Day 1

Well, I made it into an ORG finally. This is fun. Scary though. My hardest thing this season is trying to hid my Tumblr life from my ORG life now. I won a season on the main Tumblr Survivor seasons. I am also not very liked/problematic over there. During my tumblr season I fought with ORG people so im afraid if word gets out im going to be in deep shit.

Then this twist, yikes! Its pretty intense! So not only do I have to talk to 19 other people I have to keep this secret online life hidden away.


Well you know its cute its cute. I'm probably going to find the cutest boys and get them to worship me, hopefully.


Finally! We're in Alsace-Lorraine. Of course I'm excited but I'm also pretty confident. With Max and Jesper in the competition could give me a step forward. I'm also not afraid to be in danger these first days. I'll do my best tomorrow at the first challenge. Not showing I'm very into the game. But I'll show that I'm not weak. Also keeping be active is something I'm going to do as well but not too active because it could be seen as annoying. A lot of strategy for now on this point of the game but I think there are a lot of brainmasters in this season. The game is on.


I have to say I am a bit shocked with the twist, I didn't expect this season to be so chaotic going straight into it. I already don't like some people, others I have not formed impressions on. Amber get's on my nerves and I can already tell she will be a mad social threat late-game as she is so damn nice to everyone. I was hoping not to get cast with a group of people I consider to be fake but that's probably what just happened. All the "Hi's" and "How are you's" will be worthless real soon when these people are stabbing me in the back, or hopefully the other way around.

–Oliver these people know how to talk to other people? I swear all we do is say hi to each other and then leave. What surprised me the most is the twist! Like, seriously no tribes at the start?! Does that mean I have to TALK TO 19 OTHER PEOPLE?????????? iM FUCKING SCREAMING. I'm social (HA!) but not THAT SOCIAL. But I'll adapt. I've already made close bonds with Max and Jesper. I would like to create a Filipino Alliance with NJ and Joy but NJ havent replied to my messages? *eyes emoji*. Also I AM SHOCKED! Simon and Danny are in here too! We kinda knew each other because of Tumblr Survivor but I did NOT EXPECT them to play!! I'm gonna use this to my advantage but I REALLY WANTED TO START OFF IN A CLEAN SLATE IN THIS ORG. I did so great on my second Tumblr Survivor game and I hope it dosent ruin my chances here BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO TWO TUMBLR SURVIVOR PLAYERS ARE HERE AND ONE WAS EVEN MY HOST!! He knows my strengths and weaknesses and I cant have that so I have to keep an eye out from Danny. I don't want him to blab about my (non existent) reputation from Tumblr Survivor. Right now, I'm in an alliance with Danny and Simon, An alliance with Joy and an alliance with Max. I'm also pretty close with Jimmy, Jesper and Mantis but I haven't talked game with them yet. Coming into this game, I have set some goals. First thing's first, I don't want to be the lowest placing Tumblr Survivor Player here, second, get to the merge and make jury. Third is hopefully get to the Final 3 or 2. I gotta survive first!

k first impressions because yall like this shit and it's fun to look after the game's over.

Danny - LOVE GLUCK. He's probably the person I trust the most right now. He's my host on a Tumblr Survivor game I played but it's awkward to be playing with my host because he knows my strengths and weaknesses. I plan on being with him til the merge and then voting him out because he's def a threat.

Simon - Another Tumblr Survivor player and A TUMBLR SURVIVOR WINNER. He's a gr8 guy but he might come off as annoying based on past experience. I like him and I plan on sticking with him for now.

Joy - JOY <3 probably my biggest ally next to Danny and Simon. I trust her a lot and I feel like I can talk to her about the game any time because we live in the same country lool

Max - Oh Max. LOVE MAX we're like twins but I already lied to him to gain his trust. Max if you're reading this I'm sorry I don't like anime oops. Trust the guy, hoping to get far with him.

Jimmie - I feel like I can trust Jimmie and got far in this game with him. I haven't talked strategy with him though but I feel like we could be gr8 friends

Mantis - k so I'm a little iffy about Mantis. He's reminding me of a person I used to play with on Tumblr Survivor. The way he talks is just so similar so I can't help but associate him with that person. Anyways, he seems great. Is he cool? Yes. Do I trust him? I'm not sure about that right now.

