These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 1

Oh look, it's everyone's favourite All-Star back to win over even more fans! I want to start by dedicating this confessional to Amir. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that I could play again. That's true friendship. My little Amiracle <3

Anyway, I am so ready to channel my inner Jenna Lewis and just ruin this for everyone. I don't really have a strategy going into this. With so many All-Stars doing their All-Star thing I don't think you can really set a single course and just march straight down it. Survivor is about adaptability. Everyone coming into this game has advantages and disadvantages. You've got to be able to turn those disadvantages to your favour. I come into this game as - statistically-speaking - one of the worst players, which is just so typical of my life. Gerard and I have equal placings for our original seasons, and Lloyd is the only other contestant to have placed lower on his original season. But then he came back and won so.... my turn? It's possible people may see me as less deserving of being here than others, or a weak link. But at the same time, they may also see me as a non-factor and non-threat. Basically I want to capitalise on that for as long as possible. I think one of my biggest advantages in this game is that I don't NEED to be an All-Star. I'm not chasing respect or glory and I can check my ego at the door. If people want to think of me as a non-threat then I'll be cheering them on. I'm acting naive: asking whom people's partner is in the first challenge as if I don't even know who's from which season. All-Star seasons tend towards eliminating the big threats early on so here's hoping people can't be bothered targeting me.

I think the game is only in first gear at the moment, everyone seems a little cautious and holding back a little. Apparently, most people are throwing the reward challenge for fear that having the idol clue paints a target on their back. Aren't you people the best of the best? And everyone's losing their shit over an idol clue? Alejandro wants to us to throw the challenge as well and at first I was going to go along with that but I don't want to slip into old habits. I was too passive in Korea and let others take charge. Is everyone really throwing the challenge? Well let me call their bluff and I'll win and take the damn clue. And if Alejandro is determined to reduce his threat status, well why not shove him right into the spotlight? This is All-Stars! It's supposed to be difficult! I can't imagine everyone is throwing the challenge but it lets me know that people are already talking shop with one another. Alejandro says people are throwing the challenge... so Alejandro has been talking to people about their plans. Loose lips sink ships. If he's trying to amass another 'super-alliance' then I am going to tank that thing so hard. We're competing to be the sole Survivor, not to gather the biggest clique. So game on moles. First boot or first place, I will always call you out on your bullshit.


New Season, New Tribe, New Fun. This season looks like it will be a blast, with heaps of great players from past seasons. I hope my tribe isn't as dysfunctional as last time but I guess we shall see...


The one thing that stands out for me from the get-go is the fact that there's what I call, at least five types of people in here. You've got the previous winners, who are just as big of a threat as anybody else, you've got the villains, like Alejandro, Ali, flippers, backstabbers, liars, cheaters, whatever! You've got the nice people, like Gerda... and whoever else is nice. You've got the challenge dominators, who are like SUCH a huge threat down the road. And then you got the inbetweeners, people who don't fit into any categories, mostly because I don't know their gameplan or reputation. Yay. I mean, I'm coming into this game not knowing who the fuck these people are! HA!. All I know is I'd love to work with Adam, Gerda and Ash!


It is great to be back. Sitting back here expressing my thoughts towards people across the world I don't even know while 1/5 people are sitting back reading this....oh yes. The cast was terribly rumored. I never expected to see a lot of people here. Its nice to see Sole, his experience is definitely Kenny Powers like. I bet I can make some sort of alliance with him once the game starts. He seems very similar to me and I think we could work well together. I'm most surprised to see Ben. Alfons must have been wearing a rotten meat jacket covered in shit when he approached the Korea All-Stars for that many of them to reject the offer. I don't even remember who Ben is to be honest. I just remember hopping in the "kill Ben" bandwagon right into the merge. Maybe I can work with him. I know for sure I can work well with Ash, and Alejandro and I's friendship has grown since he blindsided me in Korea. The only thing I am worried about is how unpredictable Alejandro was in Korea. Oh well...I'm going to have to go deeper into this cast to decide who I will be working with and who I feel is a threat.


Wow, it feels like I was just doing this a week ago. Oh yeah, I was. The good thing about this is I've never left game mode. I'm still in cutthroat mode to take some people out and work my game to its fullest. But, I have to play it slow or they'll all realize I'm more of a threat than I'm leading on to be. So, I'm just being nice, introducing myself to everyone. I hope they think if I'm nice to them I won't backstab them, if they somehow believe that, they're in for a rude awakening. I hope there's not a all-star all winner tribe, if there is, I could go home early. Here's who I know will align with me and who possibly will!

I think these people will want to align, just because of how eager they seem - Kevin, Sharky, Mike, Charlie

Possibly will want to align - Henry, Jhet, Ash, Taylor, Marish.

Let's see how this goes!


Wow this is a great cast... I barely know anyone... But I think I will be able to wiggle my way in... I dont see a reason why people shall target me first... There are 6 winners... And a crazy amount of great people... So far I like Gilad, Taylor, Ash, and Hickman... And I started to socialize with some others... Lets see how tribes will fall... If I could decide... Johan-Amir or Jhet will leave first... They are great strategic players but in first conversations they felt like playing hard... I just want a tribe that enables me to win... I dont wanna vote people of early... Let others do the dirty work...


The challenge was relatively easy, Uli and I got a 100 average pretty quickly; fast enough to say it was a fluke if we won, but still leaving a margin for someone else to win too. I doubt people will actively go for a 100-100 score, but who knows.

I had fun playing with him, it's good to have a cooperative effort together. I came here to compete and I'm glad I don't need to go after him right away. I hope he'll be on the same page, but whenever he gets greedy... He'll try and slit my throat. I won't let that happen though.


Well, so the cast's been out for about a day now. They're definitely an interesting bunch, but I think I can deal with them. Current goal: don't be first boot. Uli bugs me, he keeps on (jokingly?) saying he wants to target me first, and then next he says he wants to take me and Gerda? to F3 just so he can "proove i am the stronger gender." Yeah, sure. Keep talking, it only makes the anticipation and excitement of the thought of voting you out stronger.


So, All-Stars hasn't really started yet, and I'm already feeling pretty good about this game. Just talking to some past players, who aren't in All-Stars, I have heard both sides of everything. That Adam and I are going to be viewed as targets because we are the ones with the quickest turnaround, or, we won't be viewed as targets at all, because of the same reasoning. I have talked with a couple people since reveal, and everyone seems really cool. I just keep getting info from everyone outside the game on who to trust, who not to trust and what not. I have learned in Polynesia, not to trust anyone really. It is really difficult to want to judge people on their past seasons, but that is all I can go off of.

It is a little too early for me to start being strategic or anything, especially since tribes haven't been announced yet. But more than likely, I'm going to be the exact same person I was in Polynesia. Humble, excited, nice, and a challenger. My only difference that I know I'm going to do, is not be walked on. I will still be nice, and play this game as Rupert-like as I can. I like being compared to one of my favorite players, and I hope to continue that comparison, but make no mistake, if I have to become ruthless in this game, then be prepared, because there is always room for the ORG version of the Survivor Pirate in the Final Tribal Council.

In Polynesia, my main goal was top 5, but wanting to win. I got 6th. This time, I'm going to win... Not just because it is what I want to do or anything, but as of right now, Chris and Adam, and possibly Jay are the only ones who believe I deserve to be in All-Stars from my original season. Everyone else is either bitter they didn't get in, or they just don't comprehend that most of my game was played on the inside, and I didn't make many visible moves. I have to prove to them that I was the best choice to represent my season.

This is gonna be one hell of a ride...

