Day 4

I love how my alliance with Nathan PC hasn't been discovered. XD. Ahh, he would be a fabulous pick for the finals because no one would suspect is and I think we would be a good Cody-Derrick alliance. He's the quiet guy and I'm the guy who craves power. That is a great combo.


So, it's the beginning of the new game! I've been having a lot of fun learning all the new ways that Survivor can be played! Coming into this, I was a bit overwhelmed with how many people I was able to speak to! I tried getting people to talk to me first so as not to overwhelm myself by trying to get a message out to everyone. I got some nice conversations, but overall, nothing substantial.

When the tribe picking challenge ended, I was happy with my score. I was in the middle. Not prominent, but not the worst, you know? When I got picked by Heather, I was a bit surprised. I knew I had spoken with her pregame, and liked her a lot. I knew that I'd have to get closer with her as she probably expected that of me. Now initial thoughts on each member:

Josh - Spoke with him pregame. Seems really nice and trustworthy, and probably will be a good ally if need be. Tyler - Never spoke with him, but he ranked really high. Lindsay - Another I never spoke with, but seems nice. Evan - Never spoke with him personally, but from the chat, I didn't like him. I'd probably get off on the wrong foot with him. Blake - I've spoken with Blake pregame before. I've never been close to him, so I'd never expect us to be the closest allies, but there is a possibility there. I just wouldn't stick out my neck to save him. Heather - Genuinely really nice, and probably my favorite on the tribe right now. I need to get closer with her, before others find out how nice she is and take her from me.

After this we settled down. I tried sending a message to every player, just to establish myself. Apparently the game is one world, so I'm not done talking with everyone. I don't like this right now, but I think it'll screw me over if I DON'T try and talk to people.

Coming into this game, I knew two people. Isaiah and Blake. Right off the bat, people in my tribe accused me of being in a premade with them. I tried to disperse these rumors, but I want to know the source.

After the challenge, I let Tyler do the work. I don't want to establish myself as a tough player, but I also don't want to establish myself as a week one. At this point, I solidified alliances with Josh and Heather separately. I didn't tell them about each other, and hoped to leave it separate for now.

When the news hit that we lost, it was a shock. I had been gone all day and feared the vote could be me. I hadn't made a good presence in the tribe, hadn't spoken to a lot of people, and hadn't established a vote. It could go anywhere. When I logged on I had Heather telling me that the vote was Blake. I didn't mind and actually encouraged the vote. I then went to Josh, to ensure that the vote stuck. He goes, "oh let's do Evan." I backed down and told him, no let's stick with Blake.

Heather proceeded to tell me that Evan had multiple allies and was pushing for me. It was odd how she just flipped like this. It literally was a flip at the same moment Josh told me that we needed to vote out Evan. Obviously, these two are working together, and probably have me as a side ally. That's why I brought them together. Hopefully we can make this a trio and not a pair working alongside me. Know what I mean?

Well we proceeded to flip the vote on Evan, much to my distaste. He flipped out and posted in chat and then left. Whoop de do. I sincerely feel bad for missing the deadline, but I'll try to keep up with this more. Really <3.

Going farther into this game, I think I really just need to make the other players comfortable with me. If I don't, then I can't win. I've played a bad first day, and really need to improve if I want to make it.


The season so far, in a nutshell:

"Reed Thompson: *throws table at Pedro*

Pedro P. Lima Junior: *Pedro dodges*

Reed Thompson: *no he doesn't*"


YES! Nathaniel got the clue! I have no shot at getting clues at the plaza, so im so happy one of my #1 allies got it. I want to real in Josh and Nathaniel as close friends in and out of the game. I consider them my number #1 allies. Since Konrad want god knows where. Idk what shiz happens to polish people. Anyways, I think Nathan PC is very quiet. Too quiet. Do I think he has other intentions? Uh, let me think about that for 2 seconds, YES. He isn't talking to Josh, Heather or I. He seems very nice but I want him to open up. Why would he if he has different intentions? Smart move, very smart. He is the greatest player of the season. I give him MAJOR credit. Also, with Pedro. I still hate what he did. I hope its me, Josh Nathaniel for F3. I change my opinions way too much here. lol :P


Day 5

After some calculations with idol possibilities, there are 186 possible answers with the 2 clues I've received and with my guesses. If google calculator is precise, I have about of a .4% chance of lucky guessing the idol. I need like 2 more clues. lol.


