Day 27

This word search was HELL (hence why I didn't really participate lol). The results are out and Wes wins again, as expected.

The plan is to follow through and take out Cali in a 5 vote blindside. Of course the Cag71 alliance are all lying to each other and the fake plan is to put all 8 votes on Hazim. As we know though the Five Alive plans on actually voting Cali, while AJ let's us know that he's "suppose" to be voting with Cali and Koopa to vote ME for a split vote incase Hazim pulls out an idol. So it's right then we know out plan is going to take its effect no matter tho Hazim and Wes decide to vote for. It's a done deal.

The next morning I wake up prepared to vote Cali when AJ warns the Five Alive that Koopa is more dangers and crafty than we thought. He lets us know about Koopa and all the side deals he's made. Even one with Wes. Honestly it did open my eyes that maybe we should be more carful with him from this point on, BUT I still wanted to vote Cali. For me I wanted to vote Cali for both a strategic and personal stand point. But now AJ is being so persistent about voting Koopa. In the end I decided to just put my personal feelings aside and trust AJ who's been the most loyal to me this game. At the end of the day this plan I've made up since day 10 is still coming into effect! Weather it be Boo, Cali, or Koopa going, one of them is still going! And it was my original plan weather anyone wants to admit it or not. It's just the plan has evolved as the game has changed. So I vote for Koopa and I literally can't stop laughing at my parchment lol. I used 2 pictures of Vecepia, one with her looking like she's praying and the other she's making this really crazy face with her eyes rolled back haha. Idk I was probably the only one who was amused with it but I was happy with it lol.

Once the votes are out I'm silently screaming my head off and waiting for Boo and Cali's reaction hahaha. Which was kinda disappointing because they didn't say much in the Cag71 chat except for Boo saying "Wow :(" and Cal saying "Is that how y'all wanna play then? k". Oh and then Koopa addressed the situation and said he was really only pissed at once person (AJ) and he understands what Will and Zane did. Then later Boo is basically playing the victim and acting like what we did was so horrible and awful. And he was like what goes around comes around. So I said "And it has" 😏. Then Boo goes on to make a statement which didn't make sense "Tyler, after me Cali Hazim and Wes are gone you might wanna be careful. AJ told me that you aren't a goat and can win challenges they might target you. And Trevor AJ even told me straight up your a goat." So first he says they don't think I am a goat and then he says they think I am? Lol. Honestly if these ppl think I'm a goat they're blind. I've been playing a really hard game but part of my strategy is to "leave people in the dark" as to how I'm playing. I want them to be unaware of my capabilities and who I'm close to. It's perfect. So honestly, fuck anyone who calls me a goat because they don't know what they're talking about. And frankly if you think I am one than just take make the finals would you! Haha

Our next challenge is yet again immunity and THANK GOD it's not a flash game! It's actually a challenge someone other than Wes can win lol. 4 truths and 3 lies! This ones actually pretty fun cause its almost just guessing haha. Well actually as a group (Five Alive) we are doing some research to get some of our answers. But overall I think this ones gonna be a lot of luck. Hopefully Wes isn't an FBI detective or something! Seriously I'll die if he wins again lol. Jesus.


Day 28

Been a while since I sent in my confessions. Arun has since gone – that sucked. Then Koopa blindsided mainly because he was dangerous making all these 2-3 man alliances. Too much batter in the cake Koopa. (that would be a great line for his boot episode).

I am in the Five Alive alliance still and we are on the hour of the most crucial vote of the season. I am hearing Wes will not play his idol. That means my vote will eliminate him. If I vote Boo he is gone. I will vote Wes and hope for the best. Fed up with people not trusting me – when I have been the most honest to date. Except for the Sean vote and this one – I have tried to express my desire for trust with people. Tyler and AJ remain the only people I can truly trust.

I am not sure what will happen after this vote. We will see – part of me thinks I am going – however, numbers suggest no. AJ is swearing up and down – so I assume I am safe.

Here goes nothing…….


This episode. I don't know what to say... I'm honestly disappointed in AJ. I sound like a parent.. "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed."

But let's go in order. Right after that vote, AJ decides it's best for him and I to get on the good side of Cali and Boo. Which let me tell you, is one of the worst things to endure. Cali is stubborn, she admits that. And Boo can't hold a conversation for anything. It's like talking to a brick wall..

Yap: "Hey Boo! What's up?" Boo: "Nothing much, u?" Yap: "Just at work performing The Magic Hat ^.^" Boo: "Oh."

... I swear.. this kid does nothing in his free time. Anyway, AJ gets aggressive, like super aggressive... He's demanding that Cali and Boo show him a screenshot of them voting for Wes. In the meantime, we decide that we vote for Boo because at least we're getting rid of opposing numbers as a strong 5.

Hazim wins immunity. Like what. Whatever. K. Jeez. *Scoff Yeah, so ultimately decide that it is going to be an easy vote for Boo. 5 of us. Boo. Easy. Right?

NOPE. MOTHA FUCKING NOPE! Hazim plays the idol on his only home boy in this game, Wes. We're like "LOL, WHATEVER" NOPE! WTF! NOPE. WHAT THE FUCK?

Apparently, AJ decided to overplay his bounds and make a decision without telling the alliance. He decided to employ the help of Trevor for this too. He decides to change his vote to WES because Cali and Boo were begging him to vote Wes, showed him screenshots, etc. They swore on their family, and BOOM! AJ GETS VOTED OUT 4 TO WHO FUCKING CARES BECAUSE AJ IS GONE!!

I was in class when I read this, and I had to do some major damage control. Try calming down 3 grown men... >.> I literally don't know why AJ overplayed this one. I guess he let the power get to his head. He made a decision without telling me, and it makes me mad I'm in this current position. Either way, I would have blindsided him in the future anyway. Ideally, I did not want to go to the end with him. I mean.. he would have been a tough person to beat...

Oh well, the rest of us are still tight. This game never stops getting exciting...


Well we just voted out AJ *Dances*. Honestly I actually felt really bad... that was until he called me a bitch. Now I honestly don't even care, my mind is already set on next tribal. Right now, my alliance has four, and Zane's alliance has four(Yep, I'm calling it Zane's alliance), so of course I'm thinking about the rock drawing. Now, my plan is to target someone who people really wouldn't mind getting rid of. This person is definitely Trevor, aside from his confusing plans, and moments of aggravation, he's just really hard to work with. If we can get 4 votes on him, then I'm sure the other alliance will question if it's worth it to save him, over one of them possibly going home.