These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 1

Knowing my history of getting chosen in teams, I'll probably end up being chosen last.


The cast was announced and I immediatly start gathering info about my fellow competitors. One by one I analized their profiles, number of edits of the wikis, countries they are from, how they express themselves, etc. The first impressions i´ve got from some of them are:

Bartley: He is funny, strategic, sarcastic... should I go on? It´s a social threat. I even like that guy just from reading his first comment. He reminds me of Tyson so I better watch out. But you know what they say... keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so I may try to make an alliance with him soon.

Alex: I like him, a lot. He is like me, he had gone on an exchange program, he likes to read and he likes Rob Cesternino´s game, I read his profile and I was literally thinking of myself writing almost the same. If we have so much in common he might be a dangerous player. I mean... I wouldn´t trust myself.

Marco: Come on! 3 fans in an hour since the cast was announced and she haven´t said a word yet. Woman are so overrated on this org that they always, somehow get to the jury. No way, i dont care if its a girl a boy or a cow. A threat is a threat and if she is getting any benefits just for being a woman well..... I better get sure that wont be the case this season.

Bryce and Jessie: DEFINITELY wont trust them. They may know much more about this game than any of us, they had made lots of contributions at the wiki and always answer first. Either they 1) Have nothing else to do 2)Are super fans 3)Believe that winning survivor org will make the bullies at their school realize that they are amazing human beings or 4)All of them. Wathever it´s their case they are a threat to my game and need to go.... as soon as possible.

Ian: Whoever that speaks about himself as a third person has to be by my side at the FTC. He is so excited to finally play (Because you know... "fourth time is the charm") that he is going to ruin his own game by trying to go too fast. And that´s when comes handy to have him on your side. I love selfdestructors, just make my game easier.


t was time to choose tribes. I was just about to make an alliance with Bartley when he told me that we were on different tribes. So immediatly I had to change my game plan. That´s when I knew that Alex had chosen me for the Bazid tribe.

Actually Tyler was the one who told me that I had been chosen so I start to talk with him. I really like that guy, but I don´t think he could be a threat. Anyway we made an alliance. He told me that he had talked to David and Tung about making a 4way alliance. That´s when it gets shady... If I agree to join them I´ll be number four since I haven´t talked to either David or Tung so far. BUT that would put the target out of my back.

At the same time I started talking with Alex, since he picked me and he told me that he was interested to play with me because we have some things in common, which was basically my plan from the beginning.

Tyler told me that we needed a fifth member and immediately I proposed Alex, but Tyler told me that he didn´t trust Alex and that he thinks that he an Bryce have an alliance going on.

Apparently Tyler wasn´t lost at all, because 5 minutes later Alex told me to make an alliance with him and Bryce. I told him that i didnt trust Bryce but i didn´t told him why..... After he "talked me into it" I let him know that i was "trusting him on this one" and that i was hoping to talk more with Bryce so the three of us could live "hapilly ever after".

Note: The "_" signs may be reference to a complete lie.

So basically here is my plan and thoughts so far:

ALEX (Alliance 1)

I like him, but not enough to trust him. He told me that he has some kind of experience at the orgs so I´m going to keep an eye on him. The real reason I don´t trust Bryce is because he had made a lot of edits at the wiki org that means that he knows more about this game that many of us... that´s exactly why he is a threat to my game. Since Alex has some info as well my plan is to keep telling them that I´m with them so they can give me all the information they have.

I´m actually playing dumb with him. Telling him that I have cero experience and that I will trust his decissions. OF COURSE i dont trust him and I will make my own decissions but let´s make him the leader, that way no one will point their fingers at me.

TYLER (Alliance 2)

I really like Tyler, he is trying to get to know me better instead of just talking about strategy but I gotta keep an eye on him since he made a mayority alliance just 10 minutes into the game. Even though he get together a "solid" four I still don´t think he can potentially outwit-outplay or outlast me. If I have to be with the mayority to be longer in this game I will. But don´t underestimate me mister because suddenly I became the swing vote.

PLAN: I´m going to be the kind and happy mexican they want me to be. I´m going to be that guy who is always writing down smileys and giving good vibes, even though I may be talking shit about them at their backs. Is just Day 1, I have time to see who can I trust and who I can´t, so basically my plan is to keep both alliances happy. By now there are still two spots left on the tribe and one of them must be the first to go. That way I wont betray anyone this early in the game.

Within minutes I became the swing vote between the two major alliances of the tribe and I´m loving it. I just need to get my mouth shut so I wont get the same destiny as Sarah from Cagayan.

Day 1 and loving it. :)


So this is Turkey? Looks awesome! The mountains, the desert! I can get use to living here for 39 days.

