with thus far strategicaly

1. jennifer allegedly wants to gun for Alissa 2. Sydney doesnt like Jennifer (her partner) 3. Aaron is the only one gaming really 4. he has talked to I believe everyone in the cast as have I. He's just a little less discreet about it. 5. My partner is very intelligent. Jake knows exactly what the fuck he's doing, he uses many of the same tools I do. We're a perfect match game wise. no homo 6.basically, im a badass and a master manipulator of this game 7.the golden state warriors lost a 3-1 series lead to the Cavs 8. Alissa and Jake both confirmed AAron has gamed a bit with them. he talked about me him Jake Ally Justin and Joey getting together, he also told Jake he wants to pull Alissa in somehow

so ya

i can tell the returnees are really going to be running this game already. it always happens. the new players are too weak to be in control, at least on my tribe. the other tribe probably has a few new threats, but claudia, Sydney, Joey are almost not even a threat at this point. this can go one of two ways. one, everyone says ""Mackie is by far the strongest new player in every way, lets eliminate him"" or the same scenario but they want to use my skill. Or they dont see it which is impossible. or they want me as a meat shield, which i have thought about as a backup plan if shit hitss the fan fuck this can go more than just 2 ways i suppose.

also I'm going to make a list of goals for this stage of the game (pre-swap) 1.Find an Idol, this is a MUST 2.Solidify a spot in a Majority alliance 3.Find 2-4 extremely solid allies 4.Accurately asses how I believe each player sees the tribe dynamics, and what the order of importance in regards to allegiance is of each tribe mate of mine. 5.Accurately asses my value to each individual, and group within our tribe

gunna tak off, so ill leave you with a few parting words. i hope to possibly do some video/audio confessionals eventually, never have but always wanted to. wait till shit takes off, let me tell you, I'll be writing a new playbook on strategy. I have a few ideas already, and i cant wait to see them bloom into fruition.

It is my manifest destiny to win this game, know that.


I've made another alliance with Alex because I've talked the most with him out of the entire tribe, and if we get Brandon on our side, then our three partners, we could be a strong six. But, I don't want to rush anything and put a target on my back, so I'm going to lay low until we go to Tribal Council, that's the safest bet.


Hi! I don't know if I'm doing this right so this might not be long, but I just wanted to make one so I know how to do so for the future. So I made it! It's so weird playing here I don't really know what I'm doing so far since I haven't played these in forever so right now I just want to talk to people and get a feel for them. I'm super upset about this twist and the fact that there are returnees because I thought I'd have a step up advantage having played these games before, but the fact that there are returnees makes things so much more difficult since I know in seasons where it's mixed, people who returned usually dominate. But this twist also is so complicated, I don't know if the pairs will link up or if it's gonna put a target on those in pairs backs, also this basically throws out the potential of all the newbies getting together against the returnees since they're with them now. Honestly I don't know what to think about my tribe, I'm all for girl power and all that but the girls here are just not feeling me maybe? Claudia has been sitting on my friend request now for awhile. Jennifer, my own partner, doesn't really talk at all unless its the bare minimum and something dumb, and I feel like she really doesn't have a good grasp at what's going on either, or she's set herself up and is just checking in on me. Justin is just being pretty bland and untalkative which are telltale signs. Then Alissa is quite possibly one of the most off putting people I had to talk to on this tribe, I'm trying to be as bubbly as possible and just really friendly and it's the same thing, one word answers or just ignoring, like sorry I'm wasting your time I guess. There are a lot of good people though, Ally is really sweet, Mackie and Jake are really funny, Aaron actually came to me for a conversation which I appreciated and Joey is so nice! Ideally if we lose, I'd like to get rid of a returnee just so if the newbies wanted we didn't get picked off. But honestly as long as it's not me I'll write anyone's name down, backstabbing is the fun part of the game anyway!


I've made an alliance, like officially, we have a chat and everything, myself, ally, mackie, and jake. I think we will do well in the game but I have no ties with them, I will be willing to drop them at any given moment if it means saving my game. I'm actually in the middle of creating a second alliance with myself, Ally, Justin, Joey, Alissa, and Claudia, I'd like to be able to combine the two alliances but keep them separate at the same in case any kind of opportunity arises. I'm gonna keep my options open, especially this early in the game. I just hope there are some crazy people in our tribe and the other tribe that havent revealed themselves yet.


