Day 16

Victory! Sean is out! Uli no longer has his little rat! But sadly, now the target's shifted to me. Darn it. Now I have to plea to Matt and Joe to keep me over Mick. Beg mode doesn't work on guys. So now I have to ensure that Daru loses the next challenge! Why Daru? Because Mendi won't freaking lose! If Daru loses, there is no doubt that Kim will be targeted. I sure hope that he and Blake can pull off an awesome social game and win over either Abraham or Andrei. There is no way that I want any anti-American alliance to take over.

Mick is incredibly threatening at the moment, because he can flip at any point in time. Losing this next Immunity equals bye, bye LP. We absolutely NEED to win. Otherwise, I'll be out unless Matt and Joe are smart enough to vote off Mick. Somehow, I feel that Joe will. I don't want another tiebreaker! I just barely won the last one! We better win this challenge!


Wow. This plan couldn't be going any better at the moment. We are up 7-6 in numbers, as not only did we have success in getting Abau to lose, Sean had a little Brandon Hantz moment after the challenge, telling everyone to vote him out because he couldn't stand such "intolerable people." How pathetic. Now we're up 7-6, and worst case, we are tied 6-6, and so we can at least control 1 tribe 4-2, throw both challenges, and take those 2 out. Second, Mendi is working their little asses off to keep ME safe. They have this irrational incentive to keep Mendi strong, as it's irrational because they don't want the opposing alliance member out of here. If they were smart, they would have thrown the challenge, got me out, and worst case they would tie 6-6, and best of all, they've been told that I am the leader of their alliance. They get out one of the most ruthless players in the opposing alliance and ensure at least a tie as far as numbers. But no, they want to win, and it's hurting their game drastically. Third, I think Kim is doing a good job at getting Andrei to flip. I have no idea what's going on in Andrei's head, but it's a good sign for us. We can potentially get Andrei on our side, meaning that we vote out Abraham 3-1, and we have an impressive numbers advantage of 8-4. Although I plan on blindsiding him later. I have no intentions of taking him to the end, he's an 8th place finisher, coming after the rest of the alliance, and he may have to go before so he doesn't infiltrate it. I don't want a Sandra on my hands. I plan on taking Kim, myself, LP, Joe, and Matt to the f5, taking out Blake and Mick. Those 4 trust me the most, and I trust them the most. Then, I take out LP, and go to the final 3 with Joe and Matt. Both are floaters who do whatever I tell them, and I can easily win against them.


"Hanging on for his Life!!!"

Wahaha,,,,,never thought it would be this way.....

The guy that's been targeting out tribe from the very beginning is now with us,,,alone....

So,,,basically George is fighting for his life.....well he did well in the first challenge with us.....Kudos to him,,,,

That is basically the reason why we chose him,,,,,,over Sean,,,which is obviously gone now....haha....

George is like Penner joining the aitu 4,,,,,,, Wow,,,could you believe that.....

Well,,,,if that's the case I will be Yul Kwon,,,,,hahahaha....

That's it for now,,,


No surprise for abau's tribal. That kid was just i said before....NEVER play if ur dumb or intent on causing drama 'cause it'll just get u voted out!

Daru is ok for nw still...but blake and kim are still strong together. Still finding that one thing that'll cause one of em to flip...preferably...i want Blake gone first. Cant pinpoint it...but i find something about him is just...dangerous.


We won immunity for the nth time! Yahoo! George tried hard to get a very high score to save his life!!! It's a good thing for us Mendi, an additional challenge beast was added to us.. It's a two-way advantage for us Mendi, because if we win, we original Mendi are all safe and if we lose, George will surely go home!!!! A hostage has been captured for a ransom - and that is his own life in PNG!!!! We will strive to be the very best until the merge come!!!! And as I see it, at merge they will gun us Mendi, but Mendi 4 will fight against those who'll stand our way.. I just hope that this new reward challenge will put us in a more better position than ever!!! God bless you Mendi!!!!


Sean acted stupid... Sean is out... I won't miss him. He finally was trying hard to be chosen by MENDI, but I had bigger other plans. So who cares. Him out or not... Doesn't make a big difference... But the more people out, the better the numbers I have...


After getting 3 out of 4 current clues together... Making some assumptions based on what I knew and using simple algorithms... I was able to assemble a few possible combinations. I ended up with around 20 possibilities... Compared to the 720 at the beginning not too bad... And well... Finally... The third combination matched... I have the key to the after merge hidden immunity idol. This is big! This can probably take me to the end. Now I 100% need to take care that I am not going home before... This opportunity is golden. Not only am I the strongest challenge threat , but I also have safety should I fail once to win individual immunity. Plus I will be able to orchestrate a major blindside or choose whom to take to final tribal shall i come so far... It's hard to think that far ahead... At the moment I am very positive... I think I am save... And I think I have my troops assembled.