"Tribe not known"


Well..... I'm back for all stars. I'm really excited. This is going to be a super intense. The cast..... I'm scared of so many of them... I mean.... Alejandro, Skandi, Uli, Charlie and so many more.... They're all really good strong players. I definitely think I'm not as threatening as everyone else here. And I'm definitely going make that known. Hopefully people don't see me as a threat and they don't target me early in the game. But the difficult thing is I like most of these people. They all seem really cool, really nice and just really great people. So voting people out is going to be hard, but whatever, I came here to play against the best of the best, and that's what I got. It's going to be a hard game, but whatever, I'm ready. I'm ready for this. I'm definitely going to think more positively this time. When I played Survivor: Laos, I was really not the most positive person. I always doubted myself. I told myself I wasn't going to win, I said I had no chance, I never believed in myself. And I think that's part of the reason I lost. This time, I believe in my self. I want this and I know that I can win this game. And that's what I'm going to try and do.


Have to play with Andrei again… Don’t want to… I wanted to throw the challenge… He wanted to win it… So I told everybody that I have to play it and win it to not piss Andrei off and increase the target on his shoulders as a mad challenger… Sadly we didn’t win… But also good… I don’t need an idol clue at the moment… I wanna focus on the real game…

I dont like our tribe… Only young and boring as shit people… Really much I am pissed of that I get an even worse tribe than in PNG… Well… And Skandi… So I aligned with Skandi… Making the two people with the biggest targets align seemed clever… Since his was far bigger… In addition played the “look how much we have in common card” to Hunter… He immediately wanted to work with me… How couldn’t he… Im great! Sadly Skandi and Hunter were both holding a grudge against each other… So I told both to get the majority… Hunter succeeded in getting Henzzy… Also a person I liked and another bad player that will serve well as a tool to me… Gerard and Zac… no one talks to them yet… lets see where it falls… I mean… I was leading a shitty tribe to survive in PNG… Hopefully this is possible in Allstars too.


Well well well, what a surprise.

Since my original season, I've been slightly distancing myself from the Wiki, only posting a few bitchy comments on the FB page, complaining about stuff, and I haven't made that many new bonds.

However, we were gathered for the Cast Announcement, I was happy to see a couple familiar faces: Uli, my lovely season partner, the beautiful Gerda, Sharkeisha, who dominated the challenges in Cote d'Ivoire, and Alejandro, who started talking to me very recently.

When I received the invitation for All-Stars, I was really happy I got to compete again, and this time, I'm glad to see that I have some more serious competition. I didn't really spend too much time trying to think of a fool-proof strategy, but I did have a little mental checklist of things I want to do this season:

• Ally with the winners - I'm really not here for losers who feel like they have so much to prove to the entire ORG community. • Flirt with one or more dudes - I didn't get to do that on my season because the only guy who had even a slight doubt about his sexuality was freaking Szymon... And I only found that out when the results of the crossword challenge were revealed. So this time, I'm hoping to play the flirt card, but I still have to make some research about who to play it with~ I don't think there are many people though, but it'll have to do.

• Break.the.egos - During and after png, I noticed that a few people started to inflate their actions throughout the game, like Angeleo or Lucas. A lot of wiki users also have the tendency to ask what everyone thinks about them and their game on the FB page and it irritates the shit out of me, because they don't have the necessary self-awareness to realise that maybe no one really thinks anything about them unless they spend colossal amounts of time telling their story to whoever wants to hear it. This time, if I detect the slight bit of self-importance, I'll make it my personal task to put an end to it... But there is one exception to that: Uli. Last time, I needed to swallow my pride to save myself in the long run and I preferred to keep it intact without trying any desperate scrambling with him. This time, however, I don't care. I outlasted him once, I can do it again, and even if I don't, I have nothing to prove to him. When the confessionals were released, he confessed that my read on him was a lot better than he thought. Also, things are different this time: we get to start the game without tribes, so I can ally myself with him and let his slight arrogance and power hunger get the best of him later on without having to get my hands dirty.

• Have fun - I wasn't totally satisfied with my confessionals last time, so I'll put slightly more effort into them this season. I love competing, but narrating is even funnier. I hope I can be successful while having this philosophy, so maybe people will stop being so worried about how they're perceived on the Wiki, and will enjoy the ORG experience for what it is.


Survivor Wikia: All-Stars! I'm back for a third time, but this one is all about the win. I've had fun before, I've made friends before. I've made the merge and the Jury and I've even been first boot; but I've never been to the Final Tribal Council so that's my main aim this time around.

The competition is stronger than ever and every player here knows what they're doing. Even the weakest players here have blindsided their former allies and won immunities. We're all trained killers now so it's going to be an uphill battle the entire way.

Having four tribes makes the game much more tricky because 75% of the contestants in this game are in a different alliance to you. There are more 'core' groups that will be hard to break up and there are more loose cannons who are willing to shake things up.

That said, it's going to be so much fun to duke it out and play this game the way it's supposed to be played. Game on.


This cast is crazzzzzyyyy!!!!!!!

I'm playing with people I've watched, people I've based my game off of and even people I've had to play before.

Speaking of…I'm solo (not) excited to play against Mike again. It feels great to play with the one person who beat me last time.


So this is my first confessional for All Stars. I didn't really write those in Hawaii, but I do plan to do that much more often this time.

All Stars begins tomorrow and I am scared. After Dr Panda's India I have realised how much tougher it is for me to play since I won. People who I have done nothing to target me just cause I have won before. Winning again is going to be hard. I was in a comfortable alliance last time, and had a nice ride to the end. But this time I feel it's like I have to climb a mountain on my own. I do know I have it in me to play a stronger game. India taught me a lot.

And now that I think about it, why should I be so scared? In the end this all is just a game. And I will approach this like Tyson, and try to have as much fun as I can possibly have. In the end, that's what this game should really be about.


I feel this cast is going to work against me. With the exception of Henzzy I think most people find me arrogant. Which I am of course but it doesn't exactly help me. I guess I'm just going to have to rely on my challenge skills.


So we have our first reward challenge today. I'm paired with my friend and alliance member from Laos, Mr. Hickman. And the reward is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. I don't want that! Going into our tribes, we will have a massive target on our back. I don't want it. So I'm considering throwing the challenge. I mean..... I won't have the target on my back that I would if I won the clue. It makes sense. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stuff things up, get a low score and not put a target on my back. And.... Well I don't think Hickman needs to know about this.... What he doesn't know wont hurt him. He thinks I'm weak in challenges anyway, so he won't suspect a thing.


We're gathered together for the first time and the lovely Vogt was chosen to unveil the first twist on our asses: we're not split into tribes right away, and on top of that, we're competing with our Season partner. My first instinct is... THANK - YOU - JESUS: I'm elated that my partner is somewhat competent at challenges. And by somewhat, I mean extremely. It's a good opportunity to bond together and I know what he can do with Idols, so... if we win, I'm giving the clue to everyone on my future tribe, which might not even be that much of a big deal since he might find it right away.

My biggest concern, however, is that this format will facilitate and maybe encourage cross-tribal alliances. It's like we have 24 hours to make pre-game alliances, in a way... and god knows in what state they'll be at the merge.

This being said, at least I get a day to bond with the winners and the potential LGBT people around here to tick at least two boxes on my checklist.

In the spirit of the Olympics, let the games begin!


Wooooh! And we're back! XD Seriously? That reward...the last thing I want to do is to be teamed up with Skandi. Well I just hope we don't end up at the same tribe.


