Day 6

I am so close to finding this idol, I've searching everywhere for it. Meanwhile a cross tribe alliance of 4 Consisting of 4 has been formed, I need allies in the other tribe to help me through this, I can get them to throw challenges to guarantee my progress into this game, If Liam wins on Redemption Island I'll be stoked it's like a free Idol clue in the making. Nothing I've said this game is a lie, And whilst doing this I have found out who the real liars are. All I need is a bit of Luck and I can turn the tables on the majority alliance, None of us want to face another tribal council considering what happened last time. So hopefully that will give us a good shot at winning more challenges as a group, so many lies have been told it's hard to tell if you can even trust your own allies. I found out today I have had a target on my back from day 1, that target might come back to haunt me later in the game but for now I think I might just have my tribe under my command.


Ok, this is really starting to piss me off... IM ON A TRIBE FULL OF FUCKING IDIOTS!!! Ok Domca hasnt spoken 1 word to me about allainces, hmmmmm I wonder who she is targeting, and I ask Ieuan what he is thinking alliance wise and he tells me that he hasn't thought about it yet cos we are winning challenges. LIKE DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE SPEAKING TO, DO YOU REALLY THINK I AM GOING TO BELIEVE THAT SHIT. Seriously this feels like a walk in the park, everyone are idiots... they need to grow a fucking brain. We are playing SURVIVOR, not CAMPING!


So my alliance of Natalie, Ryan, and myself all got together and talked about this Dylan situation. Natalie really brought up some excellent points on why we should keep him around. First off, he's going to take the heat off of us because of his aggressive playing style and that his unpredictability is in fact, predictable. You basically know what he's going to do, every step of the way. She also brings up the fact that under-the-radar players such as Leuan and Domca are going to sneak their way to the merge and considering we have really no idea where their loyalties lie, that could end up being detrimental to our plans. After talking it over with Ryan, we both agreed with Natalie and decided to keep Dylan around a bit to see how it plays out.

After the Meeting of the Minds, I decided to give the Hidden Immunity Idol clue another go. I have already given it a couple of tries, but today was my lucky day and I figured out the clue and FOUND THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL! I didn't even have to really think about if I was going to tell Natalie and Ryan. I trust them and I want them to trust me, so it was a no brainer. I honestly feel the three of us will be able to collectively come up with the most effective way to use the idol.


Really happy with my position and that I'm in a solid alliance with some great people!!!

TJ and I created the alliance and added Natalie and Ryan later.

We are plotting to make Dylan first boot though... Big wildcard!


Well the past 2 days have been VERY eventful! The all-girls alliance has been CONFIRMED (with the exception of Domca who won't talk to anyone) Turns out Anthony wanted me gone, even though he was basically told by Aaron that everyone is voting for Philip so mind as well vote him, but his dumb ass sided with majority! That's fine with me because that's just another person with a bigger target than I have. I've also learned ELLIE has alliances up her ass. She has so many alliances with everyone and their mom. Somehow she got in touch with Anthony and Jesse (who are minority on Huanca) and formed a final 4 with them and somone else on her tribe. Keep in mind she still is in the alliance on her tribe, and the all-girls alliance, and the "supposed" final 2 with me. BUT..... Jesse approached me about this. He says if I switched to their side, I am guaranteed merge because of all the people they say will have my back if I switch. So it looks like I am a swing vote here. So should I go with the side that has minimal people but 100% has my back? Or the side with a LOT of people that I guess 50% have my back? Well, this MAY bite me in the ass, but I am.


I think Nick is really trying hard to work it now, he wants to find a crack and make his way through this tribe. Ellie seem naïve enough to believe whatever Nick says, so I cant count on her at all. She is really sweet, but she seem to be playing more with emotions than strategy, shekeeps on being sad about Liam and talking about how good friends she is with Nick and Liam.

Jossue seem to be with me 100% for now, I don’t know if I can trust him long term, but I think I can for now, there is just this side of him that I don’t like. He was all about mocking the ones who didn’t come out on the good side in the rock draw and that is poor sportsmanship. He apparently told Ellie it was karma for her not voting Liam and he did the same to Liam, I don’t like that but I gotta work with him anyway.

I need to talk to Jessy more, I haven’t spoken to her in a couple days, gotta make sure she isn’t bying Nick’s story about me spreading lies about her.

The lies were spread by Liam and it was most likely Nick’s idea. At least I proved my loyalty by risking purple rock, she should believe me, I kind of count on it.


We're going to see the redemption island duel. Honestly I want to see Philip lose just so he cant come back and turn against us. If Liam were to come back I could possibly use him to take control of the game.


Day 7

So much has been happening at camp the past few days. We were running high on the immunity finish, not having to vote anyone off and getting another clue to the idol. I've spent most of my time looking for it, but having no success. Turns out there was a good reason I was turning up nothing but worms and bugs-someone already found it. As luck would have it the Unnamed Alliance (Natalie, TJ and myself) now have possession of the idol, albeit in TJ's pocket. He told us a day or so ago, and the plan is to use it for the 3 of us. Sorry, my sense of time is warped, I've spent a lot of time talking with my alliance, attempting to converse with the others, as well as trying to predict the twists and turns the game may take, and now with the snowfall, doing quite a bit of shoveling.

