These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 13

I have figured out how I have gained control of the game, the idol. Though I am not using it and don't plan to, it has given me a huge amount of confidence to make big moves. In the Lord of the Rings, the source of Sauron's power was his ring, and my source of power is my idol! Duy’s days are numbered. I see no escape from him. Jastine has agreed on him going out next as he assumed the merge is coming next. Duy is a sitting duck. There is nothing he can do, unless Jeremy wastes his idol to save him.


I'm getting real tired of sucking up, kissing Alfons' ass to keep myself and Duy in the game. Throwing challenges and shit, this ain't survivor no more. This is survival! I've got no choice but to keep playing as his sheep til next tribal haha A blind side coming right up! I'm sucking up to Alfons being his "sheep" so he will trust me. Then when tribal comes(very likely) Alfons and the other favs are gonna unanimously vote for Duy and that's when he pulls out the idol, boom Alfons is sent home instead.


I absolutely LOVE my current position in the game. I was quite surprised to see Kait go at her boot, but it just tells me that when they need to act right, the Cardenas member will play as they should. And our victory at the next challenge proved that we could still win. The fact that they then lost two members instead of one was fantastic.


DB really surprised me this time... He was really mature, way more focused on realistic strategy. If it was only up to me, I would have kept him in the double tribal. unfortunately the rest of the tribe are a bunch of creatures, and apparently creatures stick together. Yuck.


The good thing that came from his vote was that we went to the switch with seven solid members, while it seems that Zac from Havana knows that he's on the bottom and is ready to flip. We decided that we won't risk our advantage and we'll make sure that the new Cardenas tribe (in which we had the four solid original Cardenas members) will lose every challenge. Throwing the S.O.S challenge was one of the most hilarious things I've done recently. Seeing their whining comments about how they expected a different design was spectacular. I just loved it. And besides, Zac showed us a discussion in the original Havana chat that proved they were planning on throwing the challenge as well.


However, I did need to fix some stuff that were about to give me a rough future in the game. The first was that Havana chose me, so I was in the tribe that had the Havana advantage, and I don't completely trust Zac to flip. The other was that I know I'm on the bottom of the Cardenas alliance, and that if I'll go with them I'll most definitely finish 7th. Both problems have the same solution: a cross-tribes alliance with Taylor.


I find Taylor to be a level-headed guy. In our conversations he always mentions that he doesn't want Pagonging and that he wants this game not to be a game of original tribes. I'm not sure whether he means it or he knows that original Cardenas will make the merge with numbers, so that's his best card to use. I made two secret deal (I really hope they're still secrets) with him.


The first is that we'll keep our closest allies through the switch: If Cardenas will lose immunity, I'll try to convince Alfons to keep Duy and Jastine over Kesh in the game (which was successful in a weird way. yay!). On the flip side, if Havana loses, he said he'll vote Zach before Cesar and I.


The second and the more important deal was that we'll give our best efforts to create a cross-tribes alliance of Cesar, myself, him and Zac. later he added Jeremy into the alliance, saying that he trusts Jeremy more and that we'll vote Zac at 5th place. It's probably just a lie, and he intends to vote Cesar and I at 4th and 5th, but I have time to take care of it.


I haven't talked to Cesar about this yet, but my best plan now is (assuming the merge is at 12 people) to keep the Cardenas majority going in the first vote, and vote, I don't know, Jastine. Then the F11 would be Alfons, Zach, Brian, Noah, Adam, Cesar, myself, Jeremy, Taylor, Max and Zach. This would be the ideal time to flip with Cesar to Havana and blindside Alfons. This would take of the biggest threat and keep original Cardenas with no smart players left. From there I'll try to think a few steps ahead.


I honestly believe I can win the game, and it's amazing that I've been through such a change in my thoughts in just a few votes. I was certain that I'll never be at the top of any alliance, and now it seems possible in the future. Can wait for the merge.


I said at the beginning of the game that those who try and get me out will be headless by the time i'm done with them. Now that one has tried i'm gonna use one of my old fearsome tricks and scare the alliance in to voting that person out by the next tribal. So that person it is hide or DIE!


Day 14

No confessionals were made on Day 14.

Day 15

Well seems like me or Jastine is next to go. All our plans didn't work out, but I'm not sitting here waiting for my torch to be snuffed. They're spliting the votes between me and Jastine, so we just need 1 vote to blindside Alfons. I convinced Brian and Noah to vote with us. This will probably be the biggest move so far if it works. But if not, I'm going home, Alfons will no longer trust Jastine anymore, and follows a boring Pagonging. Hope Brian and Noah will use their brains.


Lots of things have happened over the past couple of days. I was switched over to Havana along with Yaniv and Zachary and heard that my new tribe was planning on throwing the challenges to get us out. Luckily, Alfons was a lot better at throwing challenges and he managed to get rid of one of the Havanas on his tribe. His tribe has again lost the immunity challenge and it looks like either Random or Anghau will be voted out. However, there's been some interesting developments. Yaniv approached me with the idea of getting rid of Alfons once the merge hits. I really don't want to backstab him for the second time, especially after I gave him that whole lecture about being trustworthy and stuff, but I feel like if all seven Cardenas members make it to the end, Yaniv and I will be the first ones to get cut, and I can't let that happen.