I was really glad when I found out I was accepted for Survivor: Turkey. At first, I was only happy since I would finally get the chance to play as a castaway. I was rejected for Anarchy, Madagascar, and Peru, so getting in Turkey was just an awesome feeling inside. It looked so fun and as a fan of Survivor I knew I just had to do it man. I would of been perfectly happy just for those reasons. But as I thought about it more and more, I eventually found another reason to be happy. Not just any reason, a reason that came from the heart. I remembered that this season is dedicated to the memory of J8in, a former contestant from Switzerland. He died in a fatal car crash on January 4, 2014. I remember how sad it was to first read that since, well you know, he died and all. I never met or talked to J8in, I wish I had, but it still is sad to see someone leave this world we live in. I remembered that he was 16 years old, the same age I was when the accident occurred and the same age I am today. For someone to unexpectedly lose their life, at such a young age, is truly tragic. You may of been from Turkey, but it was definitely a Greek Tragedy. I am tearing up just thinking about it. If I died right now, I would feel my life was incomplete. I don't know about J8in's life, but at 16 years old I felt I haven't done that much. I have pretty much only gone to school and vacation, with mostly happy and the occasional sad memory sprinkled on the cake of memories, divided in layers of what I can still remember and cannot. I know now that death can come unexpectedly, at any time, so I must life my life to the fullest! Carpe Diem! YOLO! All of that good stuff. I must take each opportunity in life I can, which is why I will give it my all on Survivor: Turkey, no regrets, as I never will know when my hourglass will run out of sand.


This is going to be a awesome season. I'm on a great tribe, and we are going to smash the challenges!


So we started & I'm hella excited already! When I found out, we were gonna pick our teams, I made it a point to get an in with as many people as possible to keep myself in the game, which caused me to have a cross tribal alliance with Ian & Bartley. The thing is I don't really trust Ian lol. Something is telling me that he would stab me in quick. But on Bazid, I formed an alliance w/ Miguel, David & Tung and a separate alliance w/ Alex & Bryce, also including Miguel & David. But David had a mini freakout after we had decided that we may blindside Bryce and starting trippin. I was like yo we only on day 2, you need to chill son. I see I have to watch David and keep him under wraps, so he doesn't flip and me & Miguel.


Hi this is redturtle632 here and here is my confessional: Just looking at all the players made me think of some fun words that are puns for everyone. Alex - won't be a "telex" tile piece of floor, Bryce - i heard you can cool some "rice", Marco - you ever went to well's "fargo", Eric - your name should be "derek", Tyler - i heard you was a good "buyer", Ian - every time i see you i just go "peeing", Kara - your should be "sarah", Miguel - please play with a girl named "chesel", David - i think you need to "save it" when you play your games and forgot to save it, Tung - pick up your phone cause it has "rung" so many times by now, Dale - i hope your not "pale", Rasheid - please just go and "bash it" like the hulk one day, Jessie (me) - fix your grammar your so "messy", Thang - your name sould be "dang" cause you can't "sang", Topher - i hope you have a pet "gopher" for us to play with, and last but not least Bartley - if we play darts then your nickname be "dartley" for now on. Hope you all loved the puns i had for everyone. :D


Flashback to my youthful years and a schoolyard pick would have been my worst nightmare. Here in Survivor: Turkey, it's a cake walk. I'd consider myself a human representation of the ugly duckling. I've certainly blossomed over the years. Without even an exchange of words, Jessie calls my name and I'm the 4th player chosen for a tribe. I march over to Idir with pride.

Topher and Jessie both give me great vibes out of the gate. Topher and I can relate over being gay and the older guys in the game and Jessie just seems like the lovable nerd from the South. Beforehand, Ian has been whispering in my ear that he'll pick me if the time comes. I'm kind of turned off by his over-the-top eagerness, but I sort of feel obligated to pick him. On first impressions, I would have leaned toward Tyler or Miguel, but they both get whisked away to Bazid.

Ian is immediately dropping word that an alliance is brewing. It contains the likes of Jessie, Ian, and myself. Without a beat, Ian is already adding other names. Marco is in as #4. I'm a little surprised Topher is omitted, but he later gets the #5 spot.

The rest of the tribe rounds out with Thang, Dale, and Kara. Thang seems sweet, but I don't know if he'll be able to pull his weight in the long run with the time difference. I want to keep a good relationship with him though, he could prove to be useful. Dale and Kara are obvious dead weight.

I pull Topher aside to discuss Ian's false-start alliance. I'm certainly game to play along for now, but I express that I wouldn't mind veering off with him and Jessie later on in the game. Ian seems a bit fragile and we'll have to play to his ego to keep him from scrambling.


Day 2

Day 1 was a busy day. I immediately talked to Bartley, Jessie, Marco, Topher, Tran, and Tyler. I was able to make bonds with all of them. All of them but Tyler ended up on the Idir tribe with me but Tyler, but he is still useful to me. He and Miguel created an alliance and will hopefully get the majority on Bazid. After a swap or merge, Tyler will then be back with me. We hit it off very well and I am his first ally.