Hickman is straight away making alliances, if he gets caught he is screwed. Anyway, right now I'm in an alliance with Sole, Hickman and Gerda. We have a group of 4. But I also have an alliance with Ash. And a separate one with Ali. I'd imagine things are going to start of with with everyone forming alliances and targeting certain people. I just hope I'm not one of those certain people. So anyway, Hickman and I were talking about the challenge, and he got a score of 100... So I'm there with my score of 25.... And he's like... Now you need to get a perfect score too. And I just pretended I was really bad at the challenge (which was kinda true) so yeah, I don't think we will win (Yippieeee) because our score only worked out to be 62.5. I'm pretty sure at least a few other teams will beat us and I will avoid the clue and the danger that comes with it.


You know what sucks about playing with All-Stars…they all want their egos stroked. I can't even count how many times I've and to be like "Oh I loved you on (Insert random season). You were one of my favorites!" Even if it's a player I really didn't like.


Since we weren't split in tribes yet, I got to talk with a few people that I was interested in.

Charlie is the first person I wanna get to. He's gay, he's bitchy and he's a winner, so he's going to be a target and I want to let him know I have his back... And if I can watch his back too, well, that's an added bonus~


Well, this is interesting. I take a three hour nap, the season starts and I have a flood of messages on my Facebook. So currently, I have an alliance with Johan-Amir, Gerda and Adam. Then a single one with Henzzy, another with Sole. Then one with Alejandro and Hunter (apparently the Secret Society 2.0). Let the games begin. Alliances and socializing is the thing I'm best at in this game, give me a few hours, and I'll have someone's full trust.

Anyways, Hunter and I talked and we agreed to throw the challenge so that we won't have any additional targets on our back. We're also going to lie that we weren't allied in All-Stars Qual, that I was allied with Des in f4, and he with Blake. Hopefully people will be stupid and then Hunter and I will be able to run this town.

Ash got cocky.

–Ash first confessional ever. This isnt awkward at, better talk about something. The cast. 6 seems fishy. I have a feeling that is not gonna be just a coincidence. But that makes me glad. I mean, I am hosting with Gerda, I just modded Mikes season and Adam and I talk quite a bit. To be honest they are some of the only people who I actually know....them, Jhet, Ash and Henzzy. And Henzzy stabbed me in the back in Japan, and Ash apparently is wanting my blood so...I know like 4 people. Though I must admit I am glad Aston isnt back, cannot trust him at all...same with Wes, I stabbed him in the back in Nepal, sure he would want to return the favor. (BTW this will probably be my only confessional in the whole game)


The game has started! Wow oh wow! I actually have a lot of stuff to share but i'll just give you a bit of it... I've been socializing with the all-stars cast and so far, i'm not really put off by anyone yet... There are a few people who might be targeting me from what I've heard, but i'm trying not to get too paranoid. Paranoia equals poison... It could also keep you alive, just as long as it's not obvious that you're paranoid it should be fine. And I've made a few friends, so that's exciting.. But I'm also trying to avoid Ash as much as possible. We're really close but that's what scares us. We're trying to not align with each other as close as we did in Nepal. Maybe not align with each other at all XD I'm not sure. We don't really trust each other 100 percent anyways. So it's best that we don't become obvious we're super close. I'm just, at the start of this game, really self-conscious. Anything can happen, and it can happen very abruptly. I don't want to be the first out, I want to make it to the merge! Hopefully, nothing too bad happens to me, and I don't have a big target on my back. I shouldn't have one anyways, there are bigger fish to fry.


Okay, so basically, I'm stuck doing this challenge with Lloyd. >.> I don't really have a problem with him, but there's still that "awkward" feeling from Revival where all we sorta did was fight, but yaknow, ya gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm hoping to team up with Ash and Ali. <3 I like them both (especially Ash), and I wanna go far with them. :o

I don't really know anyone else. Oh well. My social game is obviously top tier. ;)


Day 1 is really strange... The fact that there are still no tribes stops concrete alliances being formed so there's still not a whole lot that we can do. I've been talking to as many people as I can, just touching base and letting them know that I'm happy to work with them once the tribes are definite but until they're announced I can't start promising anyone anything!

Gerda and I have decided not to go hard in this first reward challenge because we don't want huge targets on our backs on Day 1. Apparently most people are throwing it because they'd rather lay low than get the clue. My worry is that someone like Alejandro - who's smart and sneaky - will end up with the idol because nobody else wants it...

Other than that it's just a waiting game for the tribes to be determined. I'm excited!


Alright, So when I was called for this season. I was pretty hesitant because I didn't really think I had a chance at winning due to my game play in Korea. But then a bunch of my friends pushed me to it, they gave me so much support that I decided not to let my fans down and go for gold. So I wanna dedicate this first confessional to one of my best ORG friends Amir and my #1 Mike (yes, he really called me his #1 lol) as well as another one of my big friends Kaeden.

Okay so now lets talk about the game. When I was in Korea, I did a little background check on previous contestants. 2 people who really influenced my game in Korea are Skandi and Loyd. Skandi inspired me to make villainous moves, it was pretty clear that I didn't plan on going all villain mode in Korea (I even said in my application that I hated Backstabbers lol) but when I heard about Skandi's gameplay, I though "Hey, I think I can do this" so he inspired me to become the Korea villain. Loyd on the other hand won Revival and became the first Filipino to win an ORG. This made me think that having 2 Filipinos win in a row would be really awesome. So I made an alliance with Aaron and Miggy, then soon pulled in Monkey and Amir to form the Secret Society which was the base of my whole game.

You can imagine how happy I was when both Skandi and Loyd were called for All-Stars! haha

Now I personally believe that the key to immortality is to never die. I'm not gonna commit the same mistakes I made in Korea, I'm definitely gonna learn from my mistakes and use everything in my arsenal to win this game.

The biggest thing that is working against me is my reputation and my biggest asset is my social game. I plan to use both of these hand in hand to score me the win. I learned that if you can turn your weakness into a strength, then you'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

With that being said, I'm pretty sure everybody who has read my game play thinks that I'm gonna pull off another Secret Society. So the question is, how do I turn that into an advantage? here's how.

I got pretty close with Ash even before I found out she was competing in All-Stars (She applied for the Hunger Games ORG and as you can see, the two of us are really alike in terms of how we think and how we talk)

I wanted to work with Ash, but then I realized that she's returning from Quals with Hunter...Friggin Hunter! I initially wanted to work with Hunter because we were pretty close with each other when he thought I was aligned with him in Korea. It's pretty obvious that Hunter was pissed at me when I blindsided him by pretending to be his ally. Things are pretty good with Hunter and I now. But I know what Hunter is thinking, he probably thinks that I'm either acting naive and that I'm in his pocket or that I'm playing him. So I have a plan to turn this around and really take control of the game.

First step, I'm gonna re-vamp the Secret Society! That's right, I'm doing exactly what Hunter expects me to do. But what he doesn't know, is that I'm using SS in a different way this time.

I'm gonna call it "The Bullet Monkey Alliance" in honor of the first fallen SS member; Monkey. I invited Ash and Hunter to re-vamp the Secret Society with me. But I'm actually gonna be using that alliance to take out everyone else inside that alliance. I'm gonna fill it up with my targets and use my connections to take out Ash and Hunter. I can't work with Hunter and I can't take him out without losing Ash's trust. Right now, I think they trust me well enough. I planted enough seeds in Ash's head to make her think that I really wanna work with Hunter. And Hunter thinks that SS is my baby that I'd cherish to the end. So I'm hoping that he thinks I'm 100% on this.