Jack - Danny said he's close with Jack but I haven't really talked to him that much.

NJ - ....she hasnt spoken to me at ALL! i messaged her "what's up" and she didnt reply...k!!

Yannick - Seems like a nice guy. I like him but I've only talked to him once.

Sam - My conversations with Sam feels forced. idk if i can trust her if I can't even talk to her properly. My conversations with other people seems natural but with her it just feels awkward.

SamM - see Sam

Kevin - his favorite season is Survivor Philippines. That's all i know :\

Jesper - we talked a lot on the first day. I feel like I can trust him. He said I was the first person he talked game with so I hope it goes a long way.

Amber - I like Amber but sometimes I forget she's here oops.

k that's all the people I remember. If they talk more I probably would have remember them lol talk more people!!


Org Wiki 1

Org Wiki 1.1


It’s been less than 48 hours out here in Alsace-Lorraine and I’m already going crazy. I’m already sporting quite a rugged Survivor beard, my socks are dirty and the lack of food is an issue (note that this has nothing to do with the game but rather I’m living on a uni budget and don’t have anything in the fridge…). So it’s starting to take its toll on me.


Honestly guys, I’ve no bloody clue what I’m doing…

Sort of just making it up as it goes and I think I’ve done a good initial job. My first step has been try to get know everyone, get a feel of their vibe. Find commonalities that I can connect with. I’ve tried to not really talk strategy unless someone brings it up, so it has taken a backwards seat for now but still a factor in what I say and to who. I’m studying Medicine so technically a whole University, health system and education system think I’m not idiot. But this game is a different story. I’m trying push the whole “I only discovered this Online Reality Game thing like a week ago, I didn’t even know they existed [hillbilly chuckle]”. I mean it’s not entirely wrong but I’m not going to let the truth and details get in the way of a good story. So people seem to trust that I have no idea what’s going on and I think it’s paid off here and there. But really I think I have a semi-alright understanding of what’s going on, but I know I do not. So really I’m like an idiot pretending to be clever by pretending to be an idiot. It’s like lying by telling the truth (good luck making sense of that one). I think people might look at me as a bit of side hoe for now rather than their main alliance, which I kinda like – it gives me a bit flexibility with what I can do. But it doesn’t ensure anything so really, I’m living on the edge!


Jack: My brother’s name is Jack so I immediately dislike this guy. Not really, he seems alright. Found it hard to get traction with him which is weird cause he was pretty active in the group chat. So not getting fresh vibes from him but was able to make a couple of connections on similarities.

Navneet: Who is this guy? Does he even exist? Did you guys just make up a guy and see how long it takes people to realise he is actually just a profile and not a person? Have not seen any action from this fella Jesper: Do you know the kid that like hangs out with all the cool kids but they actually don’t like them cause he has a pet ferret with a try hard name like ‘Extremo’ or something and his mum makes him play non-contact sports. That kinda weird if you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, that’s my impression of old mate Jesper. Feels like he is trying a little too hard which is a bit off-putting for me. He was the first person I talked to so I’ll give him credit for that, but yeah just not sweet vibe from him either. Amber: Seems like she has been around the block a few times with ORG’s. Chatting to her seemed like a perfected assassination. She made me not dislike her in anyway and I am sure I’m not the only that thinks she is an enthusiastic chat. And then she’ll vote me out in a flash being all nice still. Might have to keep an eye on her. Mantis: First of all I had a giggle at his name – could only imagine that he was in fact a mantis on the internet where no one knows you are a mantis. But turns out he is actually a rad dude. We had a lot of interests in common (what we are studying, basketball, same sense of humour) and have a similar attitude and approach to the game which was really cool. I feel like we have a really good rapport that could work wonders in this game. He said “I like you” and I like him too, but not in a homosexual way; that’s for sure. Simon: Not a huge Simon fan, feel like he is trying to play up a character that is obsessed with “boys”. Found it pretty hard to chat to him because he didn’t really offer anything else. Kevin: Still haven’t chatted to this guy because I didn’t know there was a Kevin in the game until a full day in because of that observer guy, also named Kevin, that said he wasn’t playing. So blame that dude if Kevin and I aren’t Day1 allies.

Corey: this is me talking to Corey -
Peter Denahy - Sort Of Dunno Nothin'

Peter Denahy - Sort Of Dunno Nothin'

– full of substance this guy is….

