Day 19

Well me and sam decided too not thorw the challenge because the reward could be extreme so we took our chances... Joan is probably going too get pissed off at us but i dont give two damns because Joan will probably backstab us all soon when he has the chance so ya... but the reward better be good hopefully...


So...Day 19. I like being on Day 19. So, last TC John was worried because nobody talked to him and Zach said he most likely had an I don't know about John. I am really worried he might play an idol if we go to tc least I talk to him, though, I am just scared it'll be somebody in the Oink Alliance.



Everytime I try to get this bloody equality twist working, it always backfires at the last minute. I don't like the idea of throwing challenges, but let's stay committed and go all out. This is just freakin frustrating for everyone. Oddly enough, Joan now supposedly trusts Michael because he actually tried to win the challenge despite knowing about Joan's plan. I'm sure he has no idea I was planning to take Michael on our tribe to guarantee the majority, but I have another way to save myself. Especially considering Panda is asking me to determine who goes to Idol Cave. He's probably looking to gain my trust before "blindsiding me", but I need to figure out how to get Michael there without them going to the plan of voting me out.


Day 20

SHIT... Sam screwed us and i went along with it.. i dun goofed. Now our only hope is too try and get like everyone from the other tribe too do the challenge and if that does not work i got a good plan. I need too convince Mike too stick with Joan too take out Connor and Tyson... This all wouldnt happen if Cass stayed and not got voted off... If something like that ever happened i aint listening too these people i am going too do what i need too do


Emma has some interesting logic.

She initially votes for Tyson after the other 4 agree, but than switches her vote so that Joan trusts Michael to join a counter alliance. This is after I already vote and essentially confirm to the old Lagunes that I flipped and she wants to give the person most likely to choke me in my sleep an idol. At this point, I don't know if I can trust her or not, but need her to stay loyal for a few more days. If she discovers she being handed 8th place at that point, after that point, I don't really care.


So Sam won the challenge that he was supposed to lose. Apparently he thought the reward was useful. And I'm sitting here thinking, 'If he is willing to throw an ally, from his own wiki, under the bus for a TRIBAL reward, what's he willing to do for an individual reward'? An individual Immunity? And I personally think that the unknown reward isn't even that big. I can't wait to find out what it is, and see if it was worth an ally like Sam thinks it is.


So we are in the middle of a tie over the Idol Cave because Emma decided to turn on us for whatever reason.

I've been constantly nervous and suspicious of her but had to add her to the alliance to keep Michael and the others happy. that being said, I want this to be moment where I get the credit for being right. If nothing else. There's a chance I get voted off because of this, but at least I know my paranoia was 100% justified.


Day 21

This is the worst thing that could happen i know that Zach flipped... Now i have a feeling that there could be a allience going on between like John,Tyson,Connor and Zach... So he could be using me,mike,sharky and riley... I really do not want too go againest Sharky... He has been in my Savanes allience so has Riley. Now John and Mike are on too me all i really have too do is too give them false infomation and try too screw with there heads and then Riley who has not talked too me in like since Jimmy got voted off. I am such in a pickle right now. I know he (john) could be playin us like those kazoo's at the dollar store... Also John has been bribing me his idol if i switch the vote...Ughhhhhhhhhhhh..... and the reward wasnt even worth it... SO now its biting me in the ass :) so now i need too find a way :D


Immunity results were what I was hoping for, now Lagunes 2.0 is off to tribal, hopefully my buddies over there are safe, and when we merge soon we will be up in numbers.


I found out (by Zach) that Zach voted Justin so John would give him an idol WHICH he would give to Joan. This makes sense, but he has lost some of the trust of some of the members in the Oink Alliance. Good thing we're targeting, John, though, for his closeness with Mike who may potentially have an idol...but I still trust Zach. emma also wants to give him another chance, Justin was upset he was almost out. I hope Zach will go further, though, he got robbed...silly John, he keeps putting a bigger target on his back. If he makes the merge, a huge firework display will go off, and all this strategy madness will come along, with all these idols and alliances...o.o


At this moment I can't trust Joan at all.. I really just want him off the island as soon as possible. I can't wait till his torched is snuffed, but if he's making the merge I defiantly need to keep him close for Jury status! ;)