Day 13

Well, the last few days have been crazy, and my tribe won yet again. But I can honestly say, I am in an amazing position right now. I am in a trio core with Charley and Des on my tribe, we also have Eli who will vote with me. We're the easy last three on our tribe.

However, Charley and I were quite villainous the last few days. We used our reward to our advantage, to break up the perceived alliance between Ash and Jhet. We sent her the "votes" and lies that Jhet voted her, and Brendan voted out George. This made her very suspicious of him, and should it go right, Jhet should be leaving thanks to Charley and I.

So anyways, I'm golden, here's a list of people who like me in the game: Core: Des and Charley (Khaptad Three) Outter Core: Eli, Wesley, and Charlie (Khaptad Six) People from the other tribe: Ash and Trace

If I make merge, it should be an easy trip to the end. But easy trips are never real in Survivor, wish me luck.


So hey. I'm worried for this challenge because I suck at geography, so I'm glad it's reward and not immunity. Even if we did lose immunity though it wouldn't matter to me because I am in the power alliance in the game. It's me, Des and Dallas.

Thing is, I do want to go into the merge with numbers because Charlie did something... Not smart. He told the other team that I was a threat for whatever reason, feeding them false information as he says. I really need to watch my back come the merge, because I have a target the size of Jupiter on my head.


Day 14

Well, I'm glad Brendan's out for now. He was a threat. And it's great to finally win a challenge again, especially with the great reward. We'd better win the next immunity, for our sakes. I don't think we can handle a third tribal, and the person my main alliance would be voting for is someone I don't want out just yet. Oh well, we'll see what happens.


So I'm kind of worried about this challenge coming up because I don't have photoshop, but again... I'll be safe even at the vote.

It's me and Des until the end, and I think Dallas may know that because he wants to bring more people into the alliance, people I don't really trust... Oh well.


DAYUM! I'm pretty annoyed we lost the reward challenge today - and even more incensed knowing what the reward was! Going into the merge with numbers is our highest priority right now. We need to win this next challenge, and I fear it's not going to happen - particularly with Chitwan able to decide our roster. We really should have won the map challenge. Eli really let us down by not participating, but even Dallas didn't seem to put a whole heap of effort into doing well. And that really gets me.

In fact, a lot of what Dallas has been doing lately has had me on edge. I still like the guy and want to work with him, but he's also become very adamant about bringing Trace from Chitwan into an alliance with Charley and myself. What happened to the three of us? And Khaptad pride? Now I know that Trace is supposed to be at the bottom of the Chitwan tribe, but there's something about Dallas' insistence in aligning with him and the information that Trace has divulged (namely, that Nathan - NATHAN - of all people is running things) that just make me uncertain and a little distrustful.

Charley seems to feel the same way, and we've solidified our pact to go to the end. I hope that she's not playing me for a fool, but I do think she's genuine. Oh, God, I really do hope so. But what irks me most about the Trace thing is that now he knows about our alliance - or can at least infer it. I really wanted to keep the three of us under the radar, but if Trace knows, then it's entirely possible that even the Queen of New Hampshire knows by now. Charley's already a target going into the merge, so if she now becomes an even bigger target in order to "break up the alliance", it could screw over my whole game.

What happened to Khaptad all the way to the end? I'd much rather go with Wes and Pikacharlie and Eli to the Final 6, if it's remotely possible, but more and more, the dream I dreamed only a few nights ago is turning into a psychological nightmarish horror.


Day 15

I can't say I'm surprised we lost today, but I'm annoyed that it played out the way it did. Chitwan had an unstoppable advantage, and we were like hobbits playing basketball. We stood no chance. But so what, we stick to the plan and Dallas, Charley and I pull in Eli and take out our biggest threat, and sever the Wesley/PikaCharlie twosome. It's been the plan since Day 7, so that's jsut how we play things, right?

WRONG! I pulled Charley aside to get her reading, and she's wanting to kick off Eli. I pause at this thought. I'm not against it, per se. It does feel like Eli's on the outs right now, and since we're looking at a 5-5 even split at the merge in the best-case scenario, we want to keep a strong Khaptad group. Plus, Wesley's much more valuable in the challenges, so he could better help us secure the next, all-important, immunity win. So I'm okay with getting rid of Eli.

But what makes me nervous is the circumstances around it. Charley is a forceful personality, but she didn't seek to engage me in a discussion about the pros and cons. It was a straight-up, "I'm voting Eli." Considering she's my closest ally right now, I would have expected being a little more open to dialogue. But I know I was in a rush when we spoke, and for all I know, she was in a hurry too, and we just needed to get the message out quick.

So I'll let that one slide, but later she tells me that when Eli asked Wesley what the plan was, Wes threw me under the bus (presumably as a misdirect) by saying that PikaCharlie had voted for me. And my jaw just drops. Say WHAT!? So we should be 5-1 on Eli tonight, but why point Eli's vote to me? I tried to bring up the topic to Wesley subtly, but he didn't make any effort to explain why he brought up my name as the alternate target. Heck, he didn't even admit to it when I said "oh, maybe it was a misdirect." Denial by omission, in my books.

And that makes me worried. I am one of the most - if not THE most - consistently strong challenge competitor on the tribe right now. I've been friendly to all, and I'm the guy pushing the tribe pride. CAP-I-TAD! CAP-I-TAD! What possible rationale is there for getting rid of me right now? I hope I'm over-reacting, and that Eli goes out unanimously tonight. But if not, call up Sandra Bullock, 'cause it'll be one hell of a blindside.