Gaston: Still trying to remove the image in my head that he is in Beauty and the Beast. Haven’t had a chance to chat with him yet, but plan to soon Danny: First of all, who doesn’t know that the American version of The Office is an adaptation of the British version? Like legit he didn’t know it existed…. Anyway, besides that major blunder of his(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) he seems like a cool dude. Didn’t take him long to bring up the game which was a bit a warning flag for me. But good news is he provided me with some vital information which then turned into us becoming loyal companions. I’m happy being his mate for now and seeing where it goes. Samm: Don’t know why he has got two M’s in his name but I’m going to get to the bottom of this mystery. We had a small chat and nothing really came of it, I’ll try again later Oliver: Talking to this guy really shifted my attitude of talking to peeps to remembering we were in Survivor. He pretty much opened with “Hello, there is a big alliance” [not exact quote]. So he is really into it. I feel like he is a good ally to have for now, seemed to have a good read with what’s going on and he said “not many people actually make an effort to talk to me”. So this where my idiot/smart guy strategy came in because he like ‘yay someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and will actually talk to me’ while I was like ‘aahhh thanks bruh! You’re giving me everything” Max: Similar to Amber, but without the polished finished. Really likeable dude and easy to joke with and talk to. So I get the feeling everyone thinks that too. Will have to watch out for him socially, but not getting a strategical vibe from him yet. Melca: Only have just started talking to her. Seems nice and has fallen for the old ‘adorable Facebook profile pic’ (as did Amber). So we’ll have to see progress I can make with her. Yannick: Chill dude as far I as I can tell from the couple of exchanges we have had. Hopefully he hangs around so I can chat more with him Joshua: He’s like my secret pal. I don’t know why it’s secret at all but it feels that way. He and I bonded over the fact that we are nearly awake at the same time and we blossomed from there. Pretty funny guy and has also employed the ‘adorable Facebook profile pic’ move to perfection. Samantha: Have also just started chatting to her. Seems pretty chill, but am still in the early stages before I can get a decent read. NJ: Also of unaware of this person’s existence. Are they alive? I think you guys should check on her….


Overall, screw you guys!! I don’t even talk to 19 other people in a normal day! I mean it was a cool twist and all but so much work is needed and people are paranoid. So got some juicy goss from both Oliver and Danny. Danny first brought there was a 7 person alliance and that he had been told by 5 different people. I took this with a grain of salt of course. And then he named Samm, Jesper, Jack and Amber. “Ah” I think “it’s all making sense now – I have no idea what is going on!!!”. Then he went all undercover trying to sneak into that while I pushed for to do it, but without mentioning me at all because if he screws up then I get tied into it with him. BOO-urns to that. Then paranoid Danny came by and alerted the craziness – alliances, leaks, conspiracies all on day 1. WILD!! Would love to read his full take on it because he thinks there is a lot of shifty things going on. Oh and he added some more names to the emerging alliance– Simon, Max, Kevin and to my surprise Mr Smooth himself, Mantis. My first thought was dammit, he screwed me. But then I thought “hey good on him, he set himself up quite well”- and maybe me too. Like he could just conveniently have me saved tribal by tribal til when he needs numbers to pounce. I’d be cool with doing that but I’d have to get back too for not telling me he was in the alliance.

I guess you guys will split us up later, Fiji/Palau style maybe. Or we will just remain as a jumbo tribe. Who knows? Hopefully I can stick around to see how it goes.


Okay, the game is on. Of course it starts in the middle of the night when I'm asleep so if people are forming heywewereonlinefirstalliances I'm not in them.

I wake up and suddenly my amount of Facebook chats went from 3 to 13. Everybody is talking and sucking up to each other already. Of course the people who are gonna be the biggest try-hard wannabe villains in confessionals are gonna be the nicest to my face so I'm curious how everybody's acting. Alright, after everyone gave their first impressions it's time for a cast assessment:

Max - bae, but wants to play too hard. Amber - sweet but talks. sooooo. much. Jack - cool dude. Simon - flirtatious despite me having a boyfriend so dangerous. Samantha - kind but scary. Samm - probably bitching about everyone behind their backs. NJ - wants to quit already which sucks. Melca - really sweet but seems to be so to everyone so I try not to feel too special to her. Yannick - he's there. Navneet - same. Mantis - nice guy, thinks of himself as the star of the season already. Gaby - typecasting. Corey - he's probably gonna be the one who thinks it's cute to pretend to hate everyone. Kevin - same as Corey despite him at least playing nice to my face. Joshua - he's nice. Gaston - dangerous. Jimmy - nothing in common with, don't think we'll work together anytime soon. Oliver - says he lied about his age to get cast. So. Yeah. Danny - ?


