The Player of The Season is an award giving by the hosts of the season to the player who they believed played the best overall game.

List of Players of The season

Season Winner Runner-up
Survivor: Greece MJ Greece MJ Sora Greece Sora
Survivor: Cape Verde CV Heather Heather CV Emma Emma
Survivor: Rome Dom Domonique Large 1341769 Grace
Survivor: Java Loxias Java Loxias Not Announced
Survivor: Alsace-Lorraine Not Announced
Survivor: Generations S28 Jessy Jessy S28 Sam Sam
S28 Molly Molly
Survivor: Azerbaijan S29Clifford Clifford S29Jared Jared
Survivor: Svalbard Svalbard Brett Brett Not Announced
Survivor: Retribution BryceRetribution Bryce TaylorRetribution Taylor
Survivor: New Zealand S32Brittany Brittany S32MattB Matt B
Survivor: Sichuan SichuanAlexa Alexa SichuanJessy Jessy
Survivor: Cyprus S34Brittany Brittany S34Rob Rob
Survivor: Sri Lanka ConorS35 Conor Not Announced
Survivor: Tikal TikalClaire Claire TikalChristine Christine
Survivor: Archetypes S37RebelJamie Jamie S37RebelAlexa Alexa
S37LeaderChris Chris
Survivor: The Ganges S38Ryan Ryan Not Announced
Survivor: Morocco S39Brett Brett S39Annabelle Annabelle
Survivor: Argentina S40Sydney Sydney S40Mackie Mackie
S40Marie Marie
Survivor: Bali S41David David S41Alexandra Alexandra
Survivor: Last Stand LastStandJake Jake LastStandPriscilla Priscilla
Survivor: Mauritius AudreyS43 Audrey LexiS43 Lexi
Survivor: Costa Rica S44Joanna Joanna S44Jon Jon


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