Hunter plans to use a failed strategy that he wanted to use in Quals called "The Pyramid". Basically, the 3 of us are gonna build the Secret Society to a slightly bigger alliance, but none of the people we recruit will know that Ash, Hunter and I are gonna be in power or that Hunter, Ash and I will be working together. So at this point. It'll be easy to turn Ash and Hunter's individual alliances against them and turn their allies' loyalty over to me.

When they build their pyramid. I'm gonna get as much info as I possibly can about their subordinates. Then when the time is right. I'm gonna reveal to their subordinates. I'll tell them about SS and the Pyramid and that Ash and Hunter are gonna take them out. I'll also reveal personal details that only Ash and Hunter know about them. This way, their subordinates will work with me to take down the Bullet Monkey Alliance!

My plan is already in motion. Hunter revealed that he wants Adam out. Ash revealed that she wants Gerda out. What they don't know is that Gerda and I have probably the most solid alliance in this whole game. (Ironic that one of the biggest heroes is working with one of the biggest villains).

Now off to another point of my game play. The first part is gonna connect with the second part soon.

Like I said, Gerda is my biggest ally in the game. I'm sticking with her no matter what. I don't care if she plays a strong game, the only thing I care about is the trust. And Gerda is someone who I can trust with my life, so there's no way I'm taking her out.

She informed me that Marish want's me out. She also informed me that Marish is a friend of hers. So I thought "How can I turn this into a win-win situation?". I quickly thought of an answer. I told Gerda to be apathetic towards the situation. To say that she really didn't care about me in the game, that I was basically a wild card. I told her to casually mention that I'm incredibly loyal to my real allies (Wasn't I? I did that with the original SS in Korea, The only time I really turned on them was when Miggy wanted me out.). That was step 1.

Step to was to really connect with Johan-Amir himself. We talked and I was prepared to go all plastic mode on him and be fake so that I'd be able to connect with him more. But I soon realized that I didn't really need to be fake. Johan-Amir is a friggin awesome guy! So needless to say that we connected.

Gerda talked to Johan-Amir later on and he said that he was no longer targeting me because he saw how friendly I was (Achievement Unlocked!).

And this is the part where the whole story connects. Johan-Amir invited me into a 5-man alliance that can potentially take control of the game. We called it "Alfons' Favorite Alliance". Consisting of Johan-Amir, Gerda, Ash, Myself and Adam. I saw the perfect opportunity to strike.

Gerda already knows about my Bullet Monkey strategy. So I found a way to raise my position in that alliance and to weaken a dangerous threat. I told Johan-Amir about what Ash and Hunter were planning. That they both wanted Adam out. I put in a detail that involved Hunter's friend telling Adam that Hunter was backstabbing him and that Hunter wanted to strike first before Adam had the chance. This wasn't a lie and Johan-Amir was shocked to hear this. This weakened Ash's control over the alliance and increased my reputation in it.

Now for the icing on the cake. I spilled this info to Adam. I've never talked to Adam before, so this just made him feel closer to me.I informed him that Ash and Hunter are working together and that he is one of their main targets. Adam knew that I wasn't feeding him BS because of the fact that I would have no way of knowing the incident between he and Hunter.

Now, Adam trusts me. Gerda trusts me, Ash thinks I'm gonna go far with her, Johan-Amir is pretty convinced that I'm 100% with "Alfons' Favorite Alliance". This puts me at a better spot in the alliance with Ash being at the bottom.

I plan to keep Ash and Hunter around a little longer because as long as Hunter is in the game, Adam will be threatened. Since I'm the only one who can warn Adam about Hunter's moves, Adam is gonna need me in this game. I know Gerda wont turn on me. So I say that I'm in a pretty safe position in my alliance.

I'm still a little sketchy about Johan-Amir. I know he trusts me because he invited me into his alliance and because I showed concern over the alliance. But he can easily see my move as sneaky and untrustworthy (since I did betray one alliance already). If that's the case, then I need to keep my eye open for Johan-Amir.

I already got taken out by one Amir! I don't need to get taken out by another!


I'm an All-Star. It is an awesome feeling really, I wouldn't have thought I would come to this moment back when I signed up for Korea. Just thinking one second I look at the wiki like everyone here is a bunch of nerds and here I All-Star! Coming from a dominant game in Quals I have a decent strategy going into this game. I was way too comfortable in Korea and that led to my elimination. Coming into this, and leaving qual, I learned to stay on my toes. You never know when someone is going to break your neck and that was my problem with Alejandro. Now going into this game I have a revamped alliance with him and Ash, named Secret Society 2.0. How can I be sure though that this is the actual secret society? Surely he wouldn't want to take threats like Ash and I to the end would he? I'm not sure...Alejandro scares me but if he isn't bluffing, I can play my cards right and take him out before he gets the chance to do so to me. The problem is timing, and that is something I need to wait to figure out. Ash and I are going to throw the challenge to make us look like non-threats. This should be an interesting season.


I am very worried right now. The alliance of Ash, Gerda, Adam and Johan-Amir has now added Alejandro. Alejandro seems very for the idea of keeping Adam. Adam is a huge threat, the biggest in the game right now and he won't see it. He is going to get blindsided to easy if he sticks with him. I'm starting to think this secret society isn't going to work. I need to pull together some sort of bro alliance, similar to the three amigos. I know I am allied with Sole, and I have taken a liking to him, it is true, we are very similar. I could possibly pull in Ben and even Taylor. I just need to make sure that Alejandro does not get too far, and he is growing very powerful. Hopefully I can pop the balloon he is growing to be before he gets too far up.


I thought Poly was so realistic and tough. But NOTHING compares to this. Jesus Christ. I tried to play dumb, and lay low, but NO. I'm playing with Hunter, possibly the most ignorant player in this game. He's just like Dan and Aaron, and he's very immature and young. He wants me out, for voting out Aaron and (not) voting our Dan. Ash is also targeting me, for reasons that we all know. She was my host. She knows how I play this game. Well sadly, they are playing way too fast. I've gotten contacted by several people, about alliances. Now, Alejandro was the one who told me about their plan. I trust him, but we'll see. Now here are my alliances, the ones I trust and the ones I don't.

Here are my alliances from my most loyal, to not.

1. Kevin (F2) - My number 1 ally.

2. Winners Alliance (3) - Me, Mike, and Charlie. Mike comes into play, he's the one that Ash and Hunter want to target me. So we'll see his loyalty.

3. Mirash, Ale, Ash, Gerda - I trust everyone but Ash, especially Gerda. I've heard she's very loyal to her allies. I also heard she wants Ash out, which works for me.

I need to ensure majority in my alliance, and if it's a winners tribe all I have to do is get Lloyd out first, just because it seems as if no one would mind voting him. If we do that, then my alliance of 3 has majority on the tribe. This is with our tribe, pending. It looks like Charlie is such a target, it'd be hard to align with him. We'll see, I hope we win and don't have to worry.

Now, here's my other flimsy allies who contacted me first.

Ali - meh

Taylor - meh since he's with the two who want me outtttie

Gerda/Ale - both are really nice now, but we'll see.

I might throw the challenge, might not.


So Skandi started talking to me. Oh God why??? It's so he's apologizing for not voting for me on Switz then he say's he likes to open up a new page for us. Luckily for him. I can easily forgive. Not forget though, maybe this is one of his magic spells again. If that's the case, I'm not falling for it.


So, this challenge was very difficult, especially since I played right after an 11 hour shift at work. But, I'm not gonna make any excuses. In this challenge, Adam had told me he got a 101, and then a 100... Literally, like 20 seconds after he sent in his 100, I got a 99. We talked it over, and determined that we are not going to try to win this reward challenge. If we were to win, and get the clue, just like in Blood vs. Water, the clue is a poison. That is why they burned it each time. So, we are going to turn in our 100 and 99.

