Day 33

I hated being the deciding vote. Famous Amos never did anything wrong, and didn't deserve to be blindsided. This means that I'm the only American still in this game. Lovely. I knew that I was the deciding vote, and it all came down to killing the Mendi trio. I know Mick has the idol, so betraying the Tea Party isn't in my best interest at the moment. I didn't want Mendi to make up the final three, and I'm probably going to get a lot of grief from Uli for betraying him. This game gets tougher at this point, especially after betraying one of my closest friends. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? No one knows until they've gotten this far into the game. It really should have been JR. This is so aggravating.


"Wow,,,, Another Blindside!!!"

This is too good a season...

What can I say,,,,,

Andrei pulled his card right,,,,,, that was crazy,,,,,but kudos to him,,,,,,, :-)

Im kinda responsible for the result,,,haha,,,,, and Uli of course,,,

If I did not tell Uli about it,,,and if Uli did not tell Andrei,,,,

Andrei would have been gone,,,,,haha,,,

but here's the thing...

If you did not notice's the possibility.....

The craziest top five of all times.....




Soaring High,


Well... Voting out Amos was probably like the sittiest move in PNG...

I mean... He didn't do anything really, so that is a reason to keep him... And to the crossword... No one knows how to do it right. :P


Well... My brain is roasted, toasted, busted, and I'm still not sure I got the crossword right. Not to mention that the other game isn't too easy either. I do think I can count on the other three now... Blake offered to be voted out at F4 and showed concerns about being a goat, which frankly I understand... But I felt for him. Mick says he has the Idol so his spot in the F4 is locked, unless something weird happens... But I'm not gonna be a part of it.

I'm really hoping that Uli will lose this immunity so that I can attempt to steal his goat. I've really grown to like LP but I can't afford to go to the end with him if I want to win... But at the same time, I do think he'll appreciate the win just as much as I would. We've both been dealing with self-esteem issues out of the game and while I am craving and praying for a win right, I can always look back and remember winning immunities and saving myself in-extremis last Tribal. I don't want LP to be crushed. I don't want him to feel that way. So I am either gonna have to be extremely cutthroat and heartless, and vote him out eventually, or I'll just take a risk and face him in the finale. We'll see what happens.


Day 34

Well... Although I am annoyed I couldn't do this freaking crossword, I am pleased that no one else could pull through. This should be an easy vote, I know Mick has the Idol, he's probably going to keep it. Of course I could be getting played, it's always a concern, but I am satisfied with my performance. If Uli gets out of this, more power to him.


I am terrified at this point in the game. Not one person has came to me with a finals deal, because no one thinks they can beat me. So it's time to come out of the ashes and freaking save my own anus. With no one being immune, everyone is up for the boot. Uli came to me and said that we would go to the final four at the least. So this is what I call "The LP Theory":

Aside from myself, the Tea Party has three members; Andrei, Blake and Mick. Uli and JR's alliance is obviously two members. I'm right smack in between the two alliances. If I can convince Mick and Blake that Andrei is a huge physical threat and needs to go, we can vote him off. This is because Uli and JR are voting for Andrei, and if I do too I can't risk a tie. If Mick is lead to my side, I can properly betray the Tea Party once again. Then at the final five, whoever wins Immunity will be the person who's alliance I side with. This way, I can feel more secure.

Man, this late in the game is surely the toughest part of it. But the funnest.