Survivor ORG Media
Description Podcast (cancelled)
Host(s) Former:
Emerald pie
Season(s) Active Madagascar

The ORG After Show Podcast, also known as the ORGASP, was a weekly podcast about Survivor Wikia which replaced the Survivor ORG After Show. It was hosted by Ahad from Anarchy, Dallas from Nepal, and Gerda from Hawaii and All-Stars.


The show was launched immediately after the conclusion of All-Stars and Anarchy and during the first days of Madagascar, and was hosted by Ahad, Dallas, and Gerda. However, the show abruptly reached a hiatus beginning in April, much to the dismay of fans.

In late July 2014, Isaac decided to revive the ORGASP, with a slightly more lenient schedule. However, this didn't come into fruition.


Season Host Guest(s) Podcast
Madagascar logo Dallas Alfons [1]
AnarchyAhad Szymon [2]
GerdaAllStars Wes [3]
GerdaAllStars Andrei AS [4]
AnarchyAhad AnarchyPlayerfromPhilippines(jb)AnarchyPlayerfromNZ [5]
Dallas Lagunes JustinTed [6]
AnarchyAhad GerdaAllStars 7



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