Day 1

Alrighty, this is so cool...being on Survivor. Hopefully my past host experiences and my pandaness help me get far...

Already I am sad because Emma is on the other tribe, I have spoke with her many times on chat so I thought we could create an alliance. Luckily, though, I have spoke with Joan, too, and Zachary seems like he thinks I am a cool panda, considering his complaint when I was blocked for saying oink too much on the All-Stars page. I hope this'll be a fun season!! :D


I posted my email after the cast was announced, and Joan responded to me immediately. We started talking alliances

and I think we have a good five with me, him, Sam, Justin, and Panda. For now, I'll stay, but I think Im the odd man out with this group. So I'll see what I can do.


So today was an interesting day.

We won immunity which was great because none of us have to worry about being the first voted out. What is not so great is that there is a 4 person alliance against another 4 person alliance. Which is bad anyway you put it because I don't want to be in a tie situation if case Tyson stays inactive and lose. However, if we win, Lagunes risks having someone from the opposing alliance flip. The sunny side of things is that the opposing alliance was stupid enough to tell Zach the pecking order, so I was able to go to Sebastian and get him on our side and waiting on Tyson to see if he gets his head in the game. I mean this game is significantly more difficult if I cannot talk to people face to face, but the bonds I have made seem to be helping me out. If I can just be more careful about what others are doing, I can hopefully get pretty far and help pick up any outsiders on the other team.


I can't get communication with Sebastien, so Joan, Panda, Sam, Justin and myself might be all. It's still a majority.

Joan and Panda say John is our first target, but I definitely think I'm the outsider of the alliance, so I'm gonna have to watch my back


Day 2

Yaay! Lagunes rocks! I have an alliance with Joan, Zachary, and Sam, and we're bringing in Justin, we just need a reply.

Luckily, Joan knows Justin :D We are currently targeting John because he accused Zachary of "making an alliance" with Connor and Tyson. Pretty sure he just said hi to them...but this game is going along well...the challenge is hard...but besides that :D


John is....NOT the plan anymore. He is very beneficial to our tribe. Instead, my alliance is thinking one of the inactives: Connor, Tyson,

and Sebastian. We're thinking Connor, because if he doesn't do the challenge, that's like telling us "Vote me out!"


I really have two people in the game for the position I am in now, Zach and Joan.

I will admit I was nervous about Zach at first but he has proven to be a solid ally and I am now in a 4, hopefully 5 person alliance with a final 3 pack that the other alliance has no idea about. Joan, I have to thank because if he considered the possibility of other people having multiple alliances and sniffing out the best one and not just him, he wouldn't be a possible first boot for Lagunes. He made it easy to choose between possible alliances, so thank you very much. Its possible that Sebastian falls through and we lose the purple rock and I get picked off. I accept that, but let it be known now. If Joan's alliance runs the early part of the game, it won't be because he was the better player. He was just the luckier one. Which if Survivor has taught us anything, tends to run out quickly. At this point, I am just playing stupid and letting him think I have no idea. Though rest assure, that alliance will be in for a nasty surprise. I just hope that Sebastian actually comes through and I have his vote until I don't need to rely on him to stay in the game.


I feel much more comfortable with my alliance now. Joan says he has John eating out of his hand. Bad move. Now, if I ever feel in trouble,

I have something to exploit. But for now, we will stick to Panda's idea of Connor first, since he is an inactive. Hopefully we can put that off with an Immunity win.


Day 3

I have found out my tribe mates, and I couldn't be happier! I get Joan and Justin, this tribe will be the best ever, that Panda looks cool too, so we might let him in. Our alliance will be awesome, just the 5 of us, Emma, me, Cass, Joan and Justin. The Careers will rise. And it will be game changing! Imagine that, someone from THG wiki winning this! Right now I trust everyone on this tribe, apart from John, I think he has a little secret that he isn't sharing with us, but time will tell, its only the first day after all anything can happen. I have no reason to be worried right now because I have gained everyones trust, and I basically won the immunity challenge for them, I mean, without me they wouldn't of made it past the word-search for god sake, but still, we won and Savanes and one man down, we are doing well.


John is all about keeping the tribe together, so I'm trying to hint that Joan is untrustworthy. I think Joan is treating John as a sheep,

and if I am on the chopping block, he would use John as an extra vote. So if I can get John to trust me, I'll know when I'm in trouble.


So our tribe is split, and I'm in the middle. John wants Joan out, Joan wants John out. I want both of them out. I want to go with Panda,

Samuel and Connor, but that will come later. So I have to choose between Joan, who I don't trust, and John, who is a huge threat come merge time. Something crazy will happen at Lagunes first Tribal Council.


When/If our Lagunes tribe ever goes to Tribal, it won't end good for me. Someone will accuse me of lying to them. It's like a set two trains on the same track, and they're heading on a crash course. When they crash, I'll just have to go with what isn't destroyed in the aftermath.


My tribe isn't strategically smart. They just aren't. Joan tells me how he's controlling John, and now John wants Sebastien out.

The problem? He is the ONLY one with communication with Sebastien. It's like giving away an extra vote. It's like I'm the only one that recognizes these things. I'm like Rob Cesternino on the Manono tribe. It's sad.