Day 34

So Bryce left, but not without there being a difficult time to make it happen. Lucas really wanted it to be Grace, and he cited to me how it would leave Bryce and Taylor to still fight. That didn't concern me one bit, this was about taking out a huge triple threat in the game. I had to talk with Taylor late at night to try to bring up points to Lucas about voting out Bryce, and this debate carried onto the next day, hours before the vote, before it was settled on Bryce finally. I think Lucas may be a bit mad about it being Bryce, but I still think he'd like to vote Grace should she be vulnerable again. It was tough putting Bryce's name down but I have no doubt he would've smoked me in a jury vote, let alone if he let me get there to the end.

But what's intriguing me now A LOT is that it's been proven time and time again Grace doesn't have an idol, and Bryce didn't play anything last time. From my talks with Taylor I don't think he's competent enough when it comes to idol searches .... could I have the actual thing? IS THIS REALLY REAL? I hope it is, because I know for sure now after winning this last individual immunity that people won't spare me any more rounds.. I could see them MAYBE sparing me over Grace at 6? But at 5? 4? Absolutely not. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. I've won 4 individual challenges so far. I'm assuming there's 3 left. If I win these last 3, I very well much think I have a shot at winning this whole season while making some history along the way, bc I think 7 individual wins is rare around here. That's why I want to take out all challenge threats along the way, that's part of why Bryce had to go last round and it's why I have my sights set on Grace for this one. Let's roll.






Day 35

Worst case scenario happens, Grace wins immunity, and I'm pretty sure there's crosshairs on me, ready to SHOOT. It's looking like the end of the road for me, but now I have one last trick left in this game in the form of the Salvador hidden immunity idol, and I'm just hoping it's not a dud.


At the end of the day I really don't think the group of myself Taylor Lucas and Scott would vote Boo. There's just no way. If you're in the Final 6, you're looking for ways to pave yourself to the Final 3 - you don't care about reaching 4, I know that for a fact. And Boo, despite being in the minority, isn't the biggest fish to fry at the moment.

I really think upon Bryce's departure he and Grace were inseperable, and since I was the swing vote that caused him to leave, she's out for me with cold blood. She hasn't talked game with me and I don't expect that to happen again, and if she does, it's probably a misdirect for her to get info against me.

Like if I'm Grace and Boo, I'm putting my name down. They have no reason to vote Lucas, Scott or Taylor. That means they'd have to work on Taylor, as I think Taylor and Grace had a strong relationship at a time in this game, which ofc kinda crumbled, but Taylor's smart too, and if I'm him, I'm going up to Lucas and Scott asking them to vote me out, but assure them a F3 to still vote out Grace and Boo after this. He knows how strong I am in challenges and he's addressed that to me before, while I always think I can get out of this round with an idol still in my pocket like... YOU ALL SHOULD BE VOTING ME OUT NOW LOL, I'm basically the odd man out in all of these scenarios.

So I most likely expect Grace and Boo to work on Taylor, they could always work on Scott, but Taylor seems more likely to me. So I want to get him out. I plan on approaching Lucas, telling him about the idol, and proposing voting Taylor out along with a F3 with us and Scott, and I'll give him the reigns to test the waters to Taylor or Scott about voting me out too to see which of them are loyal. If this works, I could see a 3-0 vote, or maybe even a 1-0 vote with Taylor leaving, once again, I'm just PRAYING that idol is real. After that, I really hope that should Grace and I be vulnerable next round people take out Grace first, immunity challenges have proven to be volatile and random this season, and she's the more apparent endgame threat.

Here goes nothing.


So I just thought of something odd... I'm in an alliance with Scott, Evan, and Lucas called ""The Pussy Destroyers"".... but... I'm gay, soooo ain't no vajays coming near this... nuh uh. But I guess of course... it is being used as an insult to others or something by calling them that but oh well.

I feel bad about the parchment I wrote for Bryce, but also great because of everything he's done these past few days. I do respect him though, and I really would have given him my vote at the end if he wasn't up against Grace. That's why he had to go.

I have this thing going with Grace at least through this vote anyway. I just hope she isn't working with Evan and feeding it all back to him. He's wronged her way more than I have though, so that's why i believe her. I want to be as honest as possible with her the rest of the game because I really feel I owe her that. She's a great person. She also made me feel pretty good about my chances. She compared everyone left to Rome people, and she called me Ivan, and my potential final 3 of Lucas and Scott Brittany and Ricky. But she seems to think they'll cut me at 4 for Boo, who is Josh to her so they have a better chance. I think I could beat them in final immunity though.. I hope. I'm willing to take that risk because i can't let Grace or Evan get there with me. It screws me. The only person I think I can beat 100% is Lucas, but I at least have a chance against Scott or Boo.

Grace won immunity which is good and bad. I would've preferred to have it, especially since it would have made this vote easier. I could have easily gotten the ""pussy destroyers"" (God, I hate that name) to split the vote and then just flipped. But I guess I still would've had to talk to Scott. Now I need to make sure Scott will be on board. I'm just not so sure he will be, but EVAN needs to go before he finds or plays an idol. So now I just need to make him comfortable af. I shall be looking for that idol.



I'll let it be known in the main chat that I'm voting Taylor, and that I'll tell Grace and Boo to do so too. If they go along with it, there's no way any of us 3 go home w/ Grace being immune, me playing the idol, and Boo being safe from rocks in a possible 3-3 revote if votes go on him. Taylor would be fucked no matter what and Grace and Boo would have no choice but to vote along side with me.