Now that I have the key to the idol I am very relieved that DARU send Mick to Exile. Andrei wanted me... So I am good with him... Seems like Kim and Blake wanted Mick... Guess Mick is deeper in their alliance as I thought... Let's see what Abby was thinking... Hope Abby is not on board with Kim and Blake now that BJ left and he had to get new numbers... Having Abby in addition to MENDI 4 is crucial for my further plans...


It's so exhausting... Having this whole week of morning shifts and my only time to do challenges are in the wee hours of the morning at 1 am. I'm so exhausted. I'm having little life atm. I'm doing what I can in these difficult times... It's really stressful now with some personal stuff at home. I won't quit but I'm afraid of breaking.


Good news: this challenge involves typing fast. Bad news: apparently... I'm the only on this tribe with that skill...

Strategically, things have started to become a little... uh... interesting. I am wary of practically everyone here and even though I'd like to mind my own business and everything, we're coming to a point where information is becoming really precious. I'm even starting to doubt Abraham... But really I think the shadiest person on my tribe has to be Kim. He walked around at Daru like he owned the place and knew everything that was going on in the entire game... I don't like that one bit. He said he needed me for big moves, which I hope is true... But I kinda feel like he might be trying to play me.

Anyways, I can't just rely on challenges. I need one of two things: a really safe spot in a big majority, which isn't going to happen because I would like to keep cross-tribal conversation to a very strict minimum, or a viable set of human shields. I wish Sean had survived TC in that respect but... These kids are way too hot-headed. I kind of understand why Brendan didn't want to deal with them... But on the other hand, this is business. Only one of us will be remembered as the winner of this ORG, goddamnit! And I'll do whatever it takes for it to be me~


I don't know if we can win this reward. I'm upset I can't give a very high score knowing that Andrei got 400K +.. I hope this won't have a big effect on immunity challenge! Merge is on its way, nerves are all over my body. I don't know what might happen. I think the best move to take is to flow under the radar.. I don't know what's on other castaways' mind, I just wanna be safe and I hope will find a way to get rid off of a big target towards us Mendi.. We don't want to be MendiPORTED (deported) in the game, we hope to make a way to MendiVERT (divert) their attention toward us!!! We will keep safe as much as we would, sigh just afraid with the HII.... Lord help us..


I guess this whole rumor of an American alliance can be totally confirmed. Blake can't be trusted 'cause for sure, someone will target the Mendis' since their still together, and then there's me and Andrei since we're tight from the get go. So it leaves the point where are they taking this game way too personal too early? I think so. Young kids take games seriously and in this case, they are now.

But them Americans forgot one person to align with, and that's lowly little Kim. He's left out of their circle. Time for me, the flying eagle, to make my round and say 'You're coming with me, not them'. :D

Kim has been ousted by his former tribe. That must hurt big time x.x I know since Brendan is gone...but I have a feeling Blake and his American cronies have bitten a little more than they bargain for...Yes...


This challenge sucks. It is crucial to win it to get an advantage in the upcomming immunity challenge. But we have to sit out our strong players. Consequently we lost the challenge to DARU. Not too bad gameplay by Andrei. I don't mind it too much, since I really believe I can win any kind of challenge for our tribe if Immunity is on the line...

Since two tribes will go to tribal, we have to make sure that the George/Blake alliance looses 2 players. Maybe it could even be advantagous to go to tribal and vote George.


Day 17

To describe how I feel right now in one word...Tired. I'm really exhausted and winning the challenge, while totally worth it and great, it's really taken a lot out of me. Since I'm doing morning shifts, it's been making me stay up late to finish these games and kind of taking a lot out of my body at work. I've been coping with my personal struggles too and I hope their working out well, ironing out in a way. I'm still kind of depressed from some stuff happening in my life, but know that I will not beg for a vote on me. Daru is even stronger than ever and we can give Mendi and Abau a run for their money.


Well, we lost. This should have been a one tribe Tribal Council! Why are two tribes going?! Well, it was a fun game. Goodbye!

Well, I shouldn't say goodbye yet. I still have to go out with a kaboom. Basically, Joe told me that we're going to vote Mick off, but Mick and Matt told me that Joe told them to vote me off. Joe is playing every side out there! I hope he goes. But if I go, oh well. I definitely got screwed over. There shouldn't have been a freaking double tribal council! I really would have loved to go far.