My seventh confessional. That was a close one! If NPC hadn't sent in his vote already when Rhea returned I would've been out! It's a bit sad and surprising to see Evan go though. He told everyone how Corvo's stats are though: Blake and Violet and YouTubers, and they're allied with Heather, who controlls Josh. Tyler and Lindsay obeyed them in fear during the revote, sending Evan home. Talking about sending people home, Rhea went out unfortunately. She didn't mind it though, saying the game was too social anyway. Also, according to Laure, she only signed up because of Emma. Talking about Laure, we're on better terms now. Her strategy isn't usually to send out strong players, but the ones that go under the radar. We both agreed that those players are the most dangerous ones. We both recieved clues from the Plaza, it's a one time player, but I decided to share it with the whole tribe, so that NPC wouldn't be able to use it against me later. The whole tribe actually feels more like a tribe now tbh. If only Konrad's computer was working... I really hope Corvo lose rom now on though. I don't like anyone on there (especially not since everyone (not just Corvos though) made fun of Evan after he had left), AND they tried to target me with that clue. We gave our clue to Scott, since he's a nice, under the radar guy. The game feels a lot more secret than it felt when everything started. And I can't believe Laure thought I had an alliance with everyone, and messed up the Cricket game consciously. Oh well, better luck next time for Zaranha I guess. A tribe switch is probably coming in about 2-3 TCs, and Konrad's my only safety net (if he doesn't return he's out, if he does return he'll vote with me). I can just hope we win at least one challenge, and that I end up on a good tribe after the switch. That's it from me tonight, got a competition early tomorrow with my orchestra, so I'll wrap it up now. One sentence before I'm finished though: this is starting to become the best season ever!


Day 6

My reaction when seeing what game we have to play:

I'm 22 and what the fuck is this game

My reaction when playing the game: I'M 22 AND WHY THE FUCK IS A CHILDREN'S GAME SO GODDAMN HARD



Looking back now, I might actually have been lucky Violet self-voted? I'm not sure if she would have actually voted me out or not. We're not exactly that...friendly with each other.


This challenge, this freakin' challenge. I've gotta say it's EXTREMELY annoying. Especially the Soda and the Ice Cream one after the other. It screws me over every single time, ESPECIALLY during the 3-food-1-tray part. God, I hate this challenge so much you don't even know.

I sent in my best score after so many tries. I think I did pretty good. There's like no other option. I HAVE to do good because I did terrible in that first challenge back on Day 1. I need to prove I can actually do good at these challenges or I can easily be targeted again.

Right now, I'm closest to Heather. We've bonded so much and she's just a great person and we can relate very easily. We agree on a lot of things, like how dumb and terrible Evan was. I can see great things down the road between us two. :)

Josh also is really nice to me but there's just something about him, I don't know what, but there's something about him that makes him a bit unsettling. But overall, I love the guy.

And I'm quite surprised Tyler and Lindsay flipped because I'm not exactly that close to them. They're the two I've talked to the least.

But whatever, I've sent the challenge. I've spilled chocolate on nachos way too many times to count and I've had it up to HERE!


So many fuck boys everywhere I go.

So due to my inability to do math Rhea went home, I should have just put my vote on her when Nathan told me he fucked up and voted too early, but that would have been rude after she magically reappeared online and I told her she could do something to help herself.

So after tribal was over Reed yelled at me for voting for him after he campaigned for me to stay. No one wrote his name down, so I'm dealing with a child. Nathaniel is well aware that it would be 2 v 2 if I go after him again, but it wouldn't have to be if he'd dump his fuck boy alliance and hook up with me, but that won't happen.

So this mother fucker named Gavin. Not only did he try to control Rhea's vote and tell us to tell her how to vote, but he wants to waste his time going after Reed? Reed is a minnow in the lake of stupidity and fuckery.

Here is the saddest part about being on this tribe. Plan is if we go to tribal just mercy kill Konrad out of his computer limbo, which sucks he was pretty chill, but if we are in a 2 v 2 situation. (Reed and Nathaniel vs Laure and Nathan Cooper) it should be easy to flip Reed. Gavin is so obviously aligned with Nathaniel they might as well make out in the main chat, but he wants Reed gone, so obviously Reed should flip to my side. The problem is he is stupid therefore I cannot talk or reason with them. In most games you're suppose to take advantage of the stupid ones and control them, but seeing as how this guy doesn't even know who received votes at tribal council I just can't.

OH! I AM SURROUNDED BY GENIUSES. It was announced we could give an idol clue to someone on another tribe, but we all had to unanimously agree on it. I said anyone but Gavin, because I didn't care since I knew the clue would be stupid. They wanted to give it to someone that could idol out a youtube alliance (that I don't give a fuck about by the way since there is only 2 of them), so in order to do that they gave it to someone who isn't even on the same tribe as this alliance. I'm working with Scott so that worked out well, but jesus. I also love how I got a clue, because people think I'm on the outs, and people gave Nathaniel a clue cause his on the outs.

