These were the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 4

Things get more interesting when I went of to talk to some people on the other tribes. The tribe switch will come pretty soon and I started to get worried because I have no contact at all with the other people besides the beautifull en nice Riau. First I talked to James from Boalemo a bit. He's from New Zealand and had to go because he was going to bed.....hmm, not what I was hoping for. Next up was Laure. We did sent her to exile so she might have good information. I started talking and asking her just about normal things (how old are you, where you from) and she answered but didn't really asked anything back. Looks like she doesn't seem to interested in working with me. Maybe she's feeling safe because she has a lot of allies or she just has a really shitty social game. Let's try someone from Limboto, Jake! And ooh I did choose the right one here :). He seemed interested from the get go and before I even knew it we had an alliance. I was putting up my cover :" I'm so scared, all these people seem to have played this game before. I have like no idea what to do". He said he's got my back and slipped a lot of information about his tribe. Dan and Claudia are his allies, Rayton is crazy and Julian is a snake. Good to know :). He also said to look out for Allison, because Claudia and Allison seem to know eachother in real life. Then he asked me a favor:" send me to exile if you got the chance". Well, why not? But he wants to send me 2-> Not so excited. I don't want a target on my back. Whatever, I'll just go with it. And the cherry on the top of the cake, If I get the idol, I need to pass it to him (or someone else) because he knows how to play it -_-....... Honey, I'm not that stupid. Well, at least I'm not on his list of targets.

On Riau everthing is great. We are not that good at making decisions but who cares. Tommy and Casey are working a lot and Little Beyonce is just slaying the challenge. My idea is to make a pact with the five on Riau after the immunity challenge (if we win) to make a solid alliance before the tribe switch. I wanna do this after the challenge because if we lose it will maybe put a target on my back cause i'm strategizing. Hope we win :).


Well we finished last in the challenge...again. Luckily it was only for reward. But due to our poor performance Lucky seems convinced we're going to lose immunity again and is talking about maybe keeping Meek who dosen't seem to actually be putting much effert into strategizing and blindsiding our alliance member Laure because he think she's shady. I think it's way too early to be making any moves like that. I'm pretty sure I've calmed him down but, he's playing pretty erratic right now and if he continues to play like that he could cause some real damage to my game later.


Day 5

So not much has happened, besides the fact that my tribe is boss as hell. Seriously I am either always on the worst tribe or the best tribe no in between. But we are all as active as possible and we kick ass at challenges. Who could ask for more?

I screwed up part of the challenge hopefully that doesnt reflect badly on me. We still came in forst, so if they were made...GET OVER IT.

My ideal alliance would be with Tommy and Austin. Tommy because we played together on a sub-org and hes really nice and were really close. The thing is I might have just voted him out of said sub-org...but he was SEEMINGLY cool about it. And I explained I had a final deal with the person who I saved. So hopefully Tommy understands. Also I know Austin from tumblr survivor, we arent that close but its something! Tommy doesnt like him as much as he like Topaz and Sarah so i have to yell at Austin to talk his ass off to Tommy so he likes him.

Topaz and Sarah are nice and they are always on when stuff is posted. But the timezones make it a tad difficult to talk to them.

Whatever, we flying high. No one can stop us now.

Water tribe 5ever.

peace out yo


So after convincing them to take me to exile, not getting a clue when I was supposed to get one, clear it up with and clearing it up with a host.... I got the clue right. Great right? Wrong! Someone got it before me... And I'm gonna find out who and they are on a one way ticket to loserville!


We NEED immunity. For the first time in this game, I have no idea what these morons are going to do. Purry is a untrustworthy scumbag, and everyone else "says" they want her gone. I even showed Jamie the screen of Purry saying she wanted Jamie out. Well, it was a conversation between me and Purry to get Jamie out of the game, but she doesn't need to know that.


I'm so excited right now. Today I finally made a good alliance. I'll introduce you all to:

Yeah it's pretty basic, but I suck at photoshop. I had lessons in it but the fruit I was supposed to photoshop just got blended and I gave up on it. Anyways, I really love these two people and this alliance. And even after the tribe switch it can be usefull with exile island in play. Besides this real alliance I still plan on making an alliance with the whole team, maybe we can lock in Auss his vote. I don't trust Casey at all but oh well, we don't really have a choice.

