These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 33

Courtney self voted, no surprise. Guess she really was a Purple Courtney.


So, Duy and Luke are at each other's throats... I literally can't believe this. Now, not only do I have a tight three with Chris and Maxwell, but once Lloyd goes, I can bring in Luke, take out Duy, and then cut Chris. I'd be in the final three with both Maxwell and Luke. Luke, the biggest goat this game has ever seen, and Maxwell, whom the jury hates. This literally cannot get ANY better.

Of course, this is assuming Lloyd doesn't win immunity and people don't realize I'm actually manipulating them, but yeah. Like last vote, Duy was trying to take out Chris, and Luke was trying to take out Duy, but I managed to get them both to vote Courtney. Like, seriously. Also, how do these people no realize Max and I are a pair? I mean REALLY. You think I have THAT good of a social game that Max would just flip because I talked to him? Haha, yeah, no.

So yeah, I don't wanna sound cocky, but this game is mine to lose.


I seriously think i need the reward sooo badly.. so please let it be me!!!!!! :\


So Luke has an idol, and he wants to idol myself, Gerard, or Chris out of the game... well I guess Luke is just gonna have to go, I can't deal with that in my game. Luke is and always has been untrustworthy and volatile, and I almost feel stupid for keeping him this long.


Now I know Luke does want me out, and he might have gotten a plan for it by telling Gerard to vote for me, which makes me think the idol he gave me is fake. Luckily I can still use Gerard. Now I gotta make Max think Luke is untrustworthy.


Day 34

Luke apparently gave his fake idol to Duy, so even if it's real, we'll have nothing to worry about for this vote. Lucky us.


I talked to Lloyd and I think he really bought that I'm "nice", lol. But it's better to have another one on my side before cutting their head off. Luke is working hard to get me out this tribal, but the good thing about choosing a loose cannon as the best ally is that people don't trust him, so they won't listen to anything he says even if it's true. it's funny when your ally wants you out but you want to keep him because you know nobody's gonna vote for him at the end. But kudos to him for realizing I'm a big threat. If they do get me out this tribal, good for them.


So this vote is pretty detrimental to my game. If Luke goes, like he SHOULD, then I'm automatically in the Final 3. If for some reason, Luke has an idol and doesn't go home, or there's a tie, my chances are obviously decreased. But right now, 5/6 people are voting Luke as far as I know, and he may very well be going tonight.

Since my main alliance is with Max and Chris, I obviously want to go to F3 with them. I have my Total Drama Alliance with Max, and my Jersey Alliance with Chris, so no matter what the chips fall, meaning if there happens to be a Final 2, both of them would most likely take me over the other.

The only major bump in the road is Lloyd. If he continues to be Terry Deitz, he could pull off a win in the end, but at the same time, nobody wants him in the end, so with just one misstep, he'll definitely be going home. But for now, I want him to think that I wanna work with him. Of course, he probably doesn't believe me at all, but I have to at least try.

The biggest threats to me right now are Lloyd and Duy. Lloyd has a Vuelta-stacked jury, and since most of them seem to be bitter, Lloyd may automatically win at FTC. Duy, well, he's played a decent game. He was good physically and strategically, but kind of alienated people socially, so I'm not completely worried about him, but there's still some concern. Chris, well, he's good strategically, but when the merge came, he just kind of sunk under. Think of Sabrina from One World. She was shown to be powerful pre-merge, but then slipped into an under-the-radar stupor post-merge. That's pretty much Chris. I'm his closest ally and we barely talk. :\ Next, we have Maxwell... Oh my God, the jury HATES him, and I really have no idea why, but whatever. As long as it ain't me they hate. Finally, we have Luke, who, if he goes tonight, will be extremely bitter. But then there's also the fact that if he doesn't go tonight, and I'm still around, he'll come after me with a vengeance, and I very well may be screwed. Only time will tell!


Oh yay! A reward challenge, hasn't been something like this in a few days!

Honestly, I am surprised Lloyd won. He beat out all the english speakers and English isn't even his first language.

Wow, the reward is way unfair. What an alfonsmove!

I'm sick of these live challenges, some of us have jobs to do, people to hang out with. I don't dedicate myself to the game as much as others do, clearly, Lloyd must have nothing better to do than play an online game.

So Lloyd wins, and though I am a little upset, I will be fine. There are two other people I want to eliminate before the finals anyway, so now is just as good as any time to get rid of them. Luke is a very rude person. I think he is doing it just so he can get to the end. I see right through him. He isn't fooling me, that is why I will vote for him. Also, he can't beat Lloyd, we need to keep those who can. Besides, everyone will love us for eliminating him, and for not playing the easy way and taking a goat to the end to win.