Also I wanted to be good girl Laure, so I gave my idol clue to Nathan and Nathaniel (basically the only people in my tribe who know how to read), not knowing Nathaniel was going to receive the clue and he went and shared it in the main chat. Wow way to make me look like a selfish bitch. Everyone's dumb is reading off on me.

Also Gavin still thinks his sleek and smooth because he reads Dan Brown books and talks like his in some mysterious society that's going to control the game while using words like query instead of question. Well my name is Laure, I read Twilight books and mix up his and he's, but I can tell you Gavin isn't going to win this game.


Gavin is shady. I don't trust him at all. He and Laure are always fighting in public making themselves look like enemies, and adding to it, he is always reinforcing to us how much she hates his guts. I think they something going on and are trying to hide it behind these fights.


This challenge is really challenging, but I think we're doing good, until I remember that Isaiah hasn't showed up yet. We're screwed! My hope is that Gavin didn't screw us up by submitting too early with a terrible score, and that Konrad didn't show up either in order for his tribe to have the same problem Isaiah is creating for us.


Day 4

"Things are running smoothly on Alto Mira. I really think we have a shot of taking this games all the way until the end. of the game. Hopefully, the Goofy Goobers can prosper and stay until merge. MAN, I love this game!"

Day 5 "I had to work something out with the hosts that was bothering me and luckily everything went smoothly and the game continues as normal. I'd to thank the hosts for making this process run so smoothly."

Day 6 "I think my score for the challenge is great and I really hope our tribe can continue the immunity run. If not, Isaiah will go home and the Goofy Goobers alliance will stay in tact."


Number eight, coming along! The first confessional of week two as well! This'll be another short one unfortunately. Not much happened today, but hear this - me and my orchestra won our competition! Yay! In the game, Gavin told me that I'm in trouble, and unless I get NPC on my side and we vote out Laure I'm the next one to go. I managed to convince him Konrad'll go first (R.I.P) but he still continued speaking. For the first time I'm starting to really doubt Gavin tbh. Laure told me her Idol clue before I got mine, and she was telling the truth. Also, if Gavin is just one of Emma's underlings, I can see them wanting Laure, a huge threat, out. They even gave her the clue! Talking about clues, a new huge threat has arised: Corvo. They targeted me with that clue, and hadn't Laure got Altos, I hadn't told my whole tribe what the clue was, and Laure and NPC would've had great reasons for targeting me. Corvo also proved themselves strong when they voted Evan out. About the challenge we got, we might lose again. I assumed everyone getting 2,5k would be enough, making our scores an average of 2k due to Konrad's 0 points, but apparently it's good even getting 1k. I got 2,5k myself, Reid got 900 and NPC 1,1k. Laure's score is not yet revealed to us others. I really hope we still can make it though. If we lose, Konrad's out (assuming he doesn't return). Apparently Reid has a secret ally (NPC), but I'm not allowed to tell NPC I know about their alliance. All I can do is just to wait really, and hope we win challenges. The tribe switch also sounds both exciting and scary. I really hope I'm not placed in a Corvo majority tribe, if I make it that far. Anyway, everything feels much better than yesterday, and tomorrow's my birthday, so what can go wrong?! It's realy late, so I'll finish everything now; this is starting to become the best season ever!


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KONRAD GET YO BUTT ONLINE OR YOUR DIARY QUEEN WILL MELT! Anyways, we won immunity :D. That's a first. Who do I want to send home? GAVIN! He tried to target me. I really like this team but I hope to get with Josh and Heather so us 3 and Nathan PC will take control with my secret alliance with Nathaniel on the side. I do think that my game could improve. My revealing as a veteran might have exposed a lot of arrogance and I don't want or need THAT.


Fucking Isaiugh made us lose... stupid boy why didnt he tell us he would be inactive... i was to busy gettin hella turnt at fucking great wolf lounge AYEEEEEEEE. Jk lil emmas dont get hella turnt cus i am 12 (no i am 15) So i am like sick of this.. like bitch if i submitted a shitty score we would have won LMAO if i am on the losing tribe again.. ill keep on playing with my machete!


