"No One Shoots Like Gaston"
Season Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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No One Shoots Like Gaston is the season premiere of Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine.


Immunity Challenge: War Zone. War Items will become available throughout to use against your opponents. An assigned weapon will only be available for capture once per hour throughout the challenge. The objective is to be the first person to catch a weapon at the appropriate time. If they did, they would use that weapons attack on whoever you'd like.

Winner: Amber, Danny, Jack, Jesper, Joshua, Mantis, Simon, Yannick.


Day 1

20 people from all over the world landed in a place where wars raged for years. Alsace-Lorraine, the heavily fought region between Germany and France is going to be there home from now on. The castaways are all unique. There's Amber the princess girl from the Netherlands, Gaby the 32 year old nanny from New York city, Joshua the 21 year old from the Philippines with a great sense of humor and Mantis, the guy who describes himself as 'Mantastic'.

On the first day of this 27th season of survivor the castaways learned that the twist they were going to phase is the anarchy twist. All 20 castaways will be in one tribe and different methods will be used to decide who has to attend tribal council and who is safe. Right away people started greeting each other and starting conversations. After that people are quickly forming groups. Amber, Max and Jesper quickly bond because they're all from the Netherlands. They start an alliance called 'Cheese, cows and clog n' roll'. Mantis is going hard and quickly got in two alliances. The first one is a big alliance of 8 consisting of Mantis, Jack, Simon, Max, Jesper, Samm, Amber and Kevin called 'Mantis and the mantisettes'. Then there's Mantis, Jesper, Yannick and Jack who formed 'Mantis' Angels'. He sure likes to call alliances after himself.

Day 2

The war has begun! For the immunity challenge the castaways have to make sure they don't get hit by grenades, shotguns and snipers. When the challenge is started the castaways are scared to do something, but after the first hits were taken everyone got involved. Most people seem to have the strategy to go for as many bandaids to heal themselves. Though when the Mantis clubs were formed, the others weren't standing still either. The endure people quickly found each other and got Corey and superfan Kevin to join forces. Though Sam was quickly annoyed by Kevin, she liked him being an extra vote so the endure alliance of Sam, Samm, Gaston, Corey and Kevin was formed. They had a very different strategy for this challenge. They just wanted to be in the same group so they decided to all lose this challenge and go to tribal together. This group shot each other nonstop, Sam even shot herself in the face with a sniper by accident (forgot the extra M).

At the end of the challenge Mantis, Danny, Jesper, Jack, Amber, Joshua, Yannick and Simon won immunity and the other 12 would visit the first tribal council of the season.

Day 3

Back at camp possible targets are going around. Most people don't want to start giving away names. The endure alliance targets Oliver. When Oliver heard he was a target he started targeting Samm and went scrambling. It was clear for some people who were together. Amber disliked Sam for coming off arrogant and tried to get some people to target someone from the endure alliance but in the end they went with the easy vote. Jimmy and Melca also created a bond and discuss the vote. They both decide to not piss anybody off and vote for NJ. At tribal things escalate a little. Oliver forgot to vote. Samm and Corey are coming for him. Corey: "Get out dirty b*th". Samm: "Bye Oliver". When the votes are read the votes are for: Oliver (8), NJ (3) and Corey (1). Oliver is the first person voted out. Oliver mumbles something about being out because of a premade. Samm and Corey take offense in this and cuss him out. Max tries to come between them, but catches some heat on his own for that action.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1: Guerre Totale

Tribal Council 1:
Guerre Totale
Oliver s27
Oliver (8 votes)
Navneet s27Gaston s27Kevin s27Samm s27
Sam s27Gaby s27Corey s27Oliver s27
Navneet, Gaston, Kevin, Samm
Sam, Gaby, Corey & Oliver
NJ s27
NJ (3 votes)
Max s27Melca s27Jimmy s27
Max, Melca & Jimmy
Corey s27
Corey (1 vote)
NJ s27
Oliver s27

Voting Confessionals

Here is round 1 vote


Oliver you are a fucking creep and It gives me so much pleasure to introduce you to 20th place, bai.


I vote for Oliver, little 12 year old bitch ass.


Yeah goes nothing


Here's my vote!



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