Day 2

What a day, I never thought people could be so nice in the begin of the game..... it's survivor, guys. Not a high school. Today 10 people asked me to be with them in a alliance. 10... And now we have a main alliance of 8 people. I have the girls on my side and Olaf, Oncol... what is his name again? Anyway 8 + 4 equals 12. Majority. So survivor, this start is amazing. Let's see if it'll end like the start.


This game is so much different than Tumblr Survivor. Just the feel of it is very different. I am not used to talking to people on Facebook. The chat box is small, I can't quote stuff and people can see you if you see their messages!! In terms of activity, most of the time the tribe chats quiet wherein Tumblr Survivor everyone talks all the time. Though it's understandable seeng as its only Day 2 but idk. The deadline is also different. Here, yall use UTC while in Tumblr Survivor we use EST. I'm still getting used to this new system and I need to do it fast if I'm gonna survive.

I can feel alliance are already formed at this point. If I have to choose which people I have to align with, it's going to be Joy, Danny, Max, Simon, Mantis, Jesper, Amber, Kevin and Jimmie. They're the only people who actually talked to me. Yannick and Jack are cool but idk!! Danny also gave me a heads up on Gaston, Samm and Sam and thinks that they're in an alliance. Which is great if they're being targeted because it's so awkward talking to them.

I have just been informed that there's an Oliver and Gaby in this game?

Anyways, me and Max made a pact that we're not attacking each other on the challenge and I also made a pact with Joy to only get band aids and lay low. I feel like I'm gonna die in this challenge when I wake up. The fuck the challenge starts at 4:00AM here and I didn't know that 4:00 in the morning exists tbqfh!!!


So... *looks at nails* our alliance began great but now it's getting boring. I'm the only one who talks. Come on. I know it's a game but talking isn't difficult. Also Jesper and Max are still with me and I wanna reach the final three with them. Kevin is amazing too so I hope we'll be along for a long time same as for Mantis and Simon. I think the challenge will be hectic tonight but I'm not afraid for it. Staying at the background, don't be the strongest and don't be the weakest. So there couldn't be a reason to vote for me, right? Time to get ready for tonight's challenge, hopefully with talking alliance members!!! (!!!!!!!)


Jack's confessional for Alsace day 2

Jack's confessional for Alsace day 2


...I'm not sure if Melca knows how to play this challenge :\


ORG Wiki 1

ORG Wiki 1.2


Bloody nervous, tell you what. Wouldn’t even know how to read into it. If I’m first am I really a target? Maybe they are just throwing the scent away from the real target. What if they don’t attack me? Are they throwing the scent off me!!! What if they give me a band aid? Do I give them one back? Will they be mad? Will they be chill? What if I sniper someone who didn’t even care about and all of a sudden they Hulk at me? You guys said that it would show everyone where they stand, well it probably won’t for me and I’ll just confirm that I’m an idiot/clever guy/idiot that still has no idea what is going on!urvivor


Alliances sort of start forming on Day 2, I get put in a big alliance with Mantis, Jack, Simon, Max, Amber and Kevin. The alliance name is something like Mantis and the Mantispeople. Just like the other alliance Jack and Mantis form with me and Yannick because they trust me the most. At least that's what they tell me. Anyway Mantis makes himself feel important which is totally fine by me. Then all of a sudden somebody adds Samm to the big alliance chat without him ever agreeing to be in the alliance... So my faith in this alliance is pretty low now but it could be useful now that we're not split up into tribes yet.

Also anyhow Oliver and Gaston form an alliance with Max and me, the 'core four'. Because they were talking to Samm they probably knew about the big alliance so we just told them.