Interestingly, Domca reached out, it seems she wants to form a 4 person alliance and is looking to include the Unnamed Alliance, although I doubt she realizes that we are already working together. I'm still not too sure where Leuan's loyalties lie, I haven't been able to connect with him and talk game. Dylan has demonstrated to be a bit of a wild card, and the rumors are getting stronger that he is attempting to form some cross tribe alliance. From what I've heard, Natalie would be in his crosshairs. After talking extensively with TJ about the game, and the best way to get the Unnamed Alliance to the end, the conclusion we've made is that we have options and it's our decision on how this tribe will go.

Right now, we've got 3 options: 1. Go with Domca and cut Dylan. So far Domca has been reliable in challenges, but her lack of communication relates to me that she is playing the under the radar game and isn't looking to make any power moves just yet. This style is more of a threat to me than Dylan's game at the moment.

2. Use Dylan to axe Domca, he is targeting her anyway, and the same issues I've had with her seem to permeate the tribe, and the feeling is that no one knows just what she's thinking. He's gunning for her, so if we go with him, he will probably feel in control, comfortable and safe within the majority. There is a lot of apprehension with Dylan though, and TJ and I share the thought that he would turn on us in a merge setting. So he might have to be the first one to go.

3. Bring Leuan into the fold, and limit the information we give him, but make sure we tread lightly on voting ideas. Asking him what he wants to do, and responding with "That makes sense, I will go with that" is most likely the best way to handle him until I get a better sense of where he thinks he stands.

The working relationship I have with Natalie is the strongest at this point. Our conversations aren't solely focused on the game, we've been able to talk about our real lives quite a bit. My trust with her is the highest right now, and she's offered information that she didn't have to, and didn't want to until the right moment. We are still noodling the alliance name, stay tuned for an official word. We've got one, but I'm going see what she thinks about the Rule of Two, as it's pretty appropriate. While I do trust TJ, I haven't told him I'm watching his back. Natalie's my number 2.

Looks like Liam went home from RI. Bad break for him since he was voted against exactly zero times at tribal. But if there was no RI, he would've gone home anyway, so whatever. One less person that Dylan could've been trying to work with. I found out that Nick was bummed Liam is gone, so I know Jessy was a target of Nick's, or at least he voted against her. She could be a potential ally, should things shake out one of the ways I think it might. The Ocaina tribe's short term plan is to win the next couple of immunities, and see where the other tribes are at that point in terms of numbers. Apreesh!


My god, Dylan's paranoia is off the charts. He's trying so hard to make sure he's safe and has a place in this tribe it's crazy. He's attacking everyone on the tribe and making sure he's in a good place. Ridiculous, but he's my alliance's main shield so he's good for now.


Really chuffed about another immunity! (: we are unbelievably strong :) really glad not to be on a bad tribe!


We came in second place again, making three challenges in a row that our tribe is safe from tribal council. We are really rolling at this point, but we allow ourselves to get too cocky. We have to keep our heads in the game and keep moving forward.

I'm very impressed with my tribe. You have Ryan, who's our version of Terry from Exile Island. The older man who's killing it in challenges. Then you have Dylan, Brandon Hantz from South Pacific, strong in challenges but a basket case back at camp. Domca, pick really any useless female from any season, barely showing any life at this point. Leuan is our Carter from the Philippines, just there and somewhat helping in challenges. And there's Natalie. She's a hard one to compare someone to. She's playing a strong game, strategic and contributing to the challenge wins. If I had to pick someone I would say Parvati from Micronesia. She has a relationship with everyone and does well in challenges.

We are doing extremely well at moment and we feel pretty good about ourselves. We have moment on our side and we just need to keep it going into the next phase.


You might think that because my tribe is winning events that we are one happy tribe but we are far for it. Yesterday, all hell broke lose. Dylan was basically people in our tribe for answers but I think he thought he was being smooth about it but getting information but he isnt. Then I found out that Dylan was trying to ask Ellie from Jivaro for information. TJ told me about it and told what Dylan was saying about Ellie. Basically that she was rude to him. So I messaged her to get the bottom of it and Dylan was trying to stir the pot in her tribe and make Nick look bad. Dylan right now is acting like Brandon from South Pacific. I feel like TJ and I have to babysit me. Speaking of TJ apparently he found the idol so I am happy about that first because I decided to stick with him and second because if I decide to blindside I can flush the idol out. Then Gibson and I have formed a tight alliance which is kind of unlikely because of our age difference. We bonded over college stories which was nice. He seems kind like a good person to stick with. Also I was approached about a girl alliance by Jessy which I said I was fine with but isn't because I want Domca gone. Domca is playing an under the radar approach and I cant have that. That's my approach. Right now postion-wise I am good because TJ, Gibson, and I are wanted by everyone so we can rule the tribe and also it seems like everyone likes talking to me for some reason and look to share their secrets which is perfect for me.


I can't believe we lost another challenge. Anthony man I tried to save you I really did but you honestly brought this on yourself. We need people who will try as hard as possible to win challenges and you seem to be going with "good enough". Sorry man but you've gotta go.