Day 12

Quick update on my game. Us losing - sucks, we need to step up or we could possibly be pagonged at the merge. We've lost Nokomis, Joan, and now Bartley. Joan did a lot in challenges, but other than him, we didn't lose too much. We just need to actually put effort into it like the Heroes. We can win, but just in case we continue to lose, I have a plan. Me, and Uli, are really calling the shots. There are 2 alliances, once of Me, Uli, Alejandro, Aly, and Eddie we've had since day 1, and another alliance called "The Initiative" of me, Miguel, Alejandro, and Jerb. We can vote with either, and still have the #'s and I don't believe I've been truly targeted once. Eddie is a target, but he's someone we want on our side. Takes the eyes off of us, he has an idol to use at merge, and has GREAT ties on the other side. I trust Uli a lot, and most of my tribe. I'm in a good spot, but we need to start winning.


The Heroes are doing an awesome job!! We work together really well and now we're ahead of the Villains 9-7! As much as I'd love to keep winning I kinda wanna lose so I can try and lock in a new majority. I really want to knock out Topher at the next tribal and then lock in an alliance of some sort. At this stage I have 'alliances' with Natalie, Noah, Wes and maybe Andrei/Luke. I need to get me a six person group alliance asap but idk if it's already too late!


So Miguel is targeting Eddie on the Villains because he and I are "close". Apparently to the point where it endangers the Villains. Hopefully Miguel will go if the Villains, mainly because I'm pissed at him for making the reward challenge go on for so long.

Also Topher told Sam and I that he is in a Turkey and Anarchy alliance. But he doesn't trust them because Miguel is super shady. So we agreed that this alliance needs to be dealt to be with. If Topher told us about this alliance, clearly he proved his loyalty stands with us. So we shouldn't get all freaked out just yet.


Day 13

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 14

And with that, we lost. Now it seems to be between Wesley and Topher. Here's what I was considering doing:

Give Wesley the fake idol and tell him to play it without asking any questions. Then vote Topher and give the girls the excuse that I knew Wesley was gonna play it. Then they'll drown me with questions that I'll figure out the answers to when that time arrives. The problem is, then they're gonna target one of the girls. Making us 4-4.

Only considering though. And apparently Uli is spreading that I'm going next. I've learned not to listen to anything he says, but I'll hold off on voting for a bit so I can find out which side is with me truly, and vote with them.


So we lost the immunity challenge :'( now we have to cull a Hero... still for me the paranoia about the Jessy/Natalie/Luke/Sam alliance is very real even though I'm not really sure that it truly exists... What I want to do is cut out their easy fifth vote - Topher. They could very easily take control of the tribe if Topher joined up with them so I need to get him out. At this stage it looks like a serious possibility but, just like last time, they could be lying to me.

I really want to form a Hero's Alliance of some sort... I think it's too late to try but I need one to continue deep into this game. I want a five-person alliance and at this stage, putting it together is hard because of the risk of a backlash from people in the other 4 person alliance... In a perfect world it'd be me, Andrei, Wes, Noah and Natalie but idk how that'd work out with Natalie being the swing vote. There's always the possibility that I could mix things up by making it me, Andrei, Noah, Wes and Topher. It'd be easiest to do that and tell Topher he's being targeted by the four person alliance and then pull in Noah, Wes, Andrei and myself to boot either Sam, Luke or Jessy...

I have a lot of thinking to do!