Well, I told my first lie, first things first I'll let you in on my plan, so I've got my tight 4 of, me, Ally, Mackie, and Jake that's tight. Now I'm working on putting us 4 into another alliance of 4, with Justin, Alissa, Joey, and Claudia. That's an 8 person alliance, I want to have as many allies as possible in case of any kind of swap. Here's the kicker, I told Justin that it might be best to keep Mackie and Jake on the need to know so it looks like I'm serious about working with them but my main alliance is with Mackie, Ally, and Jake and honestly Mackie is looking to be my number 1. Anyway here's the kicker, I told Mackie that Justin wants to keep Jake and Mackie as the 8th and 7th of the alliance to make sure they don't go ahead an make an alliance behind my back, I need them all trusting me and only me. I am wheeling and dealing and man it's only been 2 days. We are in for a fun season ladies and gentlemen!


I'm having a lot of fun so far (: I've gotten myself into an alliance already and made some bonds with the rest of the tribe. It's kinda bittersweet playing with a bloodoath because they're here to help me, but at the end of the day, you know they're gonna be looking out for themselves and I have to remember to do the same thing.


Wow, I'm really back huh. This is going be my first real confessnial bc I just wanted to get my 1st impression out of the way.

Basically going into this game, I want to prove myself to be a better overall player. I know my social game wasn't that good and it was my downfall last time because I would've have won the jury votes because I had no bonds. My strategic game was ok, but being under the rader might get you to to the merge, but I need to play a more balance strategic game and not be afraid to cause some damage along the way. Strength wise I'm pretty good but one of my goals is to win individual immunity this season! In summary learn from the past!

I don't even know how to explain how Day 2 has gone.... Everyone started working on that rice immunity/reward and it became a mutual agreement for everyone to attempt to get 5k. Throughout the day I kept growing my bonds with Joey (Till Tribal Do Us Part), Mackie, Jake, and Alissa. I'm still working on Ally, Sydney and Claudia but I'm getting there.

My idea when I was first saw the twist was I need to get two more pairs on my side to form a majority, and through talking it seems like that's what everyone agrees upon. My first thought were Alissa/Claudia and Mackie/Jake to align with. Claudia has been pretty invisible but Alissa said she would be willing to work with Joey and I so that's a plus . I had already been vibing with Mackie/Jake/Joey and they felt the same way which and we created the ""Guys Night"" alliance.

Anyways last thing I have to include is Aaron is a truly cracked vet. This guy is trying to cover all his bases and it's only Day 2. He has message multiple people to make sure he's good and ""with him"" if we lose this challenge. I mean he doesn't want to be 1st boot, I get it but chill dude! Than to add everything he was like I got Ally/Jake/Mackie and you talk to Claudia/Alissa/Joey for an alliance. This idea would later grow into a bigger scheme of in 8 person alliance w/o Sydney/Jennifer because they're ""inactive"".

Later on he tells me he wanted the alliance bc he thinks we're swapping at 18. But he blantly tells me if we lose Syd/Jennifer, Jake/Mackie would be next so I went straight to them and told them and Mackie them they said they were a ""four""?? Guys Night, Alissa and I have been catching onto what he's trying to do by comparing notes and he's legit saying things that don't add up. At this point Aaron has dug his own grave and if we lost I think we can make this first vote an anonymous decision and send him home.


WE WON THE FIRST CHALLENGE!!!!! I am really happy that we won the first challenge because not only does it give the tribe confidence and a high morale, but it guarantees that I won't be the first boot; something I was terrified of. Now I have more breathing space to focus on getting to know these people better, something that I really need to work on.


Day 3

We lost. (Maniacal laughter ensues) I can't wait to get this thing started all the pieces are lined up I've got my army set on Jennifer, she's weirding everybody out and she will be an easy vote out tonight I might even get Sydney to vote her out shit. Who knows.


So this sucks. I came back online and see we lost which I didn't want to have to go through yet :/. It sucks because I don't think I'm in a solid spot at all on the tribe and it also sucks that most people aren't even trying to hide it. Although I am getting lots of ""hey if I hear your name I'll tell you"" 's which is good to hear, and Justin told me there's been a bunch of chats and names have come up but mine hasn't so don't worry, but now I think I need to work on specifically making sure it stays like that.