I have decided, and after long discussion with Adam, we are going to stick together. Him and Ted started out together, and he has proven to be loyal to his original alliance. We have decided, because we feel like we are probably 2 of the best challenge competitors, and because we are planning on going super far in this game together, we are going to call ourselves the "Pair of Aces."

Adam has been confronted about alliances from quite a few people. I have only really been confronted by Sharky. So, this shows that Adam has either more options, or a bigger target on his back. I'm going to assume the latter. I'm hoping with the tribe reveal, we are both put into positions where we can get comfortable. I just know that as new people, we will either be targeted by the veterans from the early seasons, or they will try to bring back old grudges against each other. I'm hoping we aren't targeted, but we won't find out until later.

The hardest part is knowing who I can trust. And the only person I can trust is Adam. I'm hoping that with our challenge prowess, and my social abilities, we can get into a comfortable alliance, and stay safe until merge. Then we will be the most powerful duo this ORG has ever seen. But, that is also looking very far ahead. In this game, we have to play for the now, and make most of our decisions for the end game. In Polynesia, alot of people made moves for immediate security, rather than take a slight risk, take a vote or two, and set themselves up for a better game near the end. And that is my goal. I'm not out here to try and get a perfect game. I'm out here to win. If I have to take some votes, but set myself up for the victory, I will not hesitate.

This game has just barely started, and I'm not out here to take pity on people. We are all selected as All-Stars for a reason, and if I have to exploit some downfalls of people, I will. I want to be viewed as one of the greatest Heroes in this ORG, but if I must drop that, then I must. I enjoy the walk of the hero, but I'm in this for the victory. I'm gonna prove to all my supporters that they chose wisely, and to all my doubters that they were sorely mistaken, and they can SUCK IT. I'm here, I'm gonna kick ass, and I'm gonna show everyone exactly what I am capable of.


Now that we are finally allowed to form alliances, I feel like a nest that is surrounded by bees. Quite a number of people have offered me an alliance. I do intend to keep most of them, but about some people I am keeping one eye open.

I am going to be more social this season, but a lot more careful. I will try to not create or lead any alliances (at least at first) and I won't be an obvious challenge threat. That is why I decided to send in a more lower score for the first challenge. I already have a target on my back so I need to be a lot more careful. Each decision, each step that I make has to be really, really thought through. Now I only have to wait til I find out which tribe I am on. Since I have already got a good amount of contacts, I should be fine. But still, I won't leave the fate of Tina in All Stars leave my mind. She is what keeps me more focused.


This challenge though. On one hand, Mike and I don't want to win because we don't want to have an even bigger target on our backs, but, on the other hand, we want to have a solid score so we don't look weak.


Alright so I ended up getting 101 and Mike got 99 so we are going to submit those scores and risk looking like threats. Better to look strongish for the tribe game. Plus we do have reputations to hold after all. :p


Well, it's day 1. We just got a challenge with a very annoying flash game ahaha. i got 99 and sharky got 101. I also know the charles and jhet also got that same score. So either we will tie or someone has 100/100

Now when it comes to winning, idk if sharky and I want to win. I mean i really do cause i want that idol, but sharky doesn't cause he's afraid he will be a target.

Now, it could already be assumed that sharky and I are working together cause we did so well, but idk if I want too, it will really all depend on tribes and stuff because if we both have no one else, we will probably have too.

Well right now, im just trying to get to know people because i don't really know anyone ahaha.

I've talked to alejandro a bit now and we made an alliance, and he really trusts me. but I probably wont go far with him tbh.

I have another alliance with charles. which is cool cause were friends, which im lucky he was my host in cote or else we wouldn't be friends.

As to whether i am a threat or no, i have no idea how people see me. I just want to know the tribes so I can start strategizing with the right people.


I have to play with Andrei... I really enjoy playing with him... But I dont really trust him after PNG... But he is a cool person... After like 15 minutes we had exactly 100 points average... 104-96 as a combination... I guess we can win if we want, since a lot of people will throw the challenge... Andrei really wants to win... He is a challenge beast... So I might go along with it... I just need to deflect the target from me to Andrei... Shall be possible... The hint to the idol might enable me to overcome the disadvantage of having no prior connections... Sharing it will help me make an early alliance if my tribe has no Uli-fans in it... So I will go with Andrei for the win of the challenge... Lets make ourselves unvoteable for a tribe that needs strong competitors...


I think I can really trust Adam. All the info I have heard about him he has also told to me himself. He doesn't hide anything from me it seems. And he seems to be in a really bad spot with some people, and I have promised to protect him, which I definitely intend to do.

It also seems we go well together. He is easy and fun to talk to, and seems to think the same as me in quite a few areas. I am glad to have a player like this on my side. I am much, much more sure about him than quite some other players in the season.

But so far, I am aligning with everyone. I don't create alliances myself really, but I do agree to an alliance if anyone asks me. I don't want anyone to be suspicious and I want them to think that I am going along with them. I want them to think that I am trusting them, and making the moves they tell me to make instead of making some of my own decisions. I am not going to be a coattail rider though. But I cannot show my full potential as a player yet. I need to make it to the merge first. And it won't be easy.


So I thought I could trust Taylor...big mistake. I gave him delicate information about this alliance that Alejandro, Gerda, Johan-Amir, Ash and Adam are in and he has already told them I spilled everything. There goes my damn resistance. Oh well. I can hopefully pick myself up by convincing them it was all a lie. I don't think this will hurt my game too much. We haven't even found out tribes and I'm already scrambling to save myself..damn. Better start taking it easy. I need to fly under the radar more, I'm making too big of a target of myself. I need to get on the right tribe..


I did good in the challenge. But where this game really lies is in the alliances. Last season was a cakewalk but this time I'm up against real players some of which are not fans of mine. Time to win challenges I guess


Hells yeah for this tribe! I'm friends with most of my tribe so I think that puts me in a really good position, plus we look like a strong tribe so I'm really excited. plus now I get to work with Sole, Alejandro, and Jhet :D


Grrrr! I can't stand Ash. Why does someone have to play this game in such a dirty way? It was a huge mistake for Marish to create this alliance with me, Alejandro, Adam, him and Ash - simply because Ash has now blabbed to people about it. She is honestly one of the most dishonest players I have seen. She just turns on people who haven't done anything to her. I hope her time in this game isn't going to be long.


Operation: Anti-Ash and Mpilo 5:

So, now that we're settling in our tribes, dynamics are on the constant.

Knowing that Charlie and Jhet are not "friendly" with Ash it's perfect to find a way to throw her under the bus... somehow... by sabotaging her reputation, and exposing her LIES.

The Mpilo 5 is an alliance between the whole tribe bar Mark (who hasn't been active that much, nor talking to the tribe). Obviously an alliance that big isn't gonna last if there's SIX people in a frigging tribe, thankfully, Sole, Alejandro and Jhet are up for "an alliance of an alliance", so I should hopefully be safe, all I need to ensure is that me and possibly Alejandro end up "swing votes".


So I did end up approaching Charlie, and then every Nepal player came to me. Apparently, there's some rivalry between Ash and the boys... Which I'm happy with because that means I can kinda play both sides. From the conversations I had with them, Jhet seems to be a really nice person, he's really social, loyal, and has a lot friends here. Therefore, he needs to go. Uli told me he was after the players from S11, so these are people I'll need to keep in mind for later if I need to rally votes against him.

