Day 25

So I am actually worried about my game for once. Well, kind of. If Wes and Charlie were smarter I would really worry, but they're not. I'm more worried that Chitwan is lying to me.

Going into the merge is the part of the game where I need to use my relationships to win. Both Jhet and Trace are telling me that Wes and Charlie want me out because I'm dangerous. This should be a red flag to them to back off and not align with me because I'm dangerous. But they both want an alliance with me. I'm still tight with Des and Dallas, an alliance no one knows about. That secrecy will be what keeps me alive in this game. I think I'm going to the end, but now I'm not sure. Just have to watch this play out.


I do NOT feel bad for RP. Not one bit. I like how everybody is saying, "Oh Trace was so mean to him." First of all, Trace didn't say anything mean at all, it was the truth, and it was direct. RP needed to hear those things. Secondly, nobody knows what it's like having to deal with RP. Everytime I talked to him, it felt like I was talking to a five year old. And the way he reacted when he knew he lost was pathetic. And it was dumb. The first thing he did, was get angry. He insulted our tribe, and he went CRAZY. The guy acted like Brandon Hantz. He was so surprised. And I get it, I wouldn't react to well if I knew I was gonna be voted out, but he just acted so bitter. Then, he started begging us to spare him! And I was like, "You really expect me to help you when you reacted that way?" It was clear that my descision was set to vote him out, because he was just pathetic. And then he started saying ridiculous things to other people, like "I'M BETTER THAN JHET (in my douche bag voice)". >:( Richie, if your so much better than me? Then why arent you in the merge instead of me? And then he was like, "I don't care." -_- And I basically started going mental after that. RP made me so angry. And I didn't say anything to him, because I'm gonna prove him wrong. And when I do, he's finally gonna shut up.


Day 26

So I am part of a Chitwan alliance now.

Kind of. I am still part of the Three Fates alliance with Des and Dallas, they are my favorite people. But I am with the three Chitwans, and there is going to be a blindside. I need to keep this quiet though, if Wes catches any wind that we are going to vote him out then the plan is done. He will play the idol and I will go home. This is a psychological war zone. And I'm smart so I will go far. I am either voted out right now, or I am going to the end. A Khaptad is going to win this game, it just won't be a cocky one like Wes or Charlie. It will be the Khaptad that is quiet, makes alliances and makes moves when they need to. I am either going to win the game, or Des is going to win the game. And if we don't, then something went really wrong.


And so the ess hits the fan. It's worse than Bedlam in here. We're still waiting to find out who's won the lying challenge, but there's a whole 'nother lying game going on at camp.

Let's see if I can get this straight. Going into the merge, it was supposed to be Khaptad Pride all the way. We're 5-3 - that's a great advantage that we worked very hard to get. And now it's easy for us to just knock Ash, Jhet and Trace over like a puny house of cards. That was how it was supposed to be.

Except then once we're Sagarmatha, everything goes to hell. Charley is suddenly spooked that Wesley is targeting her and she starts leading a campaign to overthrow him now. Apparently, this is the only chance we have to get rid of him or else he'll make the move first and screw over the rest of Khaptad - and we can only assume that Charlie is with him in all of this. Now, I'd been for this plan a week ago - to take out Wes before we get to the Final Five - and Charley had been adamantly against that. But I guess hearing your own name come up makes you go a little cuckoo.

So I'm trying to reason with Charley and make the best logical decision. If we take out Wes, Charlie could flip to Chitwan and we're outnumbered. If we take out Charlie, the same thing happens with Wes. What do we do!? So we're trying to sort that out when Charlie comes along and tells me the EXACT SAME PLAN. Blindside Wes right now.

I think my jaw literally dropped. What the fudgemonkey? Either someone has leaked this - I know Ash, for one, told me she wanted Wes out, so it could be Chitwan playing both sides - or Charlie is thinking for himself. OR Charlie is playing us, trying to convince us to vote Wes, and have him idol out Charley. He even said that we should convince Chitwan to vote Charley. And here's about where I start losing track of what's going on. This was supposed to be the easy vote, guys! We've seen it time and time again. If you're up in the numbers at the merge, you've got to stay strong! Now is not the time to decide to pick off your own or you'll end up like Galu or Raro.

I don't know what was in the merge-feast wine, but I swear it was spiked. This has devolved into one big fustercluck.


Day 27

Well ever since I returned everything has been confusing. I've been hearing different rumors about who has allied with who from both Charley and Trace. I think Wesley will go home next, but he has the idol so I can't let him know about his blindside. It doesn't look like there will be a Chitwan pagonging at this point. Also, Charlie wants to protect me.

I don't know why, what this means or what he will do. But it's helpful.


So Tribal started, and I'm very nervous. I think it is fifty fifty that I go home. Somebody is going to be shocked tonight, and I hope to hell it isn't me. Because I'm not done in this game, I still have a lot more fight to give then someone like Wes...

But, this is just to get in on record that Charlie swore on his fiancée that he wouldn't screw me. So if he does then that's a pretty crappy thing to do... But whatever. I'm either going to get voted out right here, or go to the end. Because this game is getting more complicated as closer to the vote we get. This game is dirty and it doesn't feel good to vote people out, but it feels better than getting voted out. So I'll do what I can to survive tonight. I'm either out in a blaze of glory, or I'm in.