I would much rather take a back seat here and just hope things go in a way I want, but realistically I can only see myself writing one of two people. The first is Claudia, not only have we literally not spoken at all, but she did horrendous at the challenge and lost us that huge lead Alissa gave us so I'm fine with seeing her go first. But the other name i'm leaning towards is one I've been thinking about for awhile because it's risky but the more I think about it the smarter it gets and that's my partner, Jennifer. At first I was so down to take this thing with her, but she's honestly been really dismissive of me like any time I try and speak game to her she changes the subject or doesn't answer it. Plus she's been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way apparently, not to mention with this twist regardless of our actual relationship we're going to be seen as a pair so I don't wanna be anchored down by her! Plus with my partner gone I'll be able to slip by easier with the threat of my pair suddenly gone as well, I came to play this game alone and I intend to do so, I don't care about some twist. So the more I think about it the more positive reasons I see to get rid of Jennifer as soon as possible, but at the end of the day I'll write down whoevers name as long as it's not mine. So let's hope I don't go and one of those two do!


Justin's Day 3 CF

Justin's Day 3 CF


So, Aaron has been trying to pin all of us against each other and it's not working. I got Jennifer and we talked everything out. It's agreed that we're gonna work together at least for now to make sure he doesn't outlast us. I'm assuming it's gonna be an 8-2 vote but I could be very wrong and my ass could be going out the door, I'm nervous and I'll always be when it comes to tribal. That being said I don't think I've seen someone with a dumber game than Aaron in a long time so this should be an easy tribal in theory.


Mackie and Jake, Paqs bro's supreme, the Fabio to my Benri, peanut butter and maple fucking syrup. Watch you backs, ladies and gents, cause you're about to witness Jizstory in the making.


Ended up in 3 different alliance chats today! The game is definitely starting. Right now I'm not worried about anything except making sure that I stay on everyone's friendly side and keep a low profile, let these big tough veterans battle each other out of the game.


So virtually most of the tribe was having a discussion about getting stoned yesterday #cannotrelate They're all the same age, they all seem to be somewhat close and they get along. Of course I'm inferring everything from the small dialogue exchanged on the tribe chat, but apart from talking only once with Alex and Brandon, none of them have yet to talk to me. That's enough of a red flag for me to get worried there are alliances being formed that I'm unaware and not a part of, and I'm fearful that I'm already in the minority.


I think perhaps my naivety and inexperience as this is my first ORG has gotten the best of me. I haven't had anyone come to me yet with the proposition of an alliance or any talk about strategy, and it concerns me that I could be left out of the loop. I haven't talked at all to Amanda, Shannon or Rhone and that makes me nervous so I'll need to make some sort of attempt at interacting with them. I'm getting to know Tymeka better, who I think is in a similar position to me so perhaps we can forge some sort of alliance and work together. With the couple of conversations I've had with him, I also seem to get along with Carson and I think we're the two youngest people in the tribe so I feel that could be something that binds us together. I also need to work on my relationship with my partner Catherine; she is going to be crucial for my game in these first few days. I think I've severely underestimated the social dynamics of this game and starting to kick myself for doing so.


I have made my first ally - Tymeka! I've formally aligned with her and I'm confident in my alliance with her as she seems like a genuine and down to earth person. I can't speak for her but from what she's been saying, she seems to be in a similar position to me in that we haven't really connected with people as much as we have wanted to. Now we can go forward together as a pair and perhaps gain some traction within the tribe because chances are I'm probably already on the bottom. Not only is my alliance with Tymeka a big tick, it gives me some sort of momentum when I talk to Shannon for the first time.


voting confessional: okay so i'm working closely with aaron (my partner), mackie, and jake and they're all super chill. aaron also put together a majority alliance with literally everyone except jennifer and sydney??? i'm voting for jennifer bc she's a little odd and she doesn't communicate very well + she's on the outside of the majority alliance.