I also talked to Sharky. I know we're both reputed for our challenge prowess, so it'll be good to have each other. I don't think I can charm him though, which sucks, but oh well. I think I can trust him to some extent, or at least I can count on his desire to compete with me. He also wants to beat Mike, and I can help him with that.


Day 2

Losing that challenge was a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I don't have leverage with the Idol clue, but on the other hand, it landed in Jhet's hands and if it puts a target on his back, I'm happy. At least it's not gonna put a target on mine.


Knew it. An All-Winners tribe. Zuma...kinda wished we had been yellow, but hey hey. Red has been lucky before. Apparently though Lloyd is inactive, and none of the tribe have talked to him. So maybe, hopefully he will be an easy first boot if we go to tribal. But you never know. I have a safe alliance with Mike and Adam, but we just need a 4th. I am thinking Gerda, but she is a massive threat...anyways, that seems to be okay. But now I have the clue to deal with...and I am so confused. What am I even supposed to do, what the hell am I meant to guess. I thought the clues in Nepal were bad...but they are nothing to this.


I gotta hand it to Hunter, he's one step ahead of me. He just revealed the Bullet Monkey alliance to a few people and put a target on my back. But I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve.

I've got Skandi in Hunter's tribe. I think Skandi can pull something off. I have a feeling that Hunter is working with Uli because he suddenly got off of Hunter and Ash's targets.

The game is so confusing now. Ash and Hunter seem to be aligned but I'm hearing talks about how Hunter is putting a target on Ash. Those two are now my #1 targets.

Oh Hunter, you are gonna HATE me for blindsiding you twice -_- meh, maybe we can only really be friends outside the game... I'm a determined little bitch ain't going down without a fight!

Anyway, as you know. I work with cross tribal alliances. The bullet monkey strategy was a fail...sadly, so I just need to adapt. If Hunter is planting a target on my back, then I need to plant an even bigger one on his.

When the tribes were announced. I looked at the other tribes before mine. Lets tackle them one by one.

Zuma Tribe - Aka winner's tribe
Gerda and Adam are solid, there is a clear target (Charlie) who trusts me pretty well... Unfortunately for Charlie, I'm closer to Gerda and Adam. So they have Mike. I talked to Loyd and I told him that Charlie is working against him (which he is). So I think my friends over there are pretty safe.

On other news. Charlie trusts me well enough to share his idol clue with me. And again, I'm stuck in a predicament where I have to betray his me,this is not fun at all. But it's best for my game if I work with Gerda.

I think I solved the clue, I think that the answer is #1 because the clue talks about the very first thing being the key to my ring. Ring could mean cellphone and key could mean keypad. I talked to Gerda and gave her the answer. Hopefully I'm right.

Tambo Tribe
Ali, Andrei, Ash, Ben, Kevin and Taylor. The only people I'm genuinely concerned about are Kevin and Taylor because I really feel like I can work with them. Taylor says that Ben and Ali want him in an alliance of 3. I thought "Great, we can get Ash out". But on the other hand, that would mean keeping Ali around, and I'm pretty sure that he'll gun for me when he has the chance.

I suggested that Taylor work with Ali and Ben to take out Ash, then pull in Kevin and Andrei to take out Ali (Kevin was willing to work with Taylor, and Andrei would be willing to do so because he'd be out of he didn't side with Taylor). Unfortunately, Taylor is scared of making a big move...I'm asking Gerda to convince him how deadly Ali can get at the late game. Hopefully, Taylor will catch on.

Rolih Tribe
Gerard, Henry, Hunter, Skandi, Uli and Zac

Hunter is my main target right now. I luckily have connections in the Rolih tribe too - Hezzy and Skandi. The first hurdle was to get Henzzy to consider aligning with Skandi which was surprisingly easy. Henzzy felt scared in his tribe, so I told him that I put in a good word to Skandi so that 1 major threat wouldn't target him. Skandi also felt scared, so I told him that I put in a good word for him with Henzzy. Luckily, Henzzy has Gerard with him. So that's 3 people, Skandi want's to work with if all goes well, then Hunter is going home...hopefully.

Mpilo Tribe
Me, Johan-Amir, Mark, Sole, Sharky and Jhet

I was scared as hell at first because I only had Johan-Amir in my corner. But man, Sole came to save the day! We made an alliance. I said that I could trust Marish and he said that he's got Sharky and Jhet. At this point it was pretty obvious that he wanted me in a 4 person alliance. Which means that once Mark is out, Johan-Amir and I will have to be able to sway one of the 3 on to our side. Lucky for us, we have Jhet :)

That guy is seriously awesome, I definitely wanna work with him. I told him that I wanted to stick with him in the game and he agreed. Then he suggested a core alliance of 3 with me, him aaannnnd Johan-Amir! This seriously couldn't go better for me xD I'm SO HAPPY WITH THIS TRIBE xD

So it's either I'm being played or I'm in a good spot. I'm gonna target Sharky if we lose 2 challenges though. Sharky is Gerda's target after all, and besides that, Sole saved me. I'm a deceptive little villain but there's no way I'd ever let a debt go unpaid.

So that's my take on the tribes. Several cross-tribal alliances. Some of which aren't so secret anymore. I may be making several moves too early, but if I can control everything, then I'd be in a good position.


Ähm yes… When the challenge got posted I was already drunk, partying and ended up not being home when I was needed… So we lost the challenge with only 2 people competing… Which let’s face it… Was a majorly stupid idea… Why would you go against the rules immediately… Wait and learn… Let others make mistakes and lose it… That’s the clever way of going… But no… These young fools are constantly trying to do do do do do something… They are freaking me out… No wonder we are losing with them… I want a real player to play with me… PLEASE Tribeswitch after this challenge…

Well… Since I wasn’t home yet from partying when Hunter and Henzzy decided they wanted Skandi gone… Now I have to go along with it… FUCK… My gameplay is already more fucked up than in PNG and its like 2 days in… Plus… I don’t want Skandi gone… He is the only person in the tribe who sees a bigger picture… But well… gotta vote him out… Hope the next biggest target is not the person to be voted out next…


I got sent to the Tambo tribe, which I'm kinda happy about, the name sounds cool. However, I am NOT looking forward to making a nasty-ass yellow flag for the tribe, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, the only person I got to know before the assignation was Ash, so I kinda have to work on securing her from now on. I was warned that she is really shady, but you know... There's something comforting about knowing that. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Everyone seems to be nice, but nice doesn't always cut it. On first impressions and gut feeling alone, I'd be inclined to vote out Ali. His reputation isn't too good, he's also really young, and he never won Individual Immunity, and most importantly, I don't think we have anything in common. At least Ash's a bit of a bitch too, so we can bond over that...


These tribes suck!!!

Why did i get stuck with a bunch of people i barely know and all my friends are on other tribes.
Ali flips, Ash you have to be precautions with after she spilt the the beans to Hunter. Ben doesn’t reply sometimes, Andrei and Kevin I’ve barely even spoken to… seriously i wouldn’t be surprised if i was the fist out at this stage…


So on my tribe there is Uli, Skandi, Gerard, Hunter and Zac. I don't know about this group.... I dont dislike them, but Uli and Skandi are massive villains. And I sense that Zac doesn't like me very much. But anyway, I need to get into an alliance very fast. Uli has said he wants to work with me, so has Hunter and Gerard. Honestly, I trust Hunter and Gerard more than Uli. Uli just seems so fake whenever I talk to him. He's always like "I love young people, they make things interesting" then you read his confessionals from PNG.... Yep, I can see how much you love young people buddy. And Skandi keeps saying he feels alone, so I told him to talk to people, and he replies with "I can't be bothered", well guess what, I can't be bothered keeping you on this tribe much longer. It's just irritating. Make friends if you feel alone. It's not super hard. Zac seems really nice, but I think he dislikes me, I hope he doesn't but I get a weird vibe whenever we talk. But I like Gerard and Hunter. They would be the people I want to work with. So yeah, that what I think of my tribe. They're alright, but I wish I was on a different tribe.


