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Oh My God, We Lost Again!

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"Oh My God, We Lost Again!"
Season Survivor: Laos
Episode Number 2/8
Episode Chronology
Previous My Alliance Betrayed Me
Next You Can Not Expect Everything

Oh My God, We Lost Again! is the second episode of Survivor: Laos.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Trivia
The contestants must answer trivia questions about Survivor. The tribe that has the highest average points wins.
Reward: An advantage in the next Immunity Challenge.
Winner: Shúa

Immunity Challenge: Jury Votes
The contestants must figure out how many times the Jury vote ended up in a 4-3, 5-2, 6-1, and 7-0 vote. Tribe that has the highest average wins.
Winner: Shúa


Day 4

Coming back from Tribal Council, Adam is upset his alliance turned against him, and Alex approaches him for a final two alliance, and he says he trusts Alex 50%. Adam then goes to Hickman and Ometepe, threatening them to vote for Alex at their next Tribal Council. They agree, but Hickman decides that he and Ometepe should remain swing votes. The two go to Alex and say that they agree to his alliance offer and will vote Adam out at the next Tribal Council. That leaves Alex intending on voting for Adam, and Adam intends on voting for Alex. Hickman and Ometepe are playing both sides, knowing they aren't getting voted off next.

Day 5

The next immunity challenge is to answer questions on Survivor trivia, which will be divided into two parts. The first part will have ten questions about Survivor, and every player's scores will averaged up into one score per team. The team that wins the first part wins an advantage for the second part. Shua gets an average of 8, and Hisshe gets an average of 7, giving Shua the advantage for the second part.

The second part is for immunity, which is a one hard question about how jury votes went down. The advantage that Shua has is that the tribe member of that tribe who has the lowest score, does not have his score count. The advantage helps Shua greatly, as they win their second immunity in a row. 

Day 6

Hickman and Ometepe are deciding to vote off either Alex or Adam, as they know that they are voting for each other. They decided to keep Alex and make their alliance official, betraying Adam as he is the second person voted out of Survivor: Laos. 

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Large 796247
Adam (3 votes)
Alik99 (4)S01 Hickman tMyself!
Alex, Hickman & Ometepe
Alik99 (4)
Alex (1 vote)
Large 796247
S01 Adam bw

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, but it must be you brother


Alex I don't trust with my life!


Sorry but I think saving my ass is more important. But if you are voting for Alik, never trust a sneeky man.


Hook, line and sinker.


Final Words

It was a wonderful experience. I think I played a good strategic game. As for Nobo, if you ever do a season with returnees i hope i'm the first person you ask. For the rest of you good luck!


Still in the Running

S01 Adam bw
Alik99 (4)
Orange BW
S01 Hickman t
Alfons Laos


  • The episode name was said by Alex when Hísshe lost Immunity for the second time.


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