Of course I have a top 3 alliance with my Dutchies. Max and I named it Cheese, Cows and Clog 'n' Roll. I plan on staying loyal to them for a long time. Max and Amber are forming alliances with everyone and are looking out for me. They are making sure I don't get voted out while making themselves bigger targets than me. Okay :)


Day 3

ORG Wiki 1

ORG Wiki 1.3


Challenge's ended and guess what? I won. And being one of the few people who didn't get attacked I think people are not targeting me. Tonight I'm free, no tribal council, but I'm somewhat nervous about it. Max, Kevin and Joy are up for elimination and since a lot of our alliance can't vote tonight I'm a bit scared one of them will go. I know they'll do their best and I hope some inactive guy like Corey or NJ will go. Let's see what Survivor will bring.


*Shows a little ankle*
  • Flirts a little bit*
  • Wins immunity because, who would shoot someone like me, besides Jimmy who is a heartless straight boy*


Honestly, I think i'm in a fantastic spot. I had people play bandaids on me when I never even asked. Guys randomly PM me, and give me their snapchats. I think im in an AMAZING spot! Who knows!

It might be a matter of time before people know about my past in the tumblr survivor history, so I have to be prepared for that. I need to find a way to get the numbers before hand.

I have made deals with a good amount of people as in, hey if we go to tribal if you dont vote me I wont vote you blah blah blah stupid shit like that, that people want to hear. Its a good way early in the game to get past a few tribals.

I have an 8 person alliance with Mantis, Amber, Samm, Jack, Jasper, Max, Kevin, and I. Then I have a smaller alliance within that alliance with Max, Kevin and me.

ALSO I have a 3 person alliance with Danny, Josh, and me. And I have numerous amounts of 1 and 1 alliances with Yannick, Samantha, Gaston, and Oliver. So I do have numbers thank god. I just have to try my best to avoid tribal at all costs.

The bad thing about the 8 person alliance is that Mantis already leaked it to a few people. Why he did that, I dont know, How I found out? because I have connections henny.


Day 3! This has probably been the busiest I’ve been ever. Talking to 19 people while observing every detail in what they say is hard enough. And then you add in a ridiculously long challenge. And my normal life decides to kick into gear. This is the coolest thing ever! I’m loving it so much!! Keep up the good work guys.

But!!! I really don’t want to go to tribal. It’s a weird mixture of unhappiness and excitement. Bloody annoyed I have to go and could possibly be out of the game already. But I’m also stoked that I’m Survivor-ing right now. Squealing like a little girl on the inside but being a sad bearded man on the outside. Still have no idea what I’m doing. Have got to talk to a few more people and continuing to get good vibes off them. I think this is really paying off because there are quite a few people who are saying that I’m one of a select few that they have talked to and therefore they want me to hang around. I keep checking in with everyone regularly, have some idle chit-chat and then it may or may not turn it them telling me stuff which is pretty handy. Well that was a doozy wasn’t it. It started at 6am for me so I thought I would get a bit of a sleep in and check how it developed before I did anything. Wasn’t I bloody surprised when I see not only getting the first points from Mantis and getting screwed by straight up! Mantis and I had agreed to hit each other so people wouldn’t know we were tight but I think it may have came off differently because it was the first one, in a way where our pal-ness would be exposed. Hopefully he plays it off as ‘he seemed like he would handle getting the first one cause he is a chill guy’. But it could have went an entirely different way, like setting off a cascade of points all coming my way because someone else did. What else was funny? The Gaston incident – that was hilarious. Turns out my clock was 8 seconds faster than the internet and so I submitted one early and he realised and immediately returned the favour. Seems to be a trend that the internet doesn’t like me. The 100 minute war with Simon. Probably the funniest one. I chucked 3-pointer at him, mostly cause I don’t like him, and returned the favour an little while after. “Fair enough” I think. And then out of no where chucks another big point at me. So I quite elegantly got revenge on him with “Definitely demolishing Simon with a sniper”. Not long after I receive a message from him saying “OKMFG I M SORRY”. Man I lost it, would have been roaring with laughter and rolling on the floor for a good couple of minutes. We called a truce, but I really wanted to get him again. What else? Oh yeah as you probably saw there was a long period where Josh, myself and a few others were carrying the load a bit for the squad. We would dished out like 50 points in that period all at people with already large values so that it had little effect (probably should have used this time a little wiser to put small points on a few people I probably could have beaten). Finally, head to sleep with 6 hours to go in the challenge. Was going to message a few people to say look out for me but didn’t because I felt my 4 points was pretty good. Wake up to the worst news ever!! Sorry mate, a little twirp sniped you in the last couple of hours and put you on 9 points. Too bad tribal for you. F*CK YOU MAX! I guess he was probably trying to save himself by jacking the points up of a nearby competitor but fortunately he also got screwed by and ended up with us at tribal. So maybe the internet does like me after all. I liked that this challenge gave us some insight to where people stand. There were some surprises and then there was obvious one’s that I predicted that came to light that I might like to use later. ‘Oddly’ enough, the alliance Danny told me seemed to fair pretty well except for Kevin. Don’t know quite what this means yet, might have to ask around and see what people thought. And the inactive people + one’s I haven’t talked to did not go so flash so I probably connected to the right people for now. Not really too concerned where I ended up. There isn’t much too say otherwise about the damage points I received, pretty happy with where I got in the standings. Just got unlucky sometimes and Max and Simon suck.