Worst feeling. Worst tribe...I know nobody apart from Uli. This is going to suck real bad. So Uli and I get talking and we decide to pull in Henzzy to form an alliance of 3. Now being the intelligent genius that I am, I know we need one more to create majority, however I don't want Uli knowing who it is. Uli seems to me like a Darth Sidious. I'm kind of scared of him, but it seems like he can take control very well. I have had personal conversations with him but it just isn't enough to build my trust with him. So I chose Gerard. Knowing that I could potentially build a bro alliance, and having failed with Taylor, I know I could possibly take Henzzy or Gerard in his place. So if Uli, Henzzy, and Gerard are the top, we could pick of Zac and Skandi. I'm worried about Skandi. Once he wakes up there WILL be hell. There's no doubt about that. Right now he is the silent snake. Nobody is talking about him....we may need to cut the head off before he can wake up.


This challenge already annoys me and it hasn't even started. An endurance challenge when we all have family obligations and stuff to prepare for New Year? Furreal?


Okay...I may be jumping the gun, since tribes are yet to be revealed. But I have organized a 5 way alliance between Gerda, Mike, Adam, Hickman and I to vote out Lloyd if it is an All-Winners tribe. Otherwise, I still have a few connections...those 4, been talking to Andrei, Ben, Sharky, Uli, Johan-Amir, Henzzy and Jhet. Right now Lloyd and Ash are the two I really want gone. But sadly Ash knows that...but then again, I am not here to make friends. This time I am here to get my second gold. And actually mean it.


So we got tree mail for our first immunity challenge. And I was like Yaaahoooo! We are gonna kick butt! And it's a challenge anyone can win as long as they work together. So I definitely think it's anyones game. But right now, the only people who said they can do the challenge are Hunter and myself. Gerard and Zac can't. Skandi and Uli have not said if they can or can't. So it doesn't look to good for us. As well as the fact that it's a double tribal council, and we have increased chances of going o tribal, we also have members who can't do the challenge, it's understandable, but disappointing never the less. Gerard has a plane trip and Zac never said what he was doing. So I really hope Uli and Skandi can do the challenge. Otherwise, hello tribal council and bye, bye proving that we are a strong tribe right away. I'm super scared because I really don't want to be the first one out, that would be my worst nightmare. So Uli and Skandi, please do the challenge. Pretty, pretty please.


Wooooo is this a good day for me! Not only did my tribe win immunity (which is not something I'm used to) but after the challenge Mike came to me about an alliance which is perfect because that worked out really well for me last time. But, of course, I won't carry him to the end this time.


Well, it looks as though my tribe won immunity, that's a first...

so no tribal council, along with the other tribe, whatever they are called, with sharky and Jhet.

So as i said earlier, I have an alliance with Charles, and now with Adam. So it's me Charles and Adam. Sharky and I have also been talking and have formed an alliance with Charles and Jhet, and probably adam. I want adam cause I know he trusts me, cause he talks to me 1 on 1 a lot.

I also have a random alliance with alejandro to fall back if i want to aha, so right now im in a decent position.

so now I wait i guess


... And then Bailey announced 2 tribes were going to TC. Great, now I have to stay up for sure, and even then, I'm relying on my tribemates' presence. This is fucking awesome...


So Zuma won. It was obvious that we would.

1) We're a red tribe
2) We're all winners for a reason.
Then again we are all All Stars for some reason or another.


And the night just keeps getting better. The Bromance has been born. Me, Mike, Charlie, Jhet, Sole, and Adam. Look out everybody, because we're playing to win :p


Well that challenge was a mess. Between Ben being 5 minutes late, Ali being unable to post from his phone, and the 20948929848929889409290309 mistakes that he made throughout the challenge and the occasional lag, our only hope at this point is to pray that Mpoli lost because they didn't type the numbers in letters... It's a long shot, but I say why not.

If we lose though, at this point I'm ready to vote Ali out. I didn't have any patience with him during one challenge, no way in hell I'm going to last 39 days with him. Ash should be on the same page since we spent the entire challenge cussing him out in private, which made the challenge much funnier despite the frustration. Apparently he suggested voting out Kevin, which I'm not okay with, because he's potentially going to be after Jhet later and he just seems a lot more loyal than Ali... Either way, we should have 3 votes, we only need one more and Ali's toast.


I'm so happy we won immunity. I actually really love my tribe, we have a good group of people who are great at challenges, especially Sole and Sharky. I know they're known for their immunity runs. But if we lost... I would still feel safe. I think I aligned myself in a pretty good position in my tribe. We've created a five person alliance, all against Mark... Poor Mark, he came in right after we started making alliances XD... So he would be first boot. But then if we lose again, we would be in an interesting situation. My plan was to make a secret core alliance within the group. So I made one with Johan-Amir and Alejandro because they were the only ones online >< But when Sharky came... he offered me a different core alliance with me, him, and Sole. He also told me about a potential cross tribal alliance just in case if there was a swap. So now I'm in the middle of these two alliances XDDD I would probably go with Sharky but i don't want to look like a sheep... It would be stupid not to go with him though... We have many big threats in our tribe, i just can't decide which ones are worth taking to the merge. Hopefully, i don't have to think about it too much right now. Ignorance is bliss at this point.


This game is moving really quickly and it's great! Alejandro, Sharky, Johan-Amir, Jhet and I are the majority alliance in Mpilo with Mark on the outs for being really quiet. I'm feeling great about our tribe since we won immunity but at the same time, I have some big threats I need to get rid of. Sharky and Jhet have pulled me into an alliance of 6 with Charlie, Adam and Mike from Zuma called 'The Bromance' but I don't like my chances in it at all. Mike and Sharky were each others' number one in Season 10 and Charlie and Jhet played with each other in Nepal not to mention the fact that half of the alliance are winners and if any of them make FTC it's over for me. I'll tell Sharky all he wants to hear concerning that but if I get the chance I want him and that alliance to fall. Sharky has also trusted me enough to share the idol clue with me but it's not a lot of use at the moment... I'll start firing off guesses but it's really vague.

So far, so good! I want to take this competition out and I'm going to do all I can to do it.


What is this strange thing? *holds the tribal immunity idol* It looks.. so pretty.. and shiny.. what is this? Oh.. is this the tribal immunity? I? Survivor's worst tribe's tribemember? I mean.. this is literally the THIRD time I won a challenge in my Survivor game... so it's nice to have immunity, it's also fun to feel like I'm on the dominant tribe for once. Yaay! AND the Zuma tribe won, so my secret aliance between Adam, Gerda and Alejandro are intact for at least the first round. It's going to be interesting being the one to observe who's going home. Because I know Ali is being targeted, but i Have no idea who Rolih is targeting.. so I can't wait...


Hunter is not a hero anymore. When I modded Korea, I quite admired his gameplay and was sad when he was voted off. Now I get that he is trying to play the game differently because one should when they return.. but is this really the way to treat a person who has so far tried to do nothing but help you?

