These are the confessional made within this episode.

Day 37

We're down to the wire. We can't let Lloyd make the finals, it's been fun playing games, but it's time to get serious.


Day 38



This is not good. Lloyd, the only one on the outside of my original alliance has won immunity and now I have to vote out one of my own alliance members.


So, Final Four... I'm excited, but sad at the same time. I'm really hoping for a Final Three, but you hosts may pull an Alfons and make it a Final Two... Really hoping you guys aren't horrible people. </3 Anyway, this vote should go 2-1-1. One vote for me, one for for Max, and two for well... Chris. I feel horrible voting Chris out, but we basically played the same game, and I can't afford to be compared to him at FTC.


I think I know how the votes are gonna fall during this tribal, but you can never be too sure. It just takes one hair out of place and something horrible can happen. Honestly, Disaster could strike at any moment. It's simply a matter of how much you think you can trust someone.


Day 39

Me and Gerard made it this far, I'm so elated we managed to get here but we have one more mission in this game. Operation: Sheer Destruction


Wow. Final Three. And my plan ACTUALLY WORKED. 2-1-1, just like I predicted. I feel bad that Chris went, but you know, if I win, I know I made the right move. If I don't, well, I probably wouldn't have won anyway, so what can you do?

My plan right now at Final Tribal is to focus on how I played a game where I didn't need immunity to make it to the end, and how I almost always had control. Lloyd NEEDED immunity, and I didn't. I hope the jury respects that.

Now, if I beat Lloyd, that means I defeated the dragon! :D I already know I have like, 4 votes locked in, just based on who the jury is. I'm pretty sure Will, Duy, Chris, and Josh will vote me. Courtney most likely is gonna vote with Josh, so that's 5. If I can get, like, Luke's vote, I may just well win this... And I'm relying on Luke. Great. xD I know that Lloyd's social game wasn't that strong because literally every Regreso in the merge, (and Maxwell) disliked him. He would start being really snarky and rude if you didn't vote the way he *wanted*, but whatever. Maxwell also told me that Bailey said that they had to "tolerate" him, so maybe I may just get Bailey's vote, too, if I can really put forth a great argument. I got an A in my Public Speaking class, so who knows, this may just very well be the end of the game for Lloyd. ;) Maxwell's the princess, I'm the knight, and Lloyd is the dragon that I'm about to slay.

Overall, thanks for a great game. I loved this so much, and I had so much fun. Whatever way this ends, I'll be happy. (But I really would like to win, so yeah.)

I'm proud of how I played, and there's nothing I really would have changed. Gerard, out. :)