These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 7

Am I sad to see Ometepe go? No, he's an idiot, he's immature and well he sucks.. Not my problem, I'm not his 'bro' and theres Adam's: One big happy family? But thats according to Adam at least... He doesn't know who he is dealing with here.


Well now that Summer is gone thanks to our own stubbornness, I don't know how much longer I have in this game. I can only hope that the "Duy Faction" decides that the other two are bigger threats than me, or that we go on a long run of immunity wins. The best case scenario though would be a tribe swap but that likely won't happen until one more tribal. I just hope I can hang on that long.


The vuelta tribe is in my Pocket!! I have an alliance with everyone! Joshi thinks he his brighter than everyone else, which annoyed me so I don't need him anymore, so I will blindside him! I mean, this dummy don't even want to play because he wants so bad to be seen as a villain by making a scene like corrinne did! Plus, he already voted me out and he play with a phone... Seriously, if you are too poor to buy a computer, DON'T PLAY


Joshie is serious dead meat He aint going to no pyramid and courtney screw her companionship i dont need her to say jack for me to get her out i still have 4 others on my control so OFF WITH HIS HEAD!


♫♪♫WE WON IMMUNITY, WE WON IMMUNITY♪♫♪ YAY!!!!! we won another immunity,which gives me aanother 3 days.. well i'm upset about what happen in regresso's tribal council..they stayed true to each other so summer has to sacrifice his game..well he said it's fine... but i'm really worried with Chris and Will right now.. I hope they're not on the chopping block.. I would hate to see them go.. "BUT WE NEED THIS IMMUNITY" .. however if we lose the challenge it's either Adam or Joshie probably because of different reason me and my solid ally Bailey was discussing.. Joshie's a crafty mean bitch while Adam can win this all the way... this two has to go, but not now...At the last tribal council, Adam and Joshie had a unnecessary conversation about the status of our tribe and so for me, Joshie's reaction was uncalled most likely i would pull the trigger to Joshie because i don't like most of his attitude.. he's lucky we won IMMUNITY. if not, HE'LL BE IN TOTAL SHOCK... LOL...right now we'll just enjoy our win and sing around and watch the other tribe go SELF DESTRUCT...


So right now. Lloyd, I, and possibly Wojtek and I are between two alliances. It's between a majority alliance with Joshie and Courtney, or a majority alliance with Adam, Raphael, and Maxwell. It sucks, because I like both options, but I know that I'm going to have to choose. The plus side is that I get to make a decision for what's best for me, but the downside is I'm going to piss somebody off in this game. And especially now that Ometepe is pinning is elimination on me. I've come to realize that my Hero image is out the window. :/


So my closest ally in this game right now is Lloyd. Which doesn't make any sense. In Egypt, I totally played him to get him to believe I was not only on his side, but that Evan needed to go. (Who was my ally at the time.) So that my biggest threat wouldn't only leave the game, but Evan, my biggest ally, would get a hidden immunity idol. So when Lloyd came to me for an alliance, I was like "Is Your Head Screwed On Correctly?" Because I was totally expecting Lloyd to be gunning for me for revenge. But instead he wants to work with me. It's just insane, but he and I have become very tight. And I think that we'll go to the end of this game.


So my time in the game may not be over just yet. I've made what I feel to be a solid final three alliance with Chris and Aidan. If those two come to our side then we still have a chance. Chris has already told me that he wants to flip now that Summer is gone, and I see no reason for him to tell us this if it isn't true as all he would gain from lying about it is to piss off the people who stay, and Aidan trusts Chris so if Chris is with us than Aidan will hopefully follow. Depending on if this all works out or not I'll either end up a hero or a zero.


Day 8

Summer went home and I can't tell how happy I was when I saw the results. But we lost immunity again. It sucks but what can I do? We're gonna try harder next time I guess. At least now we know Will flipped and Maxwell isn't with us like Jastine said. I'm worried Maxwell gave Brendan the idol so we're gonna split the vote. Chris and Luke will vote for Brendan while me, Jastine and Aidan will vote for Gerard. Hopefully Brendan has the idol and play it.


Another immunity splendid, this my favorite victory so far because it shows me that I'm better at challenges as I thought, and CK is not as at challenges as he looks. Because even I beat him at this challenge and I'm one of the worst challenge people ever to play. Guess CK is not the wizard we thought he was.


Day 9

Regarding purple rock:

Wow, no one flipped! This is incredible, so intense!

Regarding summers elimintion:

Goodbye! Thank goodness, you werent cool to lie like that, and no it wasnt villainous, it was insulting and stupid.

Regarding challenge:

I dont think this is going to be good, gerard has to "leave early" for school, who the hell has school mid summer? And if you do, why did you commit to this game?

Regarding challenge loss:

Well, it is expected, but we have issues within our tribe that need to be resolved before the merge anyway, im not upset with this loss. I dont think anyone who competed in this challenge should be punished for the outcome, at least we tried.

Regarding my place in the tribe/alliances:

So there are two major alliances, one that i was originally a part of, made up of Luke, Jastine, Duy and Aiden, the other is Will, Brendan, and Gerard. Then there is me. I dont feel comfortable in either alliance. Luke, Duy and Jastine were all on Havana in Cuba, they are clearly tight and the others have been together longer and probably conspired against me. Duy is the strongest team player, but I would also argue that Luke is the weakest. In the end, I couldn't ever beat Duy, he is too strong. Gerard I am very close with, we are both around the same age and even live in the same state. Luke's alliance has a lot of enemies. Luke himself has a lot of enemies, and I don't think I want to be associated with that anymore. So I am jumping ship. I hope it isn’t too late, and yes, I already did attack this other alliance twice, but Luke's alliance is going to split the vote, it’s a completely idiotic move that worries me about their game expertise even more. So I am going to take this opportunity to earn trust elsewhere and eliminate someone who hasn't contributed much anyway. I hope this works out.