Okay, so I haven't been...talking a lot. The reason being is simply because...well? What is there to talk about? Nothing, right? Everyone here in Yang was doing absolutely amazing! We felt as though we were on top of the world--winning challenge back-to-back! I loved it! That is, of course, until the Fire Nation attacked. (laughs) Nah, I'm just kiddin'. Yin won immunity, which sucks because we have to go to Tribal Council! (sigh) Hell, at least I beat my opponent in this challenge. That does make me feel a bit more proud in myself. Anyway...did you know that this would be my second Tribal Council in the entire two week duration of this game?! Seriously! But this is nothing to be proud of by any means at all. This is serious business right here! Tribal Council, baby, and I'm feeling very confident that Topher will be the one packing his things and heading home. At this point, with Richie and Nokomis out of the game, the potential threat of an Anarchy alliance is out of the equation. Neutralized! No more. And that's the way it's gonna stay. It seemed like a good idea at first, but as time passed, I realized all of the bad that may come of it, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did, too. To me, cross-tribe alliances are just yucky. I would have no idea what Jerby and Nokomis may have been up to! I said this once and I'll say it again--Jerby, Nokomis, myself and Richie were--believe it or not--the end of all of our own games. So, would the trust still be there? Or would that haunting thought of, "can I trust these people again?" may come arise. I just hope all goes well tonight. I'm hearing from Luke, Sole, Andrei and Wesley that they all want Topher gone, and for good reason, too.


I decided to hang onto the fake idol. Playing it would only put a target on me. I'm gonna vote Wesley tonight, my first ally of the whole game. I could not convince Jessy and Sam otherwise, no matter how much I tried. I feel so freaking bad. I HATE being the swing vote. And I don't even know what I'm gonna do afterwards! The entire tribe's gonna be pissed at me and potentially want me out. Ughhh.


So Sam and I usually agree on a lot of things, but I know she's really close with Eddie. And I know she's amazing in finales with the speeches. Assumingly if I make it to the end, (I hope so b/c lbr, I wasn't that good in my past season. I had to go to rocks, stupid ole me. ANYWAY....) I want a Turkey/Peruvian (preferably Natalie) with me in the end because their games are so terrible. Miguel is over here, making it known with everyone basically that a Turkey/Anarchy alliance is at large, Topher is being terrible in challenges and everyone wants him to be voted off, Natalie is terrible in challenges and would be a third boot (if we hadn't voted off Bailey and be with the main 5 core in the Heroes tribe) Right now I'm thinking about the long run. So many threats in the game god.

Anyway we've been wanting to vote Wesley for some time but we've been winning so this is the time.


So I got put into an alliance with Miguel-Jerby-Topher and Noah...Now here's the funny part, I WAS NEVER INVITED! How the hell did I become affiliated with those 4???? Uli just came up to me, and told me that he heard about that alliance and how they're saying that they have me...what the hell is going on? I've never even talked to Noah and Topher!

But yeah, this does pave way for a new plan. I've re-assured Uli that I'm with him 100% (It's kinda funny how I'm now working with someone who I was about to blindside, but meh). We have a plan to watch each other's backs and keep each other safe. There's no way I want this alliance to be a long term thing though. I have no idea how Uli plays, but he's playing a REALLY good one. I'm gonna let him think that I'm bringing the best to the end, but there's no way I have a shot at winning the prize if I let the Sleeping Dragon get to the finish line.


So in order to give myself more power, I'm solidifying an alliance with Sam, Luke and Eddie. This alliance will help me develop a better footing in the game.

I'm focusing on Sam, because she's the energy bonding Luke and Eddie together. If I become Sam's Best BFF Forever, then I'll be in a good spot. What's also good about Sam is that I can use her to spill info to Eddie to defuse the rumors about me jumping ships to Topher, Miguel, Jerby and Noah. Eddie would be skeptical if I confronted him and told him that these rumors aren't true, but if he talks to both Sam and Uli, then I think he'll buy that I'm 100% loyal to him.

Little does he know though, the only thing I'm 100% loyal to, is the fact that I'm a blindsider. I'll be deviously loyal to that ;)


Ok, so I just got some shocking information. Eddie told me that Adam, Alejandro, Jerby, and Miguel made a solid 4 alliance leaving me, Eddie, and Uli on the outs. I don't know if this is 100% true since Eddie can exaggerate things but it would make sense. So he said if we lose again he's playing the idol on himself and I suggested voting Jerby because he's good at getting out of sticky situations which he agreed on. But Adam... man I want that kid gone. He thinks I'm his loyal sheep that will do anything he wants. But once I manage to get the numbers, he's OUT.