Jack: So no real updates here. Of the same opinion of him. Doesn’t seem to concerned about chatting to me so I’m sure he is well connected within the group. It was pretty funny though that he was a stickler for the rules, pulling up people all the time for early comments. Seems a bit petty to me.

Navneet: chucked quite a few points his away and to my surprise I think commented once or twice. So turns out he is alive, so we can put that case to bed. Jesper: That challenge went surprisingly well for him. Felt like he may have got a few points here and there but did not. Maybe it’s just me that thinks he is a bit of a try-hard. Definitely going to use his position in the standings and play dumb to see what he and others think about it. Amber: Haven’t talked to her since our last encounter way back. Was going to chuck a few points her way but decided against that to see if anyone else would. The fact that they didn’t tells she is sitting quite pretty at the moment. She could be in control over happenings right now. Might have to have another casual chat with her soon to keep up appearance and charm her a bit more…. Mantis: Still one of my main guys in the game. He apologized straight away after the first incident so liked that. Was going to ask him to look out for me while I slept but am feeling like that would be giving him a lot of power in our relationship, need to show a little bit of competence. Seeing that he won just casts some suspicion over his place in the game. He might very well be high up in the alliance that has formed, which I like… I think. Firstly, it makes me question why he didn’t bring me into it. You would think two people who get along so well would play the game together. But he might be playing a bit smarter than it is supposed to look. Seeing it from his perspective he doesn’t know I think he is in an alliance, plus I’ll probably vote with him every time anyway. So I’m starting to get the feeling I’m going to be his secret extra number at the moment. Also after finding out I was up for immunity, I had a chat with him. Thought I might use the opportunity to cement that perceived reliance on him and my newbie naivety by asking if he can use his connections to help me out. Thought he would ask the ones in his alliance taking part in tribal (Kevin, Max and Samm) but instead told me that Gaston and Samm like me and will probably work with me in the vote. So maybe Danny wasn’t entirely right about the names but we’ll see I guess Simon: That challenge made him look like a fool. Really just squirmed his way through to that immunity by pleading for people to not hit him. Still not a fan Kevin: Still haven’t chatted to him, probably should before the vote Corey: Haven’t bothered with him since our first encounter. Seems like he really doesn’t want to talk so that doesn’t help out my game much Gaston: started chatting to him after the Gaston incident. Pretty cool guy, no idea why he got so many points in the challenge. Think I made myself a good ally for this vote and potentially further on just by having a chat at the right time. Did bring up a good point (mirrored by Samm, so I assume they were talking at the same time) – that most of the older people in the tribe are up to be voted. A very keen observation so now I stuck in the retirement home with these senior members. I mean I’m 20, is 1-3 years really that much difference lol Danny: was pretty surprised he was immune. He has said a couple of times that not many people talk to him which doesn’t make too much sense as to why he didn’t get many damage points, as inactive people were targeted. Looking back now maybe he has been playing me a little. Makes me speculate a bit. Maybe he is in the alliance and trying to bond with me because I am not? Maybe he crawled his way into the alliance since our last chat? I still roughly believe the names he gave me, but the results of the challenge has made me cast doubt. Samm: Sure he said to Mantis he likes me, but only messaged me after immunity reveal. Think he is just happy to use me as a number for now and I reciprocate those feelings. Oliver: This guy man!! So annoyed by him, messaged him twice in the challenge without reply to see what his thoughts were. Was going to slyly get him to do some digging for me about the top people. But apparently he had better things to do and is now getting tossed around as the possible torch-snuffee. I don’t really like it because I could value his assistance in the future. But if everyone else is voting for him what can I do :/ Max: GRRRRRRRRR!! Can’t bloody wait to get rid of him. Maybe what did could benefit me (experience, bit of non-threativeness, getting to know the bottom of the food chain a little better) but he really did screw me over with a last minute snipe. Bit of a low blow Melca: My new secret friend, except this one actually is secret. We had a pretty weird first encounter, went deep fast. But I feel like we have a pretty good connection. Used the old “here is my amazing view from my apartment” picture that kills every time and was able to make the conversations fun. I think she likes that ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ and just being a normal dude. Good thing is she doesn’t talk to many people so again like the others really likes that I initiated the conversation with her. At the moment I’d say she is in my circle of 3 actual pals (ft. Mantis and Josh) opposed to Survivor pals (like Danny, Gaston). She really wants to work with me so hopefully she can help me out with information and be extra number in case I get in trouble. Yannick: Had a small chat with him, was alright. Don’t think much will develop here Josh: Josh is rad man. He and I get along really well. Throughout the challenge we were chatting most of the time having a laugh at what as going on. Was pretty surprised that he didn’t get many points at all. I don’t think he is part of the alliance, I just think people like him. He was the first to say “goodluck at tribal” and I think that that says a lot about his character. Hopefully he can stick around and help me out a bit too Gab: apparently she doesn’t talk to anyone either according to the challenge results. So hopefully she goes soon Sam: Out of nowhere she says “I have your back and I don’t want it to be you”. Didn’t think we connected that well, so like Samm I think she has me counted as one of her numbers for now. I guess there is room for development here but right now with her I am pleasantly surprised.