I s2g Lucas you better just be willing to play ball and vote Taylor straight up, like does anyone even want to play this game with me here at the merge? I feel so....... LONELY


Okay, I've been talking to Scott and it really makes sense for us to go with Taylor to the end. Evan has the best story of us all and in fact - we might as well just get rid of him now. I've been talking with Scott about it - but we weren't 100% sure. Now Boo came to me - trying to save himself, naturally, but it just really makes a lot of sense - why bust our assess to beat Evan at the FIC challenge when we can easily get rid of him now. Well, easily - if he doesn't have an idol, that is, since he told me he has it.


So a lot has been going on lately but I haven't been able to put it all into confessionals. I ended up voting Bryce in the revote because I knew he had no chance and because honestly he was a way bigger threat than Taylor. Grace won immunity so I'm happy for her but it means I'm in trouble now. Taylor, Scott, Evan, and Lucas are working together so we are sort of outnumbered but I'm not going out without a fight. Taylor is claiming that he is voting Evan. If he's being truthful (there's a chance he isn't) then that is 3. I need 3 to tie and 4 for majority and I'm hoping maybe Scott will possibly flip. At this point it seems like people are blindly allowing Evan to take them to the end with him just to beat him. He is honestly such a huge threat I don't understand why people would keep him this close to the end. Scott claims I may be able to stand a chance against him so I take it as a huge compliment that people consider me a bigger threat than Evan at this point. I'm really just hoping this vote works in my favor.


So I'm talking to Lucas and he claims he's been talking to Scott about possibly voting Evan out. He sees that it's smart to do it now. The problem is though, I don't know if he's telling the truth and he claims Evan has an idol. Yikes.


Basically, got this message from evan about preserving his idol, lol. This is gonna be a blindside

I'm gonna vote for Boo just in case Evan plays the idol on himself for some reason and votes Taylor. Plus, if he thinks that I voted with him, he won't be that mad at me.


Okay so a lot has kind of happened. Evan apparently does have the idol and he found it in the intro which is exactly where I told Grace it might be. If everyone is telling the truth, me, Scott, Lucas, and Taylor should all be voting Evan. Evan should hopefully be voting Taylor (or me but hopefully not) and Grace is throwing a vote on Lucas in case Evan really does play his idol. I know people could be lying but I've tried my best and I just gotta hope this plan works.


So Evan dug his own grave for me!!! I didn't even have to convince Scott to flip. Boo let me know that Evan was throwing my name out and that Evan thought Boo/Grace were voting me. Then Scott tells me Evan is trying to get Lucas to flip to vote me but Lucas actually wants Evan out too especially because of this!!! But this also worried me that Grace's prediction that they'll cut me and go to finals with Boo is looking more likely.

So Lucas convinced Evan that he should go for Boo and get me later, but Evan says he has the idol and wants to use it somehow to get me out. Well, Lucas thinks this might mean he'll play it on Boo thinking we're voting Boo and that they're voting me!!! BAHAHHAHA!!! I so badly want that to happen. it would be hilarious. But he might just end up voting Boo and saving the idol for next round. But just in case Evan plays it on himself, Lucas is going to vote Boo so that I dont go home if he votes me still. It seems like Evan is buying it. I hope this works because Evan has been here way longer than he should have been at this point. It's his time to go, and my time to shine!!! I hope. i have no idea how I survived the whole Michelle mess, but this has been my whole game- surviving being on the outs. And now I'm a real threat to people like Evan, so it makes me feel better about my chances. Here we go. We got this. Finale night... here I come. Final 5, baby. Please o please p pleaseeeee.


So after talking to Lucas I knew pretty much he wasn't down for voting Taylor, maybe the two were closer than I thought they were.

At this point I have to go for broke. I let Boo know that I have the idol, I'm playing it on myself, and that I'd like to vote 3 strong with him and Grace against Taylor, as it would ensure our 100% safety as all 3 of us would be immune whether it be through immunity, an idol played, or being safe from having a tied vote against. He was down for it, he threw me in a group chat with Grace, and lo and behold, I find out Taylor's throwing my name through the mud and that Lucas exposed my idol. That's why I'm glad I told Lucas ""I'm keeping it next round"", but fuck no, I'm using it to punk one of yall. It's funny how Taylor Lucas and Scott all say they voted within like a 5 minute time sequence, that was blatantly shady on their part but I don't blame 'em, like I said I'd vote me if I could lol So all's left to do now is pray that this thing's real, hope Grace and Boo vote with me against Taylor, and blow this game wide open. If it's fake, then good on them, and it's been such a pleasure playing for 35 days out here. Hopefully my journey to the end isn't over just yet.


So through not really any fault of my own... I'm going home. There was a miscommunication, and Grace decided to vote before she got all the info. She assumed I was lying when Boo told her that I was the one that voted for him. Lucas was. I even told Grace what parchment was mine and told her Lucas voted for Boo. I don't understand why she would do that. Boo is out for himself, and i actually planned on being honest with her and trying to have her back. But there's nothing I can do now. I was set up so well too. Grace screwed herself a little more. VBest of luck to everyone. Such a stupid way to go out. I didn't even do something to make it that way! Grace and Scott would've saved me but she jumped the gun.... No hard feelings.. but stupidness is awful. so my biggest mistake in the game was flipping at 8 because I still could have blindsided Bryce next vote, and maybe she would have believed me or waited to get more info before voting. Kind of a chian reaction thing.


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