"Need Us for Their Agendas"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
Previous As Long as It's Not Me
Next I'm Back

Need Us for Their Agendas is the seventh episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward Challenge: Typing Maniac
The castaways are to play a Facebook game called Typing Maniac. Three people from each tribe compete. The highest combined score wins rewardand advantage in the next challenge.
Reward: To exile one person from one of the losing two tribes
Winner: Daru

Immunity Challenge: 21 Flags
each tribe takes turn taking 1,2, or 3 flags from a collection of 21. Using strategy and teamwork, the goal is to be the tribe taking last 1-3 flags that are available. Whichever tribe take the final flags will win immunity, being safe from Tribal Council. Due to there being three tribes, there would be two rounds and one winner.
Winner: Daru


Day 16

With only alliance members remaining on Abau, George outnumbered by the Mendi members and an alliance split on Daru, the alliance began to fear the future of the game. It became apparent that the only hope for survival would be to convince Andrei to flip and throw the next challenge, then vote out Abraham.

George spoke to Andrei in front of the rest of the alliance and told him that Uli would run the whole game unless he was dealt with. Andrei accepted the offer, but then George told him to throw the next challenge and vote off Abraham. Upon hearing this, Andrei declined due to not wanting to throw his ally from the beginning under the bus for an alliance he only just got invited to.

Meanwhile, Uli managed to figure out the clue required to gain the hidden Immunity Idol after the merge, after Mick shared the previous clue with him.

Day 17

George began to try and gain Amos and Angeleo's trust on Mendi to vote out Uli if they lose the next challenge. Amos, however, did not like George's forceful attitude.

To be safe, Blake agreed to throw the Immunity challenge. Andrei, after hearing this, told Blake that he would be going if he did.

In the first round of the Immunity challenge for a double elimination, George went against Mick. George, feeling that he had Amos and Angeleo's votes, told Abau that he would throw the challenge to save an alliance member. However, George stayed untrue to his word and won the first round, sending Abau to Tribal Council.

Luke, angered by George not throwing the challenge and knowing that he had no chance for survival, angrily approached George about it. George replied by telling Luke that the eliminated person would be one of them anyway.

In the second round of the Immunity challenge, Blake went against Uli. Right as Blake was about to win, Uli offered him the chance to throw the challenge. Blake, fearing that he'd go next, won the challenge and sent Mendi to Tribal Council. Once again, Mick was sent to Exile Island.

Luke, out of anger, went to Amos and Angeleo to see if they were voting George off. Both claimed that they were, which pleased Luke, feeling that if he was going down, George would be going down with him.

On Abau, Mick noticed Joe's slight inactivity. He brought this up to Luke and Matt, and suggested that they vote out their least active member. Immediately afterwards, Joe came back. Joe asked Matt and Mick if they were keeping original Abau intact, and Matt told him to vote off Luke. While Joe told Luke that he wanted to vote Mick.

Luke told this to Matt and Mick, and Matt told Luke that Joe wants him out. Luke then told Matt and Mick that Joe was flipping between voting Matt and Mick. After hearing this, all of Abau began to fear.

On Mendi, JR and Uli told George that they would be voting him off. George felt that Amos and Angeleo would remain loyal, but they feared him for coming after the Mendi tribe.

At the first Tribal Council, for Abau, accompanied by a self-vote, Joe was blindsided and voted off in a 4-0 vote.

At the second Tribal Council, for Mendi, George's game ultimately came to an end when he was voted off in a 4-1 vote.

Tribal Council


Tribal Council 7:
Large 992142-1
Joe (4 votes)
Large 992142-1Luke(me)MrMattBananos456
Joe, Luke, Matt, & Mick

Voting Confessionals

I'm disappointed in you, Joe. I really am. I was going to take you to the finals, and you turned on me. If I get voted out tonight, at least I killed your chances of playing an undeserved perfect game. Please go tonight.


Final Words

I was trying to save LP and he betrayed me..... I honestly thought he was one my closest allies but I guess not. I didn't play the game I wanted to play. I didn't make any huge moves and I was too lazy to send confessionals....... I just hope I can get back in the game and fulfill everything I didn't do while here!



Tribal Council 8:
George (4 votes)
Amos avatarAlexjasonPhoenixAngrist
Amos, Angeleo, JR, & Uli
Uli (1 votes)

Voting Confessionals

Soaring High,



Uli, I don't want to do this. But it's my only option. You told me to my face that you will vote for me, so I have no other alternative. It's either you or me tonight.


I'm tired of your rants.. You are badly desperate to stay in this game. Truths plus Lies equals Still lies.. Go home now, it's our game. Mendi will stay strong! The King Cobra shall be dethroned.


You call me a dictator and you targeted me from the beginning. You should have known what dictators do to opposition. You are a great young guy, and I enjoyed playing with you. But if you play with fire... Don't get close enough to get burned. The moment you came into our tribe you were so close to the heat that it roasted you... And now I am eating you for breakfast... Game over baby!


Final Words

Well, I guess this is goodbye. I formed an alliance from the very beginning of Blake, LP, Mick, Matt, Joe, and later Kim and Andrei, but I guess it was all in vain. I was betrayed by Sean when he threw the challenge, by Abraham when he didn't pick me for Daru, and later by Blake when he went back on his word, winning immunity for Daru and sending an alliance member, myself, packing their virtual bags. I played a good strategic game with people I can trust, but I guess that wasn't enough. Of course, there are enemies of any alliance, as otherwise it would be a mutual friendship of castaways, dissolving once tribal council ensues. I was placed on a tribe that had 4 of my 5 enemies on it, and I simply couldn't be help except to win challenges. As expected, they held strong and eliminated a strategic threat 4-1. They did what was in their self-interest, and I don't blame them at all. Goodbye, Survivor. It was fun while it lasted. I played a great strategic game, but a long string of betrayals by members of the opposing alliance (Uli, Mark, Amos, JR, and Abraham) and even a betrayal by Blake cost me the game in the end. Good luck to all of the other 6 members of the alliance (Blake, Kim, Andrei, LP, Matt, Mick) that surved the elimination.


Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Amos avatar
Blake bougerolle
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc bw
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Sean BW


  • The episode title was said by Andrei, when describing how Daru was in between the two alliances.


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