This is the worst ever. Everyone is asking everyone for insights and who they are voting for but everyone gives really vague answers like ‘oh I don’t know, haven’t heard anything’. BULLSHIT!! I mean I’m guilty of it too and quite happy to admit that because that’s how I want to play. But of course they know stuff, it’s kinda ridiculous stringing it on. But I was pretty sure one of the more inactive players would be the torch-snuffee.

So most of the afternoon it was looking like Oliver – obviously don’t want him to go, is keen to share info with me. And then after several hours of everyone being set on it – BANG!! Oliver wakes up and starts hustling. People let it slip that Samm was his main antagonist and boy-o did he want revenge. He messaged me finally (apparently when he needs my vote – a little suspicious), and asked me if I’m willing to vote Samm with him cause he “already has a few others” with him. I doubt he had people with him, probably just saying that to convince me. So I’ve now got three options: 1. Vote Oliver - the only thing stopping me from voting Samm is that he is in the alliance and was named by both Oliver and Danny. Voting out Oliver keeps me in the good with them. Mantis told me earlier that Samm was willing to work with me (probably just because we were in tribal together). I’m also pretty sure the majority is still voting for Oliver, but not certain. 2. Vote Samm – this would be huge. If Samm is in this alliance getting rid of one of them first would be crazy, like it makes my Survivor boner go wild. It seems like the most opportune move and I could easily play it off to Mantis (it’s weird how he gets 2 mentions in this and he really isn’t involved at all) and co. as ‘he was your ally? Why did you not mention that earlier!’. So could get away with that. Unfortunately, still unsure about the majority vote on this one. If it doesn’t work I’m on the outs with the alliance (for now) and the majority that voted for Oliver. Not a great position to be in 3. Vote NJ. This option mirrors Coach’s HvV vote for Courtney in Boston Rob’s boot (btw I said this analogy first, if Melca says it she stole it from me). It’s the coward’s way out but has the least risk. It only upsets NJ (who?) and whoever is voted out. It looks good because I don’t anger either sides but if someone catches on to what I did (very likely) they might see straight through my game. Some side notes – Melca and I are probably voting the same. We pretty much discussed the aspects of each option that was presented to us. It was very comforting to have someone to talk this stuff through that was in the same situation. Also I played up some aspects - how much voting makes me feel bad (none what so ever), how confusing this is (I mean it’s confusing , but as a newbie it was ‘extra hard’). Just making a stronger ally in her. Only problem is in our discussions I may have came off a little more aware and strategic than I would like. Also Max. Gees he’s good. Melca told me she traced the initial Oliver campaign back to him through a convo she had with Sam. He could have been running the show or was very close to it. A couple of hours after this revelation I asked him who is voting for and he said he didn’t know. Weird why would he tell Sam one thing and me another? I think he is testing people on who they talk to. He first tossed Kevin’s name at me and after replying in mega confused mode, he retracted it to Oliver. POINT 1 TO JIMMY. And then he tossed Sam at me after saying it was a terrible idea, to which I agreed on its silliness. Then he asked me why? Oh shit. Walked into that one like a fool. Should have asked if it was a typo (an idea that popped into my head once the damage was done). I hesitated, did not know how to answer it. Sam said earlier she was on my side so definitely didn’t want her to get voted for. Got caught in his trap. POINT 2 TO MAX. Luckily saved it with an argument about numbers and how tossing away votes like that could drop the required 7 for majority to 4 or 5 and then anyone could take it. Good save but he did catch me out. I think we both are onto each other now a little bit more. He probably thinks I have more connections then I’m letting on and I see him as more strategic and sneaky than he is letting on. Something that was set in stone turned into craziness. Assessing all the options is going to keep me up at night for weeks!! I’ve decided NJ. I don’t think Oliver has the numbers for Samm. Voting NJ takes me out of sight and with Melca voting the same it doesn’t look as bad as doing it by myself. Outside of us two, I think a vote or two could still come way of NJ. Might force a tie, who knows. Feel like for the short term this could be beneficial, keeps target on Oliver and Samm and might divide the tribe up a bit more. If Samm does get eliminated, I keep my hands clean and could reap the rewards of doing so i.e. breaking up an alliance and keeping inactive people to vote off later. If Oliver goes, I don’t get on anyone’s bad side but his if at all and feel like if he brought it up with me after the game I could justify my actions and smooth things over with him.