I hear he is putting targets on the backs of my alliance members, specifically Alejandro and Marish. Which is why it's a godsend we won. But his tribe doesn't seem to be all that united, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

Yet I have realised that each word that comes out of my mouth must be very carefully considered. This isn't Hawaii, we are dealing with at least two major liars in this season. I must believe in only those people that I can trust. Luckily, I should be in a good spot. I have Alejandro on my side. And Hunter's social game isn't nearly as good as his.


Day 3

So we lost the immunity challenge. Still don't see how 99 and ninety nine are the same thing, it's a time advantage because it's easier to type out. -_- And I swear, if Jhet (or anyone) tries to shove it in my face, I will cut someone.

Anyways, I'm pissed. We could've won the challenge if we didn't have to wait for Ali to get online for 10 fucking minutes. So, if it's not clear, Ali is going home tonight. He's on the outs of the tribe, and this immunity didn't exactly help him. Sorry, not sorry, gotta kill the weakest links. We need to win immunity from now forth. And if he's here, I don't think that's going to happen. I still like my tribe though, the four of us who participated were talking in the group chat and so far, I definitely like Ben and Andrei. But I still want Ben out, because I know Taylor and Andrei are both close to him, and that worries me.


So we lost the challenge today, which sucks. Hunter and I had to do the challenge all on our own. No one else did anything. Gerard was on a plain trip, so that's a good enough excuse. Uli said he was on a date with some girl or something, I can't remember. Skandi was sleeping. And I don't know what happened with Zac. Anyway, right now I'm working with Gerard and Hunter. I told them we should vote out Skandi, and they all agreed. I think they all know he's trouble. So It should be him who goes home. I think we also plan on telling Zac to vote him so we have majority at four. But right now, it seems like Skandi will be going home. I don't really feel to bad. I wasn't close to him coming into the game and we never became to close during the game so..... Yeah, it wont be to tough of a vote.


We lost. Doesn't surprise me honestly, out of every ORG I have played I have never been immune the first round. I am going into TC ready to be blindsided. I trust Henzzy and Gerard but only to an extent. If what they say is true, Henzzy, Gerard and I have an alliance of 3. Uli and I also have an alliance. Henzzy, Gerard and I are looking to pull in Zac and make an alliance called "Sandra's Alliance" or the "As Long as it's not Us" alliance, hoping it will progress us in the game farther. However, this isn't how I like to play. I brought up the idea of taking out Skandi to Gerard who went along with the plan, and it seems Henzzy is down too. What I am currently worried about is how Uli will react. That is why we are pulling in Zac, because we don't know if Uli is aligned with Skandi. Hopefully Zac will be good with this decision. Either way, it should be an interesting tribal. I am hoping my name does not come up, but I believe it will. I have not talked to Skandi yet and it appears he has been conversing with the others. He may be targeting me but I think we can get the jump on him before he gets the jump on us. I think taking out Skandi would be a very controversial move and will definitely shake the game. We all know he must have some big alliance formed already, and taking him out would be huge. Fifth ORG, Fifth first tribal council. Here we go.


Skandi is definitely in trouble tonight, he has 3 votes going towards him and hopefully we can get Zac to be the 4th. I spoke to Skandi and he is definitely trying to play me. He was saying how he want's to work with me and how I could hide behind a big name like him. He was basically asking me to be his sheep. I don't ride coattails. Sorry Skandi. So while we were talking, I started telling him to vote for Zac. The reasoning for that was because if he votes Zac, it will be easier for me to tell Zac that he needs to vote with me or he might go home. I just hope it doesn't all blow up in my face. I don't want to be out of here first. I want to play for a while. A while meaning 39 days. But yeah, I think Gerard and Hunter are loyal, I've just got to wait for tribal. But I can't get overconfident. For all I know, someone could be trying to vote me out as we speak. That's the crazy thing about the game and one of the scariest too.


I've mentioned in Polynesia about how much I hate work. I would have like to be able to participate in this first challenge, to show my tribe what I am capable of, but I had to work. But, I also wasn't a huge fan of having the first challenge be a live one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing 99 Bottles in Polynesia, because I was the ring leader for that one, and got my tribe the win. But that was for reward. Like I said in my Tribal Question, it would have been a good challenge for reward, but in immunity challenges, especially this early, because I like to take my time with challenges. That way I can put in my best score. But, I am done complaining. Nothing I can do, or could have done to change it, so, I just have to adapt.

The first tribal council always makes me nervous. You aren't quite sure if your alliance is going to be trustworthy or not. To make matters worse, I'm the new guy to the ORG, so I'm probably viewed at as puppy chow. But, I guess what I have working to my advantage, and disadvantage, is that both Ash and Taylor are familiar with my gameplay, and know what I can contribute. That being said, we have made an alliance based on our rankings. We all ranked 6th in our seasons, and lasted 33 days. So we are the "Day 33 Boot Club" or something. Idk how long I can trust them, but for now, I'm going to. Also, to make sure we have the numbers, we have all talked with both Ben and Andrei, and they are excited to work with me. I haven't really talked to Ali, but, since we lost the challenge, I guess he is targeting me. From the looks of it, he will be going home 5-1. His vote will ruin my chance at a perfect season, but I just want to stay in this game.

My first thought when Ash said they were voting Ali, was, "how do I know I can trust her?" Then, I've also got the same messages from Taylor, Ben, and Andrei. But, what really makes me believe that I am going to be here when this tribal is done, is that Ash talked with Adam. Apparently they talked about our tribal, and Ash said we were voting out who was targeting me. So, I don't think that Ash would ruin her own game this early by lying to Adam (who I think is aligned pretty solidly in his own tribe).
Hopefully this all goes my way, because I still have alot to prove to everyone, I just haven't really been given the opportunity quite yet.


If I get voted off 1st I wiill eat a horse! But seriously I think im going to get voted off I dont know why lets just hope thats not the case XD but if it is I wont be mad at all I will wish luck to my tribe...


Oh no! I love my tribe! I was so happy when I first saw the tribe reveal but then I quickly realised if we ever went to Tribal there was no one I wanted to vote for. And so of course we have to attend the first Tribal....

I hate myself right now because I'm in this awful position where I have to vote someone out and every possibility sucks. Taylor was the only one from my tribe I'd talked to previously. Ali was the first person to talk to me after the tribe reveal and we promised each other we'd work together. The three of us agreed to work together and that's when everything started sucking big time. Kevin talked to Taylor and wanted an alliance of him, Taylor, Ash and I. And who do they want out? Ali. I don't even know why but everyone wants Ali gone. And there's nothing I can really do about it. Apparently Ash and Ali don't get along, and Andrei is annoyed with Ali for being late to the live challenge. Even if I could change the vote, it means changing it to another person and that's not going to make me feel any better. So I have to be awful, go back on my word and betray Ali. I get too emotionally invested in this game. My biggest struggle is balancing the strategic and emotional aspects of the game.

To make me feel worse, I think I'm in a good position in my tribe. Taylor is my closest ally, and just a nice, friendly person. So the two of us have Kevin on our side. Ash is ostensibly part of the four but there's another dilemma. She told me Andrei wants her and me as a three-person alliance. So it looks like I'm going to be in the exact same position after this vote of having to choose between people. We better win some challenges because I do not want to have to deal with this.

Oh yeah, Hunter and I have an alliance we made early on and so I have a good idea of what's going on at Rolih. Hunter, Gerard and Henry are a three. Hunter thinks Charlie and Uli are aligned and that Charlie may have given or may give the idol to Uli. Drama, drama, drama. There's definitely going to be a tribe swap, absorption or amalgamation in the somewhat near future. So being aligned with Hunter and, by extension, Gerard and Henry gives me a better chance of being able to get a majority on any new tribe configurations. Hopefuls!