I created a five-person Idir alliance with Jessie, Bartley, Marco, and Topher. They all seem like cool, awesome people so really glad we are together. I got Marco specifically since I was a fan of her brother, Perry, in Madagascar, and wanted to see someone in that family do well. Also, I used my persuasion powers by using Perry's early elimination as a reason to get a secure alliance immediately. I got Topher so the alliance wouldn't be all USA, and when talking to him before he seemed keen on the idea of tribe unity, which I like. I also got Tran as a sixth person who isn't fully in the alliance, but will stick with us, making it safe in case of a #ChaosKass. Tran is my Edna. Oh shit I'm Coach. Regardless, he seems really nice and sincere. We bonded over being both 16, very important for this season. He also seems un-strategic, a follower. He picked Dale when someone who was active was still eligible! Only thing that worries me is what if that is his game?!!! The social game is a severely underrated aspect of this game, so I will have to keep my eye on him. I like my tribe overall and cannot wait to dominate the merge when the Idir Alliance and the Bazid Alliance combine.


I was waiting all day long for the first immunity challenge and it started just at the moment I went out for dinner so I wasn´t able to contribute to the challenge since I had just like 3% of battery left at my phone and my internet was a shit. I just hope that in the case we lose they don´t blame me. Fortunatelly I’m not the only one who missed the challenge at our tribe, Tung and Rasheid were not able to participate as well.

This may hurt our plan because we had the idea of voting out Eric in case we lose since he was inactive but he actually helped a lot at the challenge.

I´m pretty sure the alliance is still together and I trust Tyler, he is actually the only one I trust so we talked about protecting each other´s back and hopefully if my name is called somewhere he would tell me. Of course you shall never feel safe on this game, that´s rule #1 but they did great at the challenge so hopefully we won and I can redeem myself at the second challenge.

So far I really like my tribe so it will be hard when I have to be cutthroat and throw people under the bus in order for me to advance at the game but… nothing personal it´s survivor.


I'm taking a nap and I'm awoken to the hustle and bustle of a challenge. Topher, Marco, and Jessie are hard at work so I try to jump in and offer what I can. I drop a few names in the mix, proving I've made an effort to some degree. It's certainly better than the work of Ian, Thang, Kara, and Dale.

We end up losing by one point. It was a valiant effort put forth by Idir and although Survivor is a numbers game, it's not like we don't have fat we can cut off. The vote seems like a no-brainer, we'll go for either Dale or Kara.


I am really upset we lost by 1 point on the challenge. It was such a quick response, I had doubts and my gut told me one answer was off but I couldn't figure out why. I wanted to wait to send the answers but it didn't matter since if we waited time would have cost the challenge anyways. It was one of those moments where you go "yeah thats right" and don't think anything more of it.


Day 3

So I just found out we won the challenge! So excited! Lol but Rasheid slept through the challenge, Tung was at school & Miguel wasn't home and his phone died, so me, David, Alex, Bryce and Eric did most of the work. Eric actually stepped up quickly for our team and he helped out a lot, but he's still shady to me. When we were talking about who to send to Exile, he volunteered hella quick and I looked at the message like...ok you are clearly up to something! You barely speak at all and now you tryna get that idol? Sit down somewhere! He must think somebody slow lmao PLEASE! NOT THIS ONE! Anyway, we also found out that Tung, Bryce and Alex have competed in other ORGs before, which to me, makes them a threat because you have the advantage of experience no matter how long you made it in each one. So my alliance on Bazid called the United Nations (David came up w/ the name, not me lol) which consists of me, David, Miguel & Tung decide to pull in Rasheid. I think Rasheid will most def take Tung's spot and Eric is making the Target on his back bigger, as the days go on and its only like Day 2! Oh well as long as it ain't me IDGAF lol


Bazid plays a lame game and decides to exile Kara, who has been completely MIA. I see their strategy, but it's disappointing that Exile Mountain could keep inactive players around longer than they deserve. I turn to the alliance and announce I'd like it to be Dale. Ian chimes in asking if we should split the vote. Between who? Seriously Ian? Don't overthink this. IF there was a hidden immunity idol, I highly doubt an inactive player is holding on to it. The only logical possibility would be if Kara got a pity HII for being the leftover in the Schoolyard Pick.

Topher, Jessie, and Thang are IN. Marco is so young and that makes it hard to relate, but she's OKAY. Ian is testing it by being overly ambitious, he's QUESTIONABLE. Dale and Kara are inactive, they're OUT.


I am so happy we won the challenge. We had excellent teamwork, and we are going to keep it up.


Once I knew the other tribe picked Kara, I knew 1 of 2 things. Either someone is working with them or they are playing this game. I like to believe the latter, because Kara is all but participant. Sending kara to exile was a smart move, she probably hasn't even read her clue yet! But the question is, how long do we keep her around with the danger of a clue.


So we lost the first immunity challenge. It was hard, just impressed my tribe was able to get 49/50. Good job to Bazid for dominating that. As long as its a one-time thing its forgivable lol.

So the rest of my alliance wants Dale to go. It makes sense since he is inactive, dang it Tran, but why not Kara? Like, there is no way she found the idol, and has been inactive. Just split the vote 3-3 between her and Dale. If she somehow found it, Dale goes. I don't know man. But I can't do anything about it, they already know I talked to a bunch of people already, I don't want them to see my as a strategic threat, cause I am not. Not yet...