Whew it's been a crazy three days. These bitches are crazy. So let's recap what happened. I made an alliance with Sam,Corey,Samm,Gaston, and myself. We don't have a name yet, well... I personally wanted to be called the faguettes, cause well we're in France and baguettes are in France and everyone is gay as fuck. BUTT Corey is apparently straight (lol ya right) and so I had to change the damn name. Our alliance decided that it would be easier to throw all 5 of us in the bottom 10 and then just rope in one more person to make majority. Butttttt Yall had to throw a monkey wrench in our plan and say it's 12 not 10. So we scrambled for votes. Oliver is not only idiotic but unintelligent so we chose him. I am fake friends with the netherlanders. They are so stupid. I know that Dennis is from the Netherlands so talking shit about the Netherlands should be taboo... But I'm gonna talk shit about them. First off Jesper is a HUGE control freak and Max is Jespers little lap dog, Amber is so awkward I just can't. She tries flirting with me from time to time and I'm like... No. STAHP. It's weird but to the netherlanders plus Simon I'm trying to be a very nice young man with strong morals. And it's eating me away inside :(. Yall casted me to be a cold hearted ruthless bitch and I'll be that 10 fold cause what I'm not about to do is be an irrelevant ass bitch like say NJ for example or Gaby. I'm a bitch, but I embrace it like Samm embraces penis every Saturday night. I didn't get any votes this time which means I'm doing something right, I'm sure that people are saying I'm fake or whatever but by day 10 I garunteed you they will stop saying it and learn to "trust me" which they shouldn't. I'm not a hero. I'm not a Villian, I'm an opportunist. I will stab any of these hoes in the back quicker than I can blink an eye, I don't give a crap. Soooo anyways sunshine and rainbows are happening clearly! I'll talk to Yall next vote off! Baiiiiii


I got second in the challenge winning my first individual immunity, which means I'M NOT THE FIRST BOOT YAY HI BJORN. I'm not gonna analyze the challenge more than that, people who are alligned are not stupid enough to target anyone but their allies.

They're gonna vote for NJ or Oliver I believe, which would mean that one of my core four people goes. I don't care.

The strategy for now is to lay low. Nobody wants to overplay when we're still such a huge tribe. You don't want to stand out for any reason whatsoever. And still some people are doing it. I'll just watch them get themselves voted out and we'll see what happens later.