I feel like it's Charlie and Dallas all over again. Andrei made a deal with me that him and I could go far in this game. If George gets voted out by Mendi, him and I control John Stamos Alliance. John Stamos, you might ask? I'm the only one who knows who the dude is. Uli is like Rob. Zapatera will defeat Ometepe today. I hope Andrei stays with his word.


I tried to stay out of the cross-tribal monkey business for as long as possible, but I was invited to a conversation including people from every tribe except Mendi... And while I was okay with making new friends, I was not gonna let anyone throw a challenge for a newborn alliance. Hell no. Not happening.

Blake was under a lot of pressure from that alliance, especially from George... Which I can understand since he seems to be on the outs at Mendi. However, he comes across like a big snake and he cannot be trusted. Offering me a F3 deal when you're on the chopping block does not impress me at all. Especially since you've talked to everyone since D1...

This is a big opportunity for Daru to take control and by all means, it needs to happen. We have people on both sides, people need us for their agendas, so I'm hoping everyone on Daru understands that and act their part... But this mind game might be too much for youngsters.


The immunity challenge is a bad joke... Everyone who can do basic math would win as the starting player. If N/(K+1) is not devidable the starting player always wins by going to the next number devidable by k+1 and keeping it at a number that is devidable every turn. Boring and Bad... So we have to go to tribal... Finally I have to have a look if I have my tribe or not.


Tribal council is coming up. Surprise Surprise... The starting player always won...

So now... There are two possibilities. Either I will go down or George will leave and I will go very far in this game. If my allies bluffed me they were doing an awesome job. I don't believe that my whole tribe will fall for George. So I need to make sure they vote him out. Earlier I was thinking I could probably make a deal with him, but several others told me he was still trying to flip them. I think he might have Amos... Mark and JR I am really sure to have. Hope Amos is on board. That would make 3 save people + me. In addition I made a deal with Abby to go to final tribal with him while each bringing one of our tribemembers (Andrei + one of MENDI of my choice) to final 4. A deal I plan to honor by the way. Hope he thinks the same way about me. So finally there is no other choice... I have to vote George of, making it original MENDI and original DARU 6 vs. 5 others. During todays challenge George was trying to make Blake throw immunity and target Abby, but DARU remained strong telling Blake to throw it. Probably Abby and Andrei now even have Kim on their side. I'm unsure since Kim's social game is quite poor and could lead to misreading him. After the challenge Blake was trying to target me but Im prepared my whole tribe telling them that it was not possible to win this challenge. Hope they remember who brought them to this point. There is only one leader in this tribe and that is me. Well... I just need to get through this stupid tribal council and the way is open to be 6 on 5 at merge + having the immunity idol. And if I go I have to say that it was an amazing blindside by George, Abby, and the MENDI crew... I feel more save than I should... So let's see and go to the votes...


So apperantly Blake renamed the alliance some sort of John Stamos

alliance, which is stupid cause he's just a floater. So... We are going to lose a member, but I'll try to pull somebody in with me. :P


Dun dun dun... After I pretty much told George's alliance that his elimination was none of my concern... I was pretty satisfied to find Matt telling me that his alliance really needed me for numbers. No shit! I'm pretty satisfied with that, because I'm in a position where I can pick any side I want and as long as I make my intentions clear with Daru, we can be swing votes between Uli's ESL alliance and the John Laffos alliance.


Well George could go home. Blake was supposed to throw the challenge but didn't. If george goes im going to take charge of the Sean Haters/Op Alliance/John Stamos Alliance.


"First Blind Side???? Na-ah-ah..."

And so,,,Mendi lost for the first time....

So the decision to make,,,is it the obvious George or should we blindside the biggest threat,,,,,y-Uli....

George played a great game and so this time,,,just like a normal person on the chopping block would do,,,scrambled for his life,,,

Basically pleading to change the vote....

Obviously playing the coat tail rider card against us,,,

But hey man,,,,of course we know that,,,,,,we're not as dumb as you think we are.....

Of course we'll get rid off Uli,,,,, but not today..... its too early,,,,,

It just so happen that u're not part of our plan man,,,,

so,,,with this I say goodbye to you,,,,

You played well,,,,,but the tribe has spoken....


Well. We lost immunity at Mendi, and it all comes down to this. Amos is probably voting off Uli at the moment, and JR and Uli have voted for me. It all comes down to where Mark stands. Mark controls my entire fate in this game at the moment, and I'm not too comfortable with my fate being controlled by any 1 person. He already voted for someone, we just need to see who that is. This is one of the most nerveracking experiences I have had in my life, and I don't want to be rejected. If I don't make it out of this, I hope to see Taylor in revival. If I make it, I hope to see LP in All-Stars. I don't know what will happen, and it's unsettling to say the least.