When the cast was announced and I saw Alissa on the list, it's fair to say that her and I have a trouble history on heroes vs villains in 703. But I can now say I trust her so much. She saved me from the chaos that is Aaron. He was making false statements about everyone and literally trying to pin me and Alissa against each other. We saw through that it saved me.

Aaron and I had a good social chat and talked strategy but I have no idea why he hated me. Anyways that he is gone, I need a solid alliance that I can work with.


what the fuck is going on

Aaron is nuts. I s2g he made like 3 alliances with every single person on my tribe.


most of what i accomplished today has to do with one on one relationships so I'll break each of them down

Aaron: lol oops

Ally: yea not much there I should have done a better job at not lying to her lol

Joey: He's really hard to get to open up, a shy person I can tell. I'm still trying to find some common ground, but I'd be comfortable relying on him say in a swap, considering we're aligned.

Jennifer: I tried to be the first to give her info pertaining to her this week, I want her in my back pocket. What's wrong here, the newbie is schooling the veteran ;) She's weird, that's for sure. But almost in an entertaining way, I don't mind her tbh. Can't trust her, but if I present her with an opportunity that best meets her needs I think I can control her

Claudia: She's really inactive but aligned with me. I'm attractive, fairly nice, somewhat entertaining, unless she's secretly a mastermind lol I'll have a pretty easy time keeping her close to me.

Sydney: I spent a lot of time being genuine with her, and we really hit it off well. Someone I feel like I could really count on in the event that the newbies and vets swap apart. I really filled her in on what happened, told her about the Sense8 bullshit she got left out of, and made her sure that i'd be voting with her no matter who we voted.

Justin: Really awesome guy, but I'm a little cautios of him tho. He seems smart, but I know I have slightly more game sense. I really want to work with him, I just need to gauge how loyal he will be. We hit it off personally quite well though.

Jake: Dude is fuckin awesome. Him and I are SO alike it's crazy. We have a similar play style, and this guy is sharp as a tack. It's almost scary. Someone that will be deep in this game with me. But will we go to the end? We'll have to see. Stay tuned

Alissa: Probably the best personal connection I've made. I've put the most effort into our relationship for 2 reasons. The first being that I like her probably the most out of anyone, besides maybe Jake. But I also know she is a MASSIVE social threat. Like I can easily see her making a super deep run at this, with or without me. i'd rather it be with, But there's no damn way I'm sitting next to her at the end. She's too good. It's giving me flashbacks to Grace in Big Brother Org 8, who was my closest ally as well.

The decision to axe Aaron wasn't easy at first. I knew his primary loyalty was to me and Jake aside from his partner, but I would have had to sacrifice some loyalties to keep him here, it wasn't worth it. By getting him out, I'm in good with every person on our tribe aside from Ally, and frankly damage control won't be too hard with her because everyone lied, not just me. Ideally i want to win this next immunity. My bases are quite covered right now, and if I could get Jennifer out they would be perfect. But I don't need to do that this early, I'm hoping either a Swap at 18, or we get back to back immunity now. I find that in Survivor, my social game is my most useful asset, and I think I'm playing the strongest social game thus far. Jake and Alissa are strong social players, but I feel they just lack a certain ingenuity I have when it comes to finding common ground with others. At this point, the only way I could be in danger is if people come together and realize I'm playing a very strong game thus far. But everyone is playing for themselves so that won't happen. I'm not a threat to anyone, because I've got everyone's back ;) Unless I give anyone reason to believe I'm not with them, I will be safe. The only way I go out pre merge I think is if I get swap fucked. But even then, I've always got an ace up my sleeve.


Alrighty, let's take a look at my first three days here in Argentina. The blood oath twist took me by surprise, it's the kind of twist I didn't expect, but I believe it'll make the dynamics of this game very different. Majorities will probably be created by pairs early in the game, so it's crucial to have a strong enough social game to make bonds early. On first impression I'm thinking that the best chance of creating a majority is to talk to Alex/Amanda for sure and then between Marie/Rhone and Shannon/Tymeka I need to decide who I can go further with in the game. Overall the Cordoba tribe is very eclectic group of individuals. The most important thing about these three days is talking to everyone and trying to establish some sort of connection with everyone on the tribe, because this game is crazy and later down the line I may need some of these people to help me get further. I won't be taking by second chance lightly, I'm not here to waste my chance at victory.