Interesting thing is the exile island discussion. First of all Casey seemed to really want Laure to go again, and I think it's because she's working with her. Also, I don't see myself working with Laure so it wouldn't be a good thing if she had the idol. At the same time I was talking to Jake from Limboto. He was really pushing me to get Meek to exile. That actually seemed a good plan in my mind too. When Meek choose Jake to go to exile too, I knew what he did. He just exposed his alliance/deal with Meek to me and he probably thinks he's playing me. Perfect!


I really hope that my tribe wins this challenge as it's been chaos. My loyalties were originally with an all-girls alliance, but having found out about Alison's shenanigans, I'm really questioning flipping to Rex and James. I'm backstabbing two allies and it's only Day 5 - let the fun and games begin.


for the 2nd IC, it is I, james purry and alison who's going to play.

the game is annoying to be honest, but i have no choice but to play it.

We actually placed second, but what annoyed me is purry's carelessness. She is dumb as hell. She actually looks dumb looking at her avatar. Urrgghh!!!

She cannot follow instructions properly, she sucked a lot at challenges. I mean, i hate going to TC. because I want the boalemo five to reach the merge. I still love this guys no matter what, that's why i wanna avoid TC as much as possible.

Then came the MOST shocking announcement of the game so far, apparently we lost, because alison played the wrong game. i did not feel sorry for alison, because i know she did not intend to do this. I'm still mad though to purry, because she's dumb. Now purry is blaming alison for what happened, and i love this! now there's conflict between the girls. So i just let them got pissed with each other.

now we have to vote somebody.

james and I really had a hard time making this decision.

i want alison gone, but she wants purry gone. i dont wanna vote purry off even if she is dumb, because she i my pawn. But i dont want james to lose trust in me.

I also learned form purry the girls are thinking of voting james out, or maybe purry is lying to me and the actual plan is to vote me out.

I also learned from jamespuryy wants me out. So i got paranoid.

i talked to alison, alison confirmed she will be voting purry out, which james suggested to her.

So i have no choice, i have to write purry's name down.

beofre i do it, i tested purry's loyalty to me, telling her that i will protect her, and she said she will vote with me. i asked her to vote alison and she's fine with it. i told her alos to change her vote to james, which she agreed upon.

Still i am conflicted with who to vote for. I have purry here who's like a little puppy following my orders, (purry sounds like puppy) LOL, or vote alison oit or maybe james. UrrgghhH!! I hate to betray james, but ultimately i told purryy to vote james so in case it's down between me and james, it's gonne be a tie.

But in the end, io voted for purry, letting go of my puppy, and stayed with my JAR/JRJ alliance.

I told james i asked purry to vote her out, so jamie and alison will stay loyal to the two of us.


Day 6

"The inmunity challenge started and pitifully Dan cant submmit the score cause the game dont work him ,i hope that three scores be enough but i don think so and i talked to Jake and we wantrRayton out cause we dont trust him and his act in limboto chat nad also he could be dangerous if he goes far,we know that Dan is the reason if go to tribal but it wasn t his fault and he can submmit other challenges,and Claudia i agree to vote for rayton and i think that Dan could vote for him"


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I hate this tribe. Thank god I can get out of this hellhole so anyways, cladia, go home. Might as well talk to julian as well, because I dont want possibilities of the idol here.


Leave it to Purry to almost fuck us out of a win. I'm tired of these dildos screwing shit up. If I hadn't dominated that challenge, we would be sitting at tribal tonight. But you what? I think I would have preferred sending one of these cows home than staying here with all 4 of them. Gah..


Rayton... He is by far the most annoying person in the game.

We lose the challenge and it was a perfect time to vote him off, would've been great. No. Instead the other team's stupidity costs them them the game. -.- Ugh So close.


Oh how I hate you guys. Why not have a double tribal. Thanks to you you put my game into jeopardy