Day 6

YAY! We win the reward today. It's always good to win something! The challenge was so crazy but the rewards were crazier! If I had to choose who to send to Exile Mountain, I would choose Skandi since he and I have an inter-tribe alliance going on and that would be a great help for me finding the idol. I just hope no one's got it yet. But Lincoln and I would have to talk on who to send, first.


Day 7

Day 8

I know it's too early to be paranoid but I am feeling paranoid already...

I am Really nervous cause Ian quits and he is the founder of Bromosexual alliance on the other Tribe if Ticino lose andrew has a chance of going home and he is a part of Bromosexual alliance and on the another tribe Valais are full 5 which it really threaten us... I don't know what to do currently but we just need to win challenges... Valais must lose I need to make a plan already I need to be prepared when the tribe dissolves I need to have the Idol... :/ I want to win the title of Sole Survivor but how can I do this if my alliance are falling down 1 by 1... :( so Just Goodluck to me.


My tribe is working hard to redeem ourselves. We may be turning this sinking ship around. Once Andrew goes home, this tribe may be a force to be reckoned with!

–Al Pal

Seeing the situation now, We only got 80 comments and Ticino got over 100. We have to vote out somebody. I hope that nothing has changed since day 1 since no one was really talking about anything recently. So it's either Courtney or Sam. With Ian quitting (or disqualified, whatever), every tribe is down to 4. 16 are left, and everything's kinda even.


Day 9