Survivor Gameplay
Description When members of a tribe are consecutively voted out after a merge
Appearance(s) Hawaii
Papua New Guinea
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Pagonging is when members of a tribe (usually the minority) are consecutively voted out after a merge.


In Survivor: Hawaii, the Honu and Manu tribes were consecutively voted out by the majority Popoki tribe. However, the Popoki Alliance was forced to turn on each other due to Sole's Immunity streak. Popoki still managed to make up the final three.

In Survivor: Egypt, the Isis tribe entered the merge with three members, and managed to make it to the final nine before being Pagonged.

In Survivor: Switzerland, the Valais tribe entered the merge with only two members, and they were quickly voted out. With Wojtek's elimination and Matt and Jino quitting, Cal was voted out. Meaning that Lucerne was Pagonged as well.

In Survivor: Nepal, Chitwan entered the merge with only three members. They were then voted out until Khaptad members consisted of the final three.

In Survivor: Papua New Guinea, the Mendi tribe was targeted early on at the merge, beginning with Angeleo's blindside. At the final seven, the members were picked off until Billy was the last one standing. He still ended up placing second.

In Survivor: Polynesiaafter the tribe swap there was a Pre-Merge Pagonging on both tribes. The switched Rapa Nui tribe, with a former Rapa Nui majority, got rid of all the switched Tuamotu's on their tribe (except Bob  because he was abducted before he could be voted off). The switched Tuamotu tribe also had a former Rapa Nui majority, however Val flipped on Rapa Nui, allowing Tuamotu to start picking off the remaining Rapa's. They did not get to vote off Phil or Val due to not losing enough immunities. When the tribes merged, all the former original Rapa Nui's (except the flipper Val), and all the former original Tuamotu's (with Val, however excluding alliance outsider Aaron) opposed each other. After voting out alliance outsider Aaron, Tuamotu began to pick off Rapa Nui one by one. They temporarily stopped at the final seven to get rid of potential flip-vote Maya. At the final five, Jay the last standing Rapa Nui member, won immunity, and Bob was blindsided. At the final four, Val flipped back to Rapa Nui, causing a tie. Jay was eliminated in the tie-breaker. The final three consisted of two Tuamotu's and Val who's allegiance shifted throughout the game.

In Survivor: Peru, Jivaro was pagonged post-merge (with an original Huanca eliminated between) until only one was left. He won the game.

In Survivor: Turkey, after two Îdir members were eliminated, the Bazîd tribe was eliminated one by one until one player remained. He went on to win the season.

In Survivor: Kamchatka The Uspekh tribe eliminated the Pobeda and Slava tribes until one player remained. He outlasted two members of Uspekh and was voted out later. The final five entirely consisted of original Uspekh.

In Survivor: New Zealand, the Kawau tribe was decimated by a powerful female alliance, who comprised the entirety of the final 3.

In Survivor: Sri Lanka, the Bundala tribe was decimated, never having the numbers for most of the merge and being reduced to one member by the Final 4. He won the game.

In Survivor: Morocco, the Najma tribe was decimated post-merge, as all of their members were eliminated, with two Zibaq members being voted out in between. No original Najma members reached the final 3.