My hope is that I can get this idol. I've only had one in my past and I was blindsided with it in my back pocket. And I how the answers are the same for both tribes like in Tocantins. I hope Konrad doesn't get evacuated. I messaged him on Wikia and he hasn't responded. I hot he can come because he is very strong. If he doesn't, Laure might get lucky AGAIN. If the answers are the same, I hope I can get all the tribes and get 3 idols, which I think is impossible. Heather and Josh said the first clue was "I'm a male", just like ours. They haven't gotten the second clue yet and I how they get it at the next plaza.


I just realized I'm supposed to send in confessionals about the events that go down so I apologize about the lateness!

So the game for me started out on a rather rough note. I wasn't very active in the start and I didn't give any reason, although telling everyone I had laryngitis probably wouldn't gain me any favours anyways.

When the tribes were being selected and I was the odd man out, I thought I was a goner for sure. I thought this season was pulling a Palau and I was going to be out of the game before it even really started. Instead I got to choose a tribe and all the pressure was on me to find a spot to fit.

Before the tribe choosing I had been close with Emma, but her tribe was the last to pick and she had stopped talking to me just before their final choice and started talking to me once again after it was revealed I wasn't eliminated. I thought that was kind of fake and decided that if I joined Alto Mira and we lost, I'd hands down be the last one picked. I chose Corvo because it had another Canadian, so I hoped that I could build a few bonds.

Upon joining the tribe, Violet and Evan were the first to message me privately. Violet was very welcoming, Evan got straight down to business about Violet and Blake being a possible alliance. He also said he wanted to get me, him, Josh and Lindsay together in an alliance. Meanwhile I tried proving my worth to everyone by making the tribe flag and showing that I have a lot to bring to the table. When it came to the first immunity challenge, doing the buff wasn't a problem for me, but Violet opted to do absolutely nothing to help out, which pissed me off a lot! I was down to vote her out because we need to keep our tribe strong, but Evan started getting in my ear about how he has the numbers and to go for Blake. The last thing I wanted to do was go against the majority, so I voted Blake, but it ended up being a tie when Josh flipped. Evan and Heather got into a fight and I ended up taking Heather's side because she was not going to forgive him and we need to keep our tribe on the same page.

I'm not sure where I stand in the tribe. If there's a majority with Josh, Heather, Blake and Violet then Lindsay and I are screwed. I want to trust Josh but I know he flipped in the original vote. I feel that Heather is the most honest with me. Lindsay and I don't talk much, same with Blake and Violet. I want to trust Josh but a part of me thinks he's playing me for a fool. I'm hoping that we win this challenge or it might be my head on the chopping block.


We lost the challenge, and it sucks! It's not all Isaiah's fault, but it would be a no-brainer to send him packing, as this can happen again because of his inactivity. However, I'm not feeling comfortable at all, and I think that I could be blindsided by my own alliance.


Out of nowhere Gavin comes to me and asks me to vote for Brayden instead of Isaiah because he is scared that Isaiah may have an idol, which I doubt it. But it boosts up my paranoia, as I am already skeptical about Gavin. If it was Emma asking me that, I wouldn't think twice, but Gavin makes me wonder he's trying to pull something...


The ninth confessional is probably my luckiest one so far! I don't really have anything to complain at - so let's get started with all good things!
  1. 1: It's my birthday today! It's so fun to celebrate a birthday, and it's such a nice coincidence it happened during my time in this ORG! If anyone ever reads this later, I want to thank everyone who's congratulated me!
  1. 2: We won the challenge! I had told my tribe that 2,5k per person would be enough, unfortunately everyone but me got around 1k. I still managed to get just under 2,5k though, and that was apparently enough! We won, even though less than 50 points separated us from Alto! It's sad to see them go to TC, but I'm almost sure Isaiah will go home, which is a good thing since he's the only one in their triba I dislike! Corvo continued to prove themselves as a threat though...
  1. 3: The third thing was the lucky coincidence I had today. I submitted another guess to Joan, and today I actually abandoned my old random system, and went with Cliff Robinson - the only other Robinson in the series! Apparantly I looked under a bush, and guess what I found? The Hidden Immunity Idol! I'm so glad for that - while it won't mean much until the tribe switch, I'm sure it'll come in handy here and help me to the merge!

Everything else in the game also goes very well. We recieved confirmation from Mitch today, that if Konrad doesn't submit anything next challenge and we lose, TC will be cancelled and Konrad will (unfortunately) go home. He couldn't say anything about what happens if another tribe loses, but that's fine. I almost think it'd be good for us to lose actually, since nobody's going home. Then again, I personally wouldn't mind seeing a Corvo head home... Overall it's been an excellent day, and I'm happier than I've been in a long time! Everything's great, and with that I'm finishing this rather short confessional! Oh wait, one